What are your thoughts on the Two Witnesses being the Old and New Testaments? Have you ever read Daniel and the Revelation by Uriah Smith?

Matthew Brown


Thank you for your question.
I have periodically heard the proposal that the Two Witnesses could be the two biblical testaments. This would, of course, mean the prophecy was entirely allegorical. However, I believe Revelation 11 indicates the Two Witnesses will be literal human prophets for three reasons: (A) The Two Witnesses can be killed and their “dead bodies” will be visually exhibited for three and 1/2 days (verse 9), (B) They can “shut heaven,” “turn water to blood” and call forth “plagues as often as they will”–which requires personal volition and judgment in individual situations and (C) verse 4 states that the Two Witnesses will be latter-day fulfillments of a prophecy in Zechariah 3-4 depicting “Joshua” and “Zerubbabel” as the “two olive trees and candlesticks.” That Revelation 11:4 compares them to two literal human beings in the past argues that the Two Witnesses will also be two literal human beings.
In response to your final question, I have not read the literary work you mentioned.