Steven Collins

March 24, 2008

This blog is a follow-up to a previous one entitled “Whither Turkey?” which examined whether Turkey would ultimately join the eastern alliance of Gog and Magog or stay in the western alliance of NATO which is dominated by the modern ten tribes of Israel. Turkey is now embroiled in a constitutional crisis which could influence Turkey’s future direction.

Turkey has a secular Constitution bequeathed to it by Ataturk, the founder of the nation. At times in Turkey’s history, the military has overthrown civilian governments which it deemed a risk to Ataturk’s vision for the nation. The current Prime Minister is leading now Turkey in an Islamicist direction, albeit a mild one by the standards of many other Islamic nations. The secularists and the military are watching the current civilian government’s actions warily. The Chief Prosecutor of a Turkish court has now asked Turkey’s Constitutional Court to take action against the Prime Minister’s political party for its Islamic actions. Indeed, he has asked the Court to ban the Prime Minister’s party from future elections! To put this in an American perspective, it would be like having the US Attorney General asking the Supreme Court to ban the political party of an incumbent President!

It seems unlikely that the Turkish Supreme Court would take such an extreme action, and the real purpose of the move may be to warn Prime Minister Erdogan that any further attempts to Islamicize Turkey could be met with firmer actions by the secular Turkish military. Stay tuned for what happens in Turkey. It is an important nation in a very strategic part of the globe. Its future direction will be very important for the futures of the other nations in the western world. Two links are provided for your consideration: one is from the BBC and another from a Russian source. Turkey (a nation of Edom in my view) is not mentioned by name in Ezekiel 38’s prophecy about end-time alliances so its future is not certain. However, its NATO membership and its efforts to join the EU argues that it will stay in the western alliance.