Ever since Russia invaded Ukraine in an utterly-unprovoked attack, the Ukrainians have defended their homeland with impressive valor and patriotism. I think the world has been collectively stunned that Ukraine is fighting so well against a huge Russian attacking force.
This is a very momentous and dangerous time in world history. The biggest war in Europe since World War II has been started by Russia in its invasion of Ukraine. This invasion by Russia shows Putin to be the most dangerous world leader in the world at this current time and Russia to be the most dangerous nation. China may join them in this pariah status if it invades Taiwan. This post is being written based on information available to me at the time, but the situation is fluid and could change at any time, but a central reality of this invasion is that things are not going well for Russia. I think Russia and the entire world expected the Ukrainians to give up quickly and submit to Russian rule. The opposite happened. The Ukrainians fought the Russians with determination and zeal. As of this writing, the Russians have not yet taken a single major Ukrainian city and possess only what one TV analyst called mere “slivers” of Ukrainian land. Russia has also taken severe losses already. In the first four links (1, 2, 3, 4), you will see basic information about this war. The third link, from CBS News, states that Russia had suffered the loss of 102 tanks, 536 other armored vehicles, 14 warplanes, and 11 helicopters a few days into the war. A FOX News story I watched a couple nights ago reported Russia has lost over 2,000 soldiers killed and no one knows how many wounded they have. Keep in mind these totals are based on old data as I write this so the figures of Russian losses are surely significantly higher by now. I saw one report (not verified) that Russia had lost 4,500 of its soldiers as KIAs. Russia never dreamed it would suffer such losses.

The Ukrainians and the world were electrified by the actions of their leader, President Zelenskyy. When offered a ride out of Ukraine by western leaders, he refused to abandon his people. He sent a message that he “needed ammunition…not a ride.” My respect of Zelenskyy has grown a great deal as he seems prepared to fight, and if necessary, die in the defense of Ukraine. This also puts immense pressure on the western world to rescue him. If he dies in the act of fighting to save Ukraine while other western leaders dither, the reputations of the rest of the western world’s leaders will be permanently tarnished, and Ukraine would make Zelenskyy a martyr–carrying on a guerrilla war without end. Indeed, even if Kyiv and other major cities fall, a guerrilla war could go one for a very long time. It could become Russia’s “Vietnam,” and Russia cannot afford such a war or occupation.

