There was a recent story that had little coverage in the western media, but it may have a large impact in the future.

The Islamist Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey called on the Egyptian military now governing Egypt on an interim basis to release the former radical Islamist leader of Egypt, Muhammad Morsi, who is now in prison awaiting trial after (A) trying to become a dictator after being elected as the Egyptian leader and (B) ruining Egypt’s economy. For Turkey to meddle in Egypt’s internal affairs on so important a matter caused a diplomatic rupture between the two large Islamic nations. Egypt expelled Turkey’s Ambassador and the nations have downgraded their diplomatic recognition of each other to a lower status.

It is hard to see the logic of the Turkish leader’s action, which was sure to infuriate the Egyptian government. Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan demonstrated solidarity with the radical Islamist movement of which the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt was a part. However, he very much alienated Egypt and the Egyptian leaders are likely to have long memories about this action. Also, the Turkish action had to alienate Saudi Arabia and other Sunni Arab nations in the region who are troubled by radical Islamist unrest in their nations. Turkey’s agenda is not yet known in taking this odd action, but Turkey has certainly alienated a lot of its fellow Sunni nations. It is also most awkward that Turkey is a member of NATO, but is giving aid and comfort to the very radical Islamists who are vehemently opposed to the western cultures to which Turkey is allied via NATO. It is also risky for Turkey to take this action because if Egypt gets sufficiently angry at Turkey, Egypt can tell Turkey that Turkish ships will not be allowed to use Egypt’s Suez Canal.

The two links below, both from African media outlets, are well worthy reading for how this little-known event unfolded. Keep this in mind as future Mideast developments occur. As I have mentioned in previous posts, current events are moving quickly in the Mideast and I believe that it is the Creator God (Elohim) who is moving events and minds to make sure that the nations eventually are positioned into the alliances that he foretold for them to be in during the prophesied future Ezekiel 38-39 war. Remember that the Bible’s God calls on people to watch world events and see that he has the ability to bring his prophecies to pass accurately and on schedule (Isaiah 41:21-26). As those who have read my books and listened to my audio messages on my website already know, God has been precisely fulfilling his biblical prophecies for millennia. However, the world, even most Christians, haven’t noticed because they haven’t taken his Word seriously. If you are not yet aware of the evidence that biblical prophecies have been fulfilled flawlessly for millennia and in the modern world, I urge you to obtain my books and see that very evidence. One article that details evidence that biblical prophecies are being fulfilled in the modern world is my article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?