General Yuri Ivanov was Deputy Head of the Russian GRU, Russia’s military intelligence branch. This title seems to indicate he was the “Number 2” general in this Russian intelligence agency, which would make him an exceedingly important personage in Russia’s military intelligence operations. He died “in mysterious circumstances” in Syria in what has been called a swimming accident. However, the circumstances do make this incident look like an “accident.”

The link below notes that it is “inconceivable” that Gen. Ivanov would not have been accompanied by bodyguards in any swimming outing. Reports indicate he “went missing from a private, secretive engagement from which his aides and guards were banished to wait outside, not swimming alone.” This report may infer that Gen. Ivanov was caught in a “honey trap,” a sting in which he thought he was going to enjoy a romantic encounter with someone, but instead was lured into  trap. Such “honey traps” are used by many intelligence agencies. Gen. Ivanov would surely have made enemies during his duties in suppressing the Islamic Chechen revolt in the Russian Caucasus region. It is entirely possible that, given the revenge motive of suppressed Chechen groups, Gen. Ivanov may have been murdered and his body dumped in the water as the article indicates. However, the report leaves some major gaps in this story.

To begin with, Gen. Ivanov’s body was never positively identified. The body claimed to be his was “too decomposed for identification,” and was identified only via a “cross around its neck.” It would have been very easy to take Gen. Ivanov’s cross and hang it around the neck of a badly decomposed corpse and allow it to be “found” in a plausible location to indicate the general had died. The fact that this corpse was not positively identified to be the body of Gen. Ivanov allows for two possibilities. The first one is that he was not murdered but was kidnapped in a “honey trap” and is now undergoing interrogation by an unknown foreign intelligence agency to divulge all he knows about Russian intelligence agencies, their agents’ names, their missions, their passwords, their plans, etc. This would be extremely damaging to Russian intelligence operations and extremely helpful to whatever agency was interrogating him. If Russian GRU deep-cover agents suddenly start dying of unfortunate “accidents” around the world, then it is likely that Gen. Ivanov was kidnapped and critical information is being extracted from him. The second alternative is that he defected to the West and arranged the circumstances of his disappearance to make it look like he had died.  If this alternative is the true explanation for what happened, it is possible that Gen. Ivanov was a deep-cover agent for the CIA or other western intelligence agency for many years and it was becoming too dangerous for him to continue in that role so he had to hastily arrange a plausible “exit” and be transitioned into a new identity somewhere far away. If this is the case, then he is willingly divulging a wealth of information very damaging to Russian interests. If he was a western deep-cover agent, it is even possible that the Russian FSB (the old KGB) found out about it and it was the FSB which arranged his death or disappearance. It is even possible that he is now a double-agent that ostensibly defected to the West, but did so under GRU/FSB controls to give the West false and misleading information.

Those of us who depend on media reports will not be able to know the truth about what happened. However, I believe that there are a few people in select intelligence agencies in the world that do know exactly what happened. This incident reveals that an extremely deadly game is being played behind the scenes as the Mideast slides toward a possible major war and the Gog-Magog alliance prepares for the world war at the end of this age that it will eventually start (as Ezekiel 38-39 prophesies).

I have one last question. The report states that the body presumed to be that of Gen. Ivanov was too decomposed for identification. I’m no CSI investigator, but I would assume that his DNA (if it was his body) would have been recoverable from inside his teeth, on the hair of the decomposed body, in the fingernails and toenails, inside the bone marrow, etc. There seems to have been a distinct lack of interest in doing a thorough DNA investigation to see if that decomposed corpse really was that of Gen. Ivanov. That speaks volumes all by itself.