This post is to alert readers to new dangers posed by trans humanism scientific “advances,” and about the risks of further deployment of advanced AI technologies. Let’s look at an analysis of trans humanist developments first.
The first link offers a remarkably detailed update on trans humanist technologies now being implemented or explored. This link gives me the chills. Even though technological implants in human brains do enable “locked-in” or brain-injured people to do remarkable things through simply thinking about them, the risks to humanity itself are very real. Scientists are now able to link technological implants inserted into the appropriate parts of human brains to allow texting, moving robotic arms and the playing a video game by paralyzed people by having them merely think about such things in a bio engineered “mind over matter” procedure. The technologies implanted in subjects’ brains literally allow them to “do” or “move” things by harnessing their brain’s neuronal activity to “telepathically” carry out the brain’s commands through technological connections. The pursuit of putting “telepathic touch pads” in human brains is now actually happening. The article stresses that the technological implants in human brains so far only “read” subject’s brain thoughts, not invasively “write” them. The fact that they are denying current procedures aren’t “writing” or programming human brains yet confirms they have thought about that possibility. Can we trust the scientific community to tell us the actual truth on far these technologies already go?
The trans human inventions and experiments are heading toward a type of “cyborg supremacy” according to the first link. It mentions the current methods of implanting electronic computer devices into human brains involve either cutting off a part of the top of the skull and placing the wiring and control panels on top of the brain or snaking the same invasive “equipment” through large arteries/veins to connect to the appropriate areas of the brain. To some this may sound like changing humans into “enhanced” beings, but it sounds like horrific science fiction becoming science fact to me. I urge you to read the entire first link to see what the “mad scientists” are envisioning for mankind in the future. The military and intelligence/spying applications of these techno-implants into human brains are obvious.
This information reminds me of the prophecy in Daniel 12:1-4 that in “the time of the end” of this age, mankind’s level of knowledge would increase exponentially. The Hebrew word translated “increased” in the King James Version of the Bible in this prophecy is the same Hebrew word used to describe how the floodwaters “increased” and covered the entire earth’s surface in the time of Noah (Genesis 7:17). In other words, it will be an exponential increase in knowledge at the end of our age, not merely an incremental increase. This prophecy is certainly coming true. Because Jesus Christ also revealed that the end of this age would mirror the pre-Flood world of Noah (Matthew 24:37), it gives us further insights into how “advanced” the pre-Flood world really was. Maybe pre-Flood mankind was then becoming “enhanced” with bio engineering and techno-implants just before God decided he’d “had enough” and destroyed the entire pre-Flood civilization to put an end to the madness they were pursuing. As a sovereign Creator, God had the sovereign right to exterminate all breathing life forms on earth, and start over with Noah’s family of eight people and the collections of animals, birds and plant species he carried on the Ark. It is a sobering thought to realize that God still has that same right today.
This link reminds me of a race of machine-organic hybrids called the Borg in the Star-Trek franchise TV shows and movies. Trekkies will immediately understand what I’m discussing. The Borg sought to forcibly “assimilate” all the Universe’s races into becoming machine-organic cyborgs who could be controlled by their leaders or a Borg-Queen via an AI “hive mind.” Current trans human actions are paving the way for humanity to eventually become the Universe’s technologically-enhanced “Borg” race. However, I firmly believe that God will not allow that to happen.
Now let’s consider the growing threats posed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems becoming so advanced that they are at risk of developing their own independent “consciousness” and going rogue on the internet, social network platforms, etc. The second link reports that advanced AI systems now have “access to the internet and can run the code it writes.” These AI systems have already proven to have an independent and invasive presence on the internet. AI programs have “already been caught exhibiting…power seeking behavior.” Ouch! It sounds like a science fiction novel, but this is not science fiction. Keep in mind that an advanced AI system has no independent “soul” or “conscience” from God in its programming. Disconnected from any moral codes, it could turn not only on its own creators, but also on mankind itself. This fear is now widely spreading among cyber experts. The third link adds that Elon Musk, Apple Founder, Steve Wozniak, and other well-known names in the cyber industry have joined a 1,000 experts calling for a six-month pause to evaluate how to control AI and prevent it from becoming an independently dangerous presence within our cyber-systems. It adds that that advanced AI poses “profound risks to society and humanity.”
The fourth link cites one analyst as saying the call for a six month pause in further advancing AI technology is “understating the situation.” It warns that AI “once [it] is self-aware will ‘not care for us’ or any other sentient life,” and that advancing AI causes many researchers to fear that we are “plunging toward a catastrophe.” It warns that the threat from advanced AI systems is so great that we should “shut it down”…while we still can. The fifth link offers a contrarian view by Bill Gates, who is apparently all for advancing artificial intelligence beyond its current boundaries. One of the greatest minds of our time, the late Stephen Hawking, years ago saw the future dangers of AI development and warned that “the development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.” I think his warning should be taken seriously (sixth link)!
The real and growing dangers of advanced AI becoming sentient and hostile to mankind brings up a couple of hitherto not considered biblical possibilities, as far as I know. Keep in mind I’m not predicting these things will come to pass; I’m pointing out they are plausible possibilities. Matthew 24:22 prophesies that unless Jesus Christ’s return happened ahead of the biblical schedules “all flesh” would perish. Now that serious experts are warning that if AI becomes self-aware, it could destroy mankind, we need to add the threat of hostile, self-aware AI programs as possible reasons why mankind might approach extinction in the latter days. How could hostile, advanced AI systems threaten mankind? They could surreptitiously “program” all water systems to have lethal combinations of chemicals added to the water supply. They could “hack” into nuclear weapons codes and launch a few thousand nukes all over the world. I’m sure you can think of other ways that a malevolent AI program could hack into all kinds of cyber systems to make changes to sensitive computer programs that turn them into “weapons of mass destruction.” Another possible way that advanced AI could fulfill prophecy in a way previously not considered (as far as I know) is that the mysterious “beast” leader foreseen in biblical prophecies could be an “enhanced” human with cybernetic, wireless connections between his brain and supercomputers. Such a person would have what looks like supernatural powers and he/it could possibly become “possessed” and manipulated by advanced AI systems. Scary stuff! Reality may soon become more scary than science fiction!
I agree with Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak and the many techno-experts who warn that advanced AI should be “paused” and perhaps even “shut down” before it becomes a threat to “all flesh.”
One last thing: If you have not yet watched the movie, I Robot, I suggest you do so. It shows where our future could be headed if AI becomes self-aware and decides it needs to control and manipulate humanity.
My thanks to a reader for sending me one of the links below.