The first link from a Norfolk, Virginia TV station was sent to me by a friend. I believe this story not only has a clear and interesting message for readers of this blog, but it has a hidden message as well if a little “digging” is done.
The story is about a Brazilian diesel-electric submarine visiting the USA to conduct joint exercises with US nuclear submarines who will try to improve their skills at detecting diesel-electric submarines. The story strongly indicates that while nuclear submarines have the advantage of staying submerged longer and not needing refueling stops, diesel-electric submarines are “hard to detect.” In other words, they are quieter than nuclear submarines so they have an operational advantage over nuclear subs.
As the article notes, many nations, including Russia and China, operate diesel-electric submarines and China has been building very modern diesel-electric subs in recent years. This cooperation of the Brazilian sub to exercise with US nuclear submarines which will try to detect the Brazilian sub strongly infers that the US Navy realizes it has a problem in being able to detect the latest diesel-electric subs in the ocean. Perhaps the US nuclear subs are fitted with a new detection system which they want to test in maneuvers with the Brazilian sub to see if it has improved the detection skills of the US nuclear subs.
The second link reports that the new Chinese submarines are rather “noisy” and easy for the US Navy to track. However, that rosy assessment is contradicted by the third link which reports that a few years ago a Chinese diesel-electric submarine managed to penetrate the entire anti-submarine detection systems of the USS Kitty Hawk task force undetected and surface within torpedo range of the US carrier! Either the US carrier task force got “caught with its pants down” or the Chinese diesel-electric subs are harder to detect than the second link surmises. The event documented by the third link makes the US-Brazilian submarine exercise vitally important as the US Navy needs to be sure it can detect the diesel-electric boats of the Chinese (and Russian) navies. Prophetically, this is very important as Ezekiel 38-39 prophesies that an age-ending World War III will occur when Russia, China, Iran and their allies attack the USA and the western nations in a “Pearl Harbor-like” attack just prior to the return of Jesus Christ/Yahshua. [To see that the USA and many western/European nations are the nations of the modern house of “Israel,” the target of the Ezekiel 38-39 attack, order my books, listen to my free audio messages or read my free articles.]  
I also think that there is a second, much less-evident reason for the current scheduling of the naval exercises between US nuclear subs and the Brazilian diesel-electric sub. As I’m sure all readers realize, relations between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel are very strained. This was made graphically evident when Obama was caught bad-mouthing Netanyahu to former French President Sarkozy in an open-mike incident. This has made relations between Israel and the USA problematic. While the USA and Israel are allies, the animus between their leaders has led to considerable strains as Israel is preparing for a possible (likely?) attack upon Iran’s nuclear facilities even as the Obama administration tries to apply the brakes to any such attack. Obama has, no doubt, directed US intelligence agencies to very closely monitor all Israeli military actions to determine whether a possible strike against Iran is pending. In the current situation, Israel’s interests and the interests of the Obama administration will not always coincide.
One key factor in monitoring Israeli military preparations is to closely watch the deployments and stationing of the four Israeli Dolphin submarines. These are widely-understood to be equipped with nuclear-tipped as well as conventionally-tipped cruise missile warheads, and these Israeli submarines are state-of-the-art, diesel-electric submarines made by Germany. No doubt, they have been built to be as undetectable as possible. If the Israeli subs took up firing positions at sea close to Iran, it would indicate that a possible strike was imminent. My personal informed speculation is that the US Navy is having considerable trouble detecting the whereabouts of the Israeli Dolphin-class subs when they are at sea. If this is the case, then the US Navy would want to set up a naval exercises to try and improve the ability of US nuclear submarines to detect the diesel-electric subs of the Israelis. Ideally, the best exercise would be to arrange for naval maneuvers against a diesel-electric submarine of a friendly nation whose submarine was, like the Israeli subs, made in Germany. So I decided to do a little sleuthing on the matter via a websearch.
The fourth link documents that the Brazilian submarine sent to participate in the US-Brazilian naval training exercise, the Ticuna, is the most modern version of a class of Brazilian submarines which was built on German submarine designs. Most of the Brazilian subs of this class were made by Brazil’s indigenous industry, but the initial Brazilian submarine of this class was completely made in Germany, as were all the Israeli Dolphin submarines. This means that the US nuclear submarines are now training to detect a Brazilian diesel-electric submarine which was built on a German design (German-designed hull, internal systems, propulsion system, etc.). If a secondary purpose of the US-Brazilian naval exercise is to improve the ability of the US submarine fleet to locate the Israeli Dolphin-class subs when they are deployed at sea, it would require that the exercise be carried out with a diesel-electric submarine which was built on a German submarine design. Lo and behold, that is exactly what has happened. This could all be coincidental, of course, or this informed speculation might be right on target. If the latter is true, then the Obama administration must feel some sense of urgency to better locate and track the Israeli subs which could be tasked to launch cruise missiles against Iran in any Israeli attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities. 
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