There have been many media articles on the demonstrations of pro-EU people in the Ukraine who want their nation to have closer ties to the EU and the West. However, their government has already ignored them.

While all the attention has been on whether the Ukraine will pull closer to the EU or to Russia, the Ukraine was already signing a very close mutual defense pact with Communist China, one of the main nations in the Gog-Magog alliance prophesied to come into existence in the latter days of our age (Ezekiel 38-39). The first link details that the Ukraine has had a strong military relationship with China for a considerable period of time. The Ukraine has supplied China with large amounts of military weapons for years, including jet engines, China’s first aircraft carrier and the world’s largest amphibious hovercraft. However, the Ukraine has now signed an very important agreement declaring Ukraine and China to be “strategic partners,” and China has even pledged to include Ukraine under its nuclear defense umbrella–a most significant step. To actually implement the means to do this, China would almost certainly have to base some Chinese nuclear weapons in the Ukraine. Any Chinese nuclear weapons placed in the Ukraine to implement the Chinese-Ukrainian pact would obviously directly threaten European NATO nations. Maybe the European NATO nations will finally start realizing how vulnerable they really are to Russia, China, Belarus and now the Ukraine, and start taking measures to increase their neglected military forces.

So while the world’s media attention has been focused on the Ukrainian demonstrators wanting closer ties to the EU, the Ukrainian government quietly signed a strategic alliance with China, one of the primary members of the prophesied Gog-Magog alliance. The world media mostly ignored this extremely important pact. Oh yes. Ukraine also signed a major agreement with Russia too. The new agreement draws Ukraine closer to Russia with Russia giving the Ukraine good discounts on Russian energy, Russia’s agreement to buy a hefty amount of Ukrainian bonds and, apparently, Russia getting special access to Ukrainian resources (see second link).

So the Ukrainian protests may go on for awhile and get media attention. But they amount to nothing more than sound and fury. The Ukraine has joined the Gog-Magog alliance. As a part of the old Soviet Union and a part of Russia’s “near-abroad,” it was all but inevitable.