Another remarkable event is occurring in the diplomatic world. President Obama invited the leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)–top Sunni Islamic Arab leaders–to Camp David for a private meeting. This would ordinarily be a “plum” invitation to meet with the president of the United States, but four of the invited Sunni Arab national leaders are declining to attend. Most importantly, the leader of Saudi Arabia has decided he has something else better to do that day than meet with Obama (first link). The White House is trying to somehow put a positive “spin” on this snub, but it is not easy to do.

I think that it is not hard to figure out what the purpose of the meeting was and why so many invited Arab Sunni leaders decided to not meet with Obama. I’m sure all readers realize that Obama and other western leaders recently negotiated a “framework” agreement with Iran regarding Iran’s nuclear weapons program. It is widely perceived that Obama and the West gave away far too much to Iran in the negotiations–an opinion I share. Obama is going to have a difficult time getting Congress to approve the deal…whenever there is actually a deal to consider. Remember that the “framework” of the so-called deal is very much at dispute, depending on whether you listen to White House or Iranian sources. Iran has denied that the Obama administration is accurately representing the details of this yet-amorphous deal. It is no secret that Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu vehemently opposes the deal as a surrender to Iran so it can continue its nuclear program. Media reports have indicated that such Sunni Islamic nations as Egypt and Jordan are skeptical about the deal as well. However, it is the Sunni nations of the GCC that are most threatened by a bad deal with Iran since Iran is just across the Persian Gulf from these Sunni nations.

Therefore, it is highly likely that Obama was hoping to, behind closed doors, heavily pressure the GCC nations to accept the Obama/western negotiated nuke deal with Iran. It seems obvious that the Sunni leaders already know that they will oppose this developing “deal” and they want no part of a meeting where they will be pressured to endorse it in any way. The best way to avoid this diplomatic unpleasantness is to simply stay away from the meeting altogether and send lower level officials to the meeting. These lower level officials will make it clear to the Obama administration that they have no power to agree to anything, and are present there only to “gain information.” That is my opinion as to why they decided to snub Obama’s meeting.

It is also true, I believe, that the “framework” of a “possible deal” that was the subject of a photo op when the negotiations recently went into recess indicate that the Obama administration is ready to accept a very bad deal which no previous presidential administration would have even considered. As evidence of that, I refer readers to the second link, which is an analysis of this supposed Iranian nuke “deal” by Lawrence Haas, who is identified as a “former communications director for Vice President Al Gore.” Mr. Haas does a very good job of pointing out the glaring flaws in the “framework” of this Iranian nuke deal, and he makes it clear that this proposed deal “makes no sense.” If even a writer from the left wing of the Democratic Party says the deal is a very bad one, it must really be a bad idea. I urge you to read his analysis of this bad deal Obama is strangely trying to push on the world.

My posts¬†have long noted that Ezekiel 38-39 prophesied circa 2500 years ago that in the latter days of our age, Russia, China, Iran and other nations will form a “Gog-Magog” alliance that will become a threat to the western nations and will eventually attack the western nations, starting an age-ending World War III. That prophesied alliance has already formed exactly as Ezekiel 38-39 prophesied. Why an American president would even consider making a deal that is a virtual surrender to Iran is beyond me. There are some strange policies and agendas being advanced by the Obama administration which make no sense to lots of observers of global geopolitics. Long-time readers of this blog have already likely read my article about Ezekiel 38-39’s amazingly-accurate prophecy for our modern times, but new readers of this blog may not have done so. If not, I urge new readers to review my article, What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveal about a Future World War III. You will be surprised how relevant this prophecy is to today’s world.