Dear Steven,

I found a blog you did not Steven Hickeys site.

I was posting a testimony that God healed me of CFS and Fibromyalgia after 10 yrs of being mostly housebound.

I seen your post about the ten lost tribes and then was able to find your site.

God revealed this truth to me in my spirit as I was reading through the Bible in a year and started at Genesis.

As I was reading about the Hebrews, God spoke to my heart and asked me a question. Where do you think the Lost Tribes are today. And I said wow God, and He said you are the seed. And then God confirmed it to me days later when a brother online taught this truth. I am now in an amazing church where the Pastors laid hands on me and I got not only physical healing but emotional and mental healing after a lifetime of struggle.

In the years I had been housebound God told me to study the bible and study Biblical History and World History as it pertains to the Bible. Well I know this truth but most western christians have no idea that they could very well be the true seed of the tribes, not just spiritual Israel. In the right time, I know God will get me to teach this, to open their eyes as He did mine.

Thank you for your heart for this truth.

God bless,

Dear Deborah,
Thank you for sharing your healing experience and for your positive feedback in how you learned the truth about the modern locations of the ten tribes of Israel. Pastor Steve Hickey is a valued and good friend of mine. He is an enlightened and Spirit-led pastor, and I consider myself blessed that he lives in the same city that I do! His messages have solid spiritual “meat’ in them, and he is faithfully preparing his congregation for the climactic times in which we live.
Your email didn’t mention if you have read my books which trace the entire history of the ten tribes of Israel from biblical times to the modern world.  If you would like to order them and learn the amazing story of their history, you can do so on-line at the publisher’s website: