Doubtless all readers are still well-aware of the tragic story where an Islamic member of the U.S. Army turned into a terrorist and killed 13 of his fellow Army servicemen at Ft. Hood, Texas not long ago. One of the Islamic clerics that provoked Major Nidal Hasan to turn terrorist against his fellow American servicemen was a radical Islamic imam named Anwar al Awkali. Imam Awkali is now dead, courtesy of the U.S. Air Force.

The first link below reports that radical imam Awkali was with two top Al Queda operatives in Yemen when a U.S. Air Force drone killed them in an attack. The report states that the drone attack was carried out “650 km east of the [Yemenite] capital, Sanaa.” If you locate that position on a map, that would place the US drone’s attack not far from the Saudi Arabian border—the general region where Iranian-backed Shiite forces are fighting Saudi Arabian Sunni forces. Saudi Arabia has received assistance from Jordanian special forces in this growing war, and Saudi forces have used tanks and warplanes in this proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia. The presence of U.S. Air Force drones in this region argues that the USA has joined this war on the side of Saudi Arabia. I’ll bet the U.S. Air Force has conducted other missions in this war region besides the one that killed the imam who helped motivate Major Hasan to murder his fellow U.S. Air Force personnel. This action strongly indicates that the USA has quietly joined this war to help defeat the Iranian-backed forces in Yemen.

While we are not likely to know what other missions the U.S. Air Force is conducting in this war, it is worth noting that the U.S. Air Force gained some personal revenge by killing Major Hasan’s radical imam (who obviously had Al Queda connections since he was killed in the presence of Al Queda operatives). Three cheers for the U.S. Air Force!