These two links [1, 2] both report the remarkable news that Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan will no longer even speak with US President Obama because Erdogan is so disgusted with Obama. The first link reports the nations’ Foreign Ministers are still on speaking terms and Erdogan will still talk with US Vice-President Biden, but Erdogan is giving Obama the cold shoulder. That a major NATO nation’s leader will not even talk to the president of the USA is hugely important, but it is barely even reported in the American establishment news. That Turkish PM Erdogan regards Biden as having enough credibility to converse with (but not Obama) speaks volumes about how deeply Obama has lost the respect of global leaders. This is very bad for the USA. If even a NATO head-of-state refuses to talk with Obama, things must really be bad all over the world in terms of US credibility under Obama.

The second link also reports something very important, both from a secular and biblical perspective. It states that “Turkey was quickly moving away from their reliance on the dollar as the global reserve currency (emphasis added).” My previous post was on the BRICS nations moving to create a new, multinational global bank that is not denominated in US dollars. The heads-of-state of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa personally gave their blessing to the effort–which was essentially a declaration of independence from the US dollar as the global reserve currency. The second link’s information that Turkey is also “quickly” moving in that same direction indicates that Turkey is already aligning itself with the BRICS effort to dump the US dollar as the global reserve currency, and it infers that many other nations are getting ready to join the growing effort  to dethrone the US dollar as the global reserve currency. If you have not read my previous post on this subject, I strongly urge you to do so.

This is a hugely important secular development as it means the reign of the US dollar in global finance is gradually coming to an end. However, it has clear biblical prophetic meaning as well. This accelerating movement to dump the US dollar as the global reserve currency is a major milestone on the way to the ultimate fulfillment of the prophecy in Revelation 17-18 that the latter-day global financial/monetary system would experience a massive collapse just before the arrival of the “beast” system on the world scene. I have done many posts regarding this impending event, but recent efforts by major nations to end the dollar’s supremacy firmly point to the nearing fulfillment of Revelation 17-18’s prophecy. Believers should take hope, because when this event takes place and the beast system emerges as the new global system, it means the return of Jesus Christ is quite near. Revelation 13:1-4 prophesy that the beast system will reign only 42 months after which Jesus Christ will return at the head of a heavenly army and end the beast system and impose a new millennial government on the earth (Revelation 19:11-20:4).

I’ll close with another comment on the prophecy in Revelation 17-18. In Revelation 18:10, it is prophesied that the collapse of the current system will come “in one hour.” In the approximately two millennia since that prophecy was given to the Apostle John by Jesus Christ, that verse must have seemed strictly metaphorical in meaning. However, in our interconnected, digital, global markets where major market shocks can have financial consequences which spread around the world in seconds, it is very possible that so many market dominoes could suddenly and unexpectedly crash so quickly that the entire system could collapse, literally, in one hour. There is firm secular support for such a scenario. No less a source than former US Secretary of the Treasury, John Paulson, said in 2008 that the global [US-dollar denominated] system of world banking came within “hours” of collapse. Turkey’s action to join the BRICS nations in avoiding the US dollar in world trade is hastening the fulfillment of the prophecy in Revelation 17-18. The world’s masses will be shocked when the prophecy is fulfilled in the future, but those who know their Bibles and who have been reading this blog should not be shocked at all. As always, I make no predictions about when this event will occur, but we are clearly seeing the groundwork for its fulfillment now openly occurring in world media reports. While I make no specific predictions about the timing of this prophecy’s fulfillment, I urge readers to review the information in my recent post about possible numerical significances combined with the “blood moons” of 2014-2015. There is a case that can be made that Revelation 17-18 will be fulfilled in 2015. Time will tell, but we can see the event is drawing closer to fulfillment.

Clearly, there is a Divine Hand guiding the affairs of nations.