Indeed, now that NATO and other nations have seen the ferocity of the Ukrainian resistance, they have put in place an urgent routing of considerable defensive weaponry to the Ukrainian defenders. The first four links also include the news that the long-pacifist Germans have been jarred into realizing that they now have to end their aversion to the defense of their nation. The German government reversed its pacifist policies and announced it is sending 1000 anti-tank weapons and 500 stinger anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine. The Netherlands is sending more such weaponry and Estonia is even sending howitzers. Non-NATO nation, Sweden, is sending thousands of anti-tank weapons to help the Ukrainians defend themselves. I assume this equipment will be routed to the Ukrainian military via Poland, which borders Ukraine. In another news report, Germany has pledged to now spend 2% of its GNP on military weaponry for NATO defense and has placed orders for over $100 billion of weapons to be procured immediately. This is exactly what President Trump urged all NATO nations to do when he warned them they were not spending enough for their collective defense or to deter a Russian attack. I doubt that they would admit it, but Europe’s leaders now realize all too well that Trump was absolutely right.
Indeed, one news source reported that it was President Trump who authorized the shipment of the USA’s very effective javelin anti-tank weapon and stinger air-defense missiles to Ukraine. It is those weapons that have so far saved the Ukrainians. Presidents Obama and Biden shipped no such weapons to the Ukrainians, according to the news source I watched. The fifth link details the efforts of other European nations to supply Ukraine with the weapons they need to repel the Russians. The sixth link is remarkable! It (and many other news sources) report that several EU/NATO nations such as Poland and other Eastern European nations are donating 70 warplanes to the Ukrainians. They will include MiG-29s and MiG-25s that the Ukrainian pilots are already trained to operate so they can go into action almost immediately. Surely, those warplanes will be equipped with full loads of NATO weaponry for attacking and destroying Russian armored columns, soldiers, etc. The link reports that Ukrainian pilots are already taking possession of the warplanes so they may be in action soon. Other news reports deny that these 70 warplanes are being delivered to Ukraine. Which reports are truthful and which ones could be deliberate disinformation? We do not know for sure, but I hope it is substantially true. Remember when World War II started in the Pacific with the surprise bombing of Pearl Harbor and the Philippines? American morale received a huge boost with the news of the Doolittle bombing raid on Tokyo. If they do receive an infusion of new warplanes, perhaps the Ukrainians will copy that example and unexpectedly bomb Russian cities in the first missions for their new warplanes. That would raise the Ukrainian morale to fever pitch.
In previous posts, I’ve opined that Russia and China actually wanted/needed a regional war to test their troops and weaponry against western weaponry. Russia finally did so in its war vs. Ukraine, but Russia cannot be happy with the results. Russia thought it had top-rated battle-tanks, but it turns out they are just metal coffins when confronted with the American javelin anti-tank rockets. The javelin anti-tank weapon is, according to several news sources, the perfect tank-killing weapon. It is a “fire and forget” weapon light enough to be deployed with infantry soldiers and it also has the ability to, just before it hits a tank, “pop upward” and dive into tanks from above–where tank armor is weakest.  This means that the Russian crews inside tanks and other armored vehicles are being killed or burned alive when a javelin hits their vehicle. If Russian tanks move into big cities where they cannot maneuver, they will be “sitting ducks”‘ for javelin rounds and also for Molotov cocktails hurled down on them from thousands of apartment building windows. In cramped streets, Russian vehicles of all kinds will also be vulnerable to RPG rounds, IEDs and automatic weapons. The more Russians shell or attack civilian apartment buildings, the more they infuriate the Ukrainians and the world against Russia. Russia is seeing that its tanks are not ready for a war vs. NATO.
Another item that is moving all Ukrainians to fight to the death vs. the Russians is the specter of being under Russia’s boots for another generation or two. Having tasted freedom for three decades, they have no desire to be under Russian oppression again. You may have seen the video on TV news sources of a Russian heavy armored vehicle deliberately running over and crushing a civilian Ukrainian automobile. This act of wanton murderous intent showed all Ukrainians just how evil it would be to be under Russian rule. However, not all Russian troops seem motivated to fight in this war. The fourth links shows an interrogation of captured Russian POWs by Ukrainian officers. The Russians seem to be draftees and reservists who were lied to by Putin and their generals. They were told they were only conducting exercises and were surprised when they were ordered to invade Ukraine. If they are typical of the Russian soldiers, it helps to explain why the Russians are doing so badly in this war. While the Ukrainians are fighting to save their nation and families, the Russian soldiers apparently have no desire to die in a needless war fought only to appease Putin’s imperialist dreams. There are reports of a huge 40 mile long column of Russian armored vehicles about 20 miles north of Kyiv. They don’t seem to be moving much. Speculations include theories that the Russians have run out of fuel and food for their soldiers because they expected only a short war or that the Russian soldiers have very low morale and do not want to fight. We will see what happens to that column in the next few days. Will it move into Kyiv? Will it be attacked by the new warplanes supplied by Eastern European nations to the Ukrainian air force? Will they be ordered to retreat into Russia or Belarus before many thousands of anti-tank weapons from NATO nations are deployed against them?
As economic sanctions vs. Russia begin to bite hard, the Russian people and economy will begin to suffer. The Russian banking system could collapse, and their are reports of bank runs inside Russia already. Russian companies could fail and the Russian currency may lose almost all its value. Russia is being isolated from the majority of the civilized world. How long will Russians submit to increasing hardships caused by Putin’s delusions of restoring the old Soviet Union? President Biden’s initial sanctions were very mild, but it seems the economic sanctions imposed by the USA and many other nations have been steadily increased by the West due to the fighting spirit of the Ukrainians. The Ukrainians are now so dedicated to saving their nation that even if Kyiv falls, the war will go on. If the Russians try to invade the cities of Ukraine, the number of Russians dying will greatly increase.
One final observation at this point. Ukraine became the world’s third largest possessor of nuclear weapons when the Soviet Union fell. They foolishly listened to the world and abandoned their nukes to Russia, which promised to dispose of them (yeah, right!). If Ukraine had kept its nukes, this invasion would not be happening. The entire world is now seeing that if you want to be able to truly deter an invasion, you must have nuclear weapons. Many nations that do not yet have nukes will surely make a decision to either build them or buy them on the black market from currently nuclear-equipped nations.
How does this all fit into biblical prophecy? It fits very well. It is now crystal clear that the Russian-Chinese axis is a dire threat to the rest of the world. The prophecy in Ezekiel 38-39 that Russian, China, Iran and their allies will start an age-ending World War III with a surprise attack against the USA, NATO and their allied world democracies is now looking to be a highly-likely event even if one didn’t consider biblical prophecy. That the Bible, over 2,500 years ago, predicted these alliances so accurately confirms that there has to be a Creator God who has the power to make events happen to fulfill his prophecies.  Proverbs 21:1 tells us that God can turn any leader’s heart to do whatever God decides to do to fulfill his divinely predetermined prophetic “script.” Ezekiel 38:10-11 foretells that God will determine the time when the leader of the Gog-Magog alliance will make a decision to attack the Western nations on a global scale. What the Gog-Magog leader will not realize is he is being set up for his doom and that of his entire alliance. Ezekiel 38-39 prophesy that the Gog-Magog alliance will lose this war and that their nations will suffer an 83% casualty rate (Ezekiel 39:2). In our nuclear age, that likely will apply to their entire populations, not just their armies. The seventh link offers a warning by a well-placed former Trump advisor that Russia and China are now the supreme threats in the world. Ezekiel 38-39 is coming to pass right before our eyes. If you have not read my article/research report entitled: What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveal about a Future World War IIII urge you to do so now. My articles, The USA in Biblical Prophecy and Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days? are also crucial to understanding our times. If you wish to find out the history and modern locations of the ten tribes of Israel–the “Israel” mentioned in Ezekiel 38-39– you can find documented answers to that question in my printed books and E-book available at the home page of my website.
I hope and pray the Ukrainians prevail in their struggle to save their nation from Russian cruelty.


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