Fans of the old “Star Trek” movies will recognize the title of this blog. Others will wonder what it means. In the Star Trek IV movie (the one where the Enterprise crew saves mankind by going back in time to “save some whales” and return them to the earth of the future), the Enterprise’s engineer, “Scotty,” manages to inject futuristic technology into 20th century earth technology in order to build a container strong enough to hold two whales and the water for their survival. The futuristic technology that Scotty created was called “transparent aluminum,” a material which did not exist at the time the movie was made.

Today, science fact has again caught up with science fiction. The link below was sent to me by a reader and it describes how modern scientists have now created “transparent aluminum” by “bombarding the metal with the world’s most-powerful soft X-ray laser.” Transparent aluminum is called “an exotic new state of matter with implications for planetary science and nuclear fusion.” If scientists can transform aluminum as an element to give it new properties, they are, no doubt, conducting similar experiments with many other forms of matter and metal to see what new “miraculous” capabilities they can find in such processes.

The rapid advancement of technological abilities in our current “latter days” was prophesied in the Bible. Daniel 12:4 prophesied a great “increase” in mankind’s knowledge would occur in the “time of the end.” Genesis 11:6 records that mankind had already reached a high level of technological development soon after the flood where God observed that mankind would be able to do “whatever they have imagined to do.” God confused every nation’s languages then to stop the technological development in its tracks as it was not his intention for mankind to have another high-tech civilization (like the pre-Flood and immediate post-Flood world) until the time of the latter days of our age (Matthew 24:37).

We are living in the latter days, so God is allowing mankind’s innate abilities to continue unrestrained. Mankind did not evolve from some primordial slime (as evolution would tell us), Mankind (Adam and Eve) began at the “Elohim” level of the Creator God who made mankind “in his image and likeness” (Genesis 1:26). No wonder mankind can learn to take apart and recombine the very elements of creation. Mankind is made in the image of the Creator God who made all the elements! Even as the pre-Flood high-tech civilization came to a very bad end, so will mankind’s modern high-tech developments. Mankind does not have the character to use this new knowledge wisely. Nations and groups are using new high-tech knowledge to conquer or enslave other nations and peoples. Jesus Christ prophesied in Matthew 24:22 how this will end. He stated that unless God intervened in human affairs directly at the end of our age, there would “no flesh” left alive. Paul also warned in I Timothy 3:1 that “perilous times” would come in the latter days.

The general public has been told about the development of “transparent aluminum.” However, you can be sure that many things are being developed in secret (and competing) labs around the world that are not being revealed to the public. Previous blogs have discussed invisibility technology for modern weaponry and China’s new nanotechnology-related weapons of mass destruction. Who knows what else is already being developed and deployed? Revelation 13:3-4 prophesies that when the global “beast” power comes into existence, the world will “wonder” at the beast and will say “who is able to make war with him?” This infers that the beast power, when it comes on the world scene, will unveil new weapons technology that will seem downright “miraculous” to the general public.