Yesterday, Donald Trump confounded the entire political establishment, the media, the beltway crowd, world leaders, pollsters, etc. by winning the US presidency. First a word on the pollsters’ grievous error. In a mid-September post, I wrote that readers should be wary of the polls because they had a persistent record of being wrong in recent national elections. The major polling organizations are run/owned by globalist, politically-correct, left-wing insider elites. They have a vested interest in helping the people or issues they favor. My post pointed out that the insider elitist pollsters were badly wrong in the Israeli national elections, the British parliamentary elections and in the UK Brexit vote. I indicated the polls are rigged to favor certain candidates or causes, and opined the same result (a defeat of the pollster-favored candidate/issue) might occur in the US presidential election. It did. Donald Trump has often said the current system is rigged. The major errors by pollsters indicate that he is right.

First let’s examine the national and international impacts of the US election. It was a “blow-out” win for the little people and outsiders who have been ignored and harmed in so many ways by the insider elites.  Not only did Donald Trump win the presidency in a shocking upset, but the Republicans won both houses of Congress, gained more governorships where it appears they will now be controlling almost 2/3rds of all the states and they even added to their already overwhelming dominance of state legislatures. Polls have showed the vast majority of Americans have felt the nation is “going in the wrong direction,” and enough of them showed up on election day to force a sharp change in the direction of the nation. Based on a careful evaluation of Donald Trump’s campaign and entire career, I expect him to be a pragmatic problem-solver, not a conservative ideologue. Given the long series of globalist GOP and Democratic presidents we have had, I expect Trump to be the first unabashedly pro-American president since Ronald Reagan. He has said he “will put America first,” and this is terrifying to globalist ears as recent US presidents have all-too-often “put America last”‘ in their strategic decisions. His election night acceptance speech set an excellent tone for the beginning of his time as president-elect, and the US stock markets that had plummeted at news of his election shot right back up to making actual gains the next day. People realized Trump’s policies will be “good for business” after all.

Donald Trump came “from nowhere” and was laughed at when he began to run for president. Many of those laughing the most were globalist, insider GOP presidential candidates, who were gradually eliminated by Trump in a long string of his primary and caucus victories. Then he was dismissed as un-electable by the globalist, insider media that pulled out all the stops to make sure Hillary Clinton, their candidate, was elected. The insider experts and “talking heads” were blatantly anti-Trump. The voters saw through this blatant favoritism, and elected Trump anyway because he promised the necessary actions needed to ensure the survival of the American nation as we have known it, and to ensure the survival of their personal and family futures and finances. The first link from Fox News (one of the few media sources that did not join the anti-Trump parade) details the anguish of the media at Trump’s election.

Many world leaders reacted negatively to Trump’s election. This is not surprising because most world leaders are part of the global insider network called “Babylon the Great” in Revelation 17-18 (I’ll have some observations from a biblical perspective on Trump’s victory below). For the sake of brevity, I will only focus on two world leaders’ reactions in this post. Germany’s Chancellor Merkel and her government is shocked by the result (which they clearly hadn’t prepared for), and Merkel even called an emergency meeting of her top advisers on how to respond to it (second link). Her angst is, no doubt, genuine as she is the prime booster of the EU becoming a supranational government over Europe and she is beginning to see that dream unravel. On the other hand, the Philippine’s new very anti-establishment leader, President Dutarte, welcomed Trump’s election and sounded like he was willing to reverse the very anti-American stance that his soured relationship with President Obama had caused (third link). This is most welcome to Americans who have been anguished by Obama’s persistent alienation of America’s traditional allies. Long-time readers of my posts realize that if the Philippines had flipped to China’s side, it would have vastly increased the position of the Gog-Magog alliance in the western Pacific. If Dutarte and Trump can see eye-to-eye, the Philippines is likely to revert to its traditional position as a long-time and valued ally.

Readers of my blog have, no doubt, realized that I was a supporter of Donald Trump. His election caused me a great sense of relief and gives me hope that God has given the USA (and the western world) a reprieve. However, I was not all that surprised at Trump’s election. There were two biblically-based reasons that I thought his election was not only possible, but likely. The first reason was Trump’s own name. In biblical contexts, names can be very important when God has chosen to intervene in the affairs of his people via human instruments. When Abraham became the inheritor of God’s birthright geopolitical blessings, God changed his name from Abram to Abraham (Genesis 17:5, and he also changed the name of his wife from Sarai to Sarah (Genesis 17:15). At a key juncture of Jacob’s life, God changed his name to Israel (Genesis 35:10). God thought names were sufficiently important that he named two kings (King Josiah of Judah and King Cyrus of Persia) before they were born (I Kings 13:2 and Isaiah 44:28-45:1). As Trump began to march triumphantly through the GOP primaries, I began to think about his name. The word “trump” in the American usage, indicates the dominant or winning suit or card in card games. I’ve played the card game of Bridge all my life, and am very familiar with this word. Other card games feature “trump” suits as well which also indicate dominance or winning. This is so pervasive in American parlance that it has become a synonym for victory or winning in some kind of endeavor. For example, I think all Americans have heard variations on the theme that “a certain argument ‘trumped’ some other argument” in a debate or some kind or discourse. Donald Trump’s name was synonymous with victory and winning, and I began to think that perhaps God had decided to put Trump in office by having him win the election against all odds and against all kinds of developments that would have sunk any other candidate. Now Trump has, indeed, “trumped” the entire entrenched American political establishment to win the presidency. I hope he is humble enough to realize that God has favored him and that he will be a good leader to restore the United States of America to its God-ordained birthright position in the world (Genesis 49:22-26–longtime readers will realize that the Israelite tribe of Joseph designates the modern nations of the British and American nations). There are huge problems to address before America’s almost-terminal difficulties can be resolved. Trump has my prayers to handle the difficult and challenging times that lie ahead of us. I hope he has yours as well.

