My thanks to a reader of this website for sending me the links below. The first link, from a writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, reports that the U.S. Air Force is actively developing plans for an “anti-matter bomb.” Such a device would be vastly more terrible in explosive force than any current atomic or hydrogen bomb. As a lifelong Star Trek fan, I recall that the “Starship Enterprise” used antimatter in its space propulsion system.  Now science fiction is starting to become science fact.

Mankind’s current “knowledge explosion,” (prophesied in Daniel 12:4 to occur during “the time of the end” of this age) is, apparently, reaching the same tipping point that was reached by mankind a few generations after the Flood of Noah when God observed that mankind was tapping into such advanced knowledge that “nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.” It was not God’s will that mankind reach such a point so soon after the Flood so God terminated every nation’s ability to speak the pre-Flood language, which was the medium for transmitting, pooling and applying such knowledge, and he gave each nation a new spoken language  (Genesis 11:1-9). God made everyone on earth illiterate in that action as he gave no nation a written language to match their new spoken language. That forced every nation to invent new written symbols for their respective new phonetic languages as the centuries went by. This also has duped modern science into thinking mankind evolved from stupid humanoid apes of some kind. What ancient mankind’s universal ancient illiteracy actually proves is that the biblical account in Genesis 11 is true. But I digress.

The first link reports that anti-matter has been studied since the 1930s and scientists tried to harness its power during the Cold War. The U.S. Air Force initially was going to give out more information about its current anti-matter program, but then withdrew permission for its lead scientists to reveal anything about their work. That was likely a good idea, as it will at least force China and Russia to try and steal the information on their own time. The first link details the difficulties in producing and storing anti-matter, and these difficulties are quite formidable. However, some of these obstacles are apparently being overcome because the Air Force intends to use an anti-matter production facility at Washington State University in its antimatter project. [Note to Russian and Chinese intelligence services: the San Francisco Chronicle has given you a strong hint that WSU would be a good place to begin your spying efforts.]  Space propulsion engines are another use for anti-matter, and in a comment that eerily echoes the apocalyptic theme of Matthew 24:21-22, one physicist is quoted as saying that “we need to get off this planet, because I’m afraid we’re going to destroy it.” That is exactly what Matthew 24:21-22 warns that mankind will be on the verge of doing when Divine intervention will be triggered to stop such universal destruction from happening.

The second link, from the New York Times, reveals that an anti-matter bomb would be so efficient that it would convert “100% of matter…to energy.” This is over 100 times more efficient than an atomic bomb, so an anti-matter bomb could be very small and easily deployed or smuggled. How far along is the effort to build an anti-matter bomb? Apparently, much further than anyone realized. The New York Times also reports that the USA is “working around the clock under an Illinois prairie [to build] the world’s largest factory for the production of anti-matter.” [Note to Russian and Chinese spies: the New York Times has given you a second hint about where to direct your spying efforts.] The Times article does mention some peaceful uses of anti-matter (electricity-production, medical uses, etc.), but the real heart of this article is also the military usages of such a powerful weapon. It cites one scientist as stating: “The military dream…is a truly useable [antimatter] nuclear bomb, one that could be thrown on the enemy and allow the battlefield to be occupied right away.” That leads me to a question. Since anti-matter and matter immolate each other in an instant, how does anyone know whether there will even be a “battlefield” to occupy after an anti-matter weapon is used? Perhaps the very earth where such a weapon is detonated will vaporize as well. Could that cause the earth’s own internal lava and plasma to erupt onto the surface where “ground” used to be? How do you “tell” an antimatter bomb to selectively destroy the enemy and his forces, but not the terrain and facilities you wish to occupy? Since both are “matter,” wouldn’t both be annihilated? That leads us to the Matthew 24:21-22 scenario again. The second link also reports that “weapon scientists of both East and West were probably hard at work on the challenge” of perfecting an anti-matter bomb. That indicates that Russian and Chinese spies in the USA have already been hard at work.

The third link reports that Europe has also joined the anti-matter production effort at the large CERN project in Geneva, Switzerland so the EU is also likely working on antimatter experiments and production. Those with a serious interest in this subject can delve deeper into this topic by reviewing the fourth link as well.

What is very clear is that Daniel 12:4’s prophecy about a “knowledge explosion” in the latter days is being fulfilled before our eyes. Also, an anti-matter bomb is one more way that mankind can soon reach the point where it can destroy itself, triggering the Divine intervention which is promised in Matthew 24:21-22. Several of my previous blogs at this website have discussed and examine the development and possible uses of a new Chinese nanotechnology weapon, a new “weapon of mass destruction” which can kill people by utilizing ultra-miniature nanobots designed to destroy or harm people with certain DNA characteristics (i.e. anyone with “non-Chinese” DNA?). Add nuclear, chemical and bacteriological weapons as well as weather-modification techniques to the mix and you can see that Matthew 24:21-22 is racing toward fulfillment in the years ahead of us. Those desiring a comprehensive body of evidence that we are now living in the latter days prophesied in the Bible are invited to read my article “Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?” available at the articles link at this website.\