The second reason that led me to expect a Trump victory was the result of a very recent event. A friend gave me a DVD that described, in detail, the significance of the Hebrew signs of the Mazzaroth (what most call the signs of the Zodiac). It mentioned one thing that I did already know: that the sign of Taurus, the bull or bullock, was the sign of the Israelite tribe of Ephraim, the leading tribe of the house of Israel. The term “Ephraim” can be used as a designator for its brother tribe of the house of Joseph, Manasseh, or the entire ten tribes of Israel. It explained something I didn’t know: that the constellation of the Pleiades is positioned at the neck of the bull of Taurus. One night when I was walking my aging dog (shown at my homepage in a photo), I looked at the sky and noticed that Pleiades was ascendant in the eastern sky–meaning that the heavenly sign of the tribe of Joseph was ascending (not descending or hidden from view). I pondered if this could have current geopolitical significance. After all, Ephraim had recently had its Brexit vote which was an act to liberate itself from the EU’s bureaucracy and its controlling, globalist, insider agendas. I wondered if the ascendance of Taurus on the horizon meant that Manasseh (the USA) might join the UK in having its own act of liberation from the globalist insider’s agendas via the election of Donald Trump. The timing of the ascendance of Taurus would be perfect for a Donald Trump election, I concluded. I couldn’t know for sure until the election was over if this meant anything, but its apparent meaning certainly fit the election of Trump.

I urge readers to not scoff at the idea that God’s plans can be revealed in the heavens. Clearly, I never read horoscopes and pay no attention to astrology. I think those things are counterfeits of God’s actual revelation of his plan of salvation as revealed in the heavenly signs such as a “virgin” (Virgo) giving birth to a savior who will be the “lion of Judah” (Leo), etc. Mankind has long regarded comets or planetary conjunctions as heavenly messengers that can presage or accompany key events in human/biblical history. Some Christian authors and researchers think a heavenly conjunction of planets was a heavenly sign that announced the birth of Jesus Christ, the Messiah. The Wise Men/Magi said they had seen the Messiah’s star in the heavens as a signal of his birth (Matthew 24:1-2). Genesis 1:14 states the positioning of the sun, moon and heavenly bodies will act as “signs” and for “seasons” to those who observe and understand them. The sun governs our measuring of days, the moon governs the observation of the passage of months, and “seasons” likely means a visible method of calculating the appropriate time for God’s Holy Days of Leviticus 23. This verse strongly infers that heavenly bodies (comets, constellations, etc.) were intended by God to signal the imminence of certain events to come upon the earth at key prophetic junctures. All ancient civilization had stargazers and sky-watchers to try to discern the meaning of impending events. With the advent of electricity, city lights have all but blotted out the heavenly constellations from our view, and hardly anyone considers them now. Perhaps our view of things on earth is blinded in more ways than one by our lost focus on the heavens. Many ancient civilizations had their own non-biblical, astrological interpretations which the Bible did not approve, but the Hebrew Mazzaroth may be speaking to us in ways that we humans have lost sight of. Whether you agree or not with the possibility, the current ascendancy of Taurus in the east certainly did coincide with a very important event in the current events of Manasseh, one of the tribes of Joseph depicted by the heavenly sign of the bullock. Deuteronomy 34:13-17 indicate the bullock is a sign associated with the tribes of Joseph: Ephraim and Manasseh. Modern events have featured two shocking events not expected by mankind; the UK’s Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump. Both events indicate the tribes of Joseph are beginning to revolt against the oppressive rulership of the globalist elites whose globalist system has been in place for many centuries. This may signal the fall of the globalist, insider system that is prophesied in Revelation 17-18, is nearing.

I’ll have more to say about how the Brexit vote and Trump’s election have opened up a new biblical possibility in the key prophecy in Revelation 17-18 that the globalist, insider system will be overthrown in the latter days. However, this post is long enough. I’ll go into detail on this new prophetic possibility in a new post. You can look for its appearance on this blog soon. I’ll offer a hint re: its content: our future may include some good news as well as bad news for Believers, the tribes of Israel and the entire world.

I want to thank a reader for sending me one of these links.