I’m sure that many readers already know that a giant construction crane collapsed at the Islamic pilgrimage site in Mecca, killing over a hundred people and injuring over two hundred more. It seemed like a tragic accident, and weather factors such as wind and a lightning strike have been included as factors causing the collapse. I think we all know that Saudi Arabia is a very, very dry desert nation, so thunder, wind and lightning events from a rainstorm over Mecca would be a strange event all by itself. At first, this seemed like a tragic accident, but now a new possibility presents itself for consideration–and it may not be a possibility that many would have thought possible.

The first link, second link and third link all offer separate perspectives about the collapse of the massive crane, and the generally-not-reported fact that a top Iranian space/rocketry scientist was among those killed when the crane collapsed. The third link reports that this top Iranian scientist was a key figure in Iran’s “rocket development, especially satellite boosters.” Hmm. Any Iranian rocket big enough to hurl satellites into space orbit is certainly large enough to hurl a nuclear warhead atop a missile toward Israel (or any other location). Could this Iranian scientist have been working on ways to “mate” a nuclear warhead to an Iranian missile in the not-too-distant future?

The second link gives the deceased Iranian scientist’s title as a “Board Member of Iran’s Space Research Center.” The deceased scientist was more than a top scientist in the Iranian missile program; he was a Board Member in charge of its direction. The link also notes that eight other Iranians were killed along with this top scientist. Were these Iranian pilgrims unrelated and unknown to the deceased Iranian space scientist or were they all members of his research team? The articles do not reveal the answer to this question. If they were members of his space/missile research team, then this “accident” looks a bit eerie. It gets even more eerie. The link reports that the giant collapsed crane belonged to the company founded by the father of Osama Bin Laden. Hmm. Could there be some element of Divine justice here? I think all readers of this post realize that Osama Bin Laden was involved in the collapse of two giant towers in New York City almost exactly 14 years ago (two seven-year cycles).

The last link reports that the Iranians now fear an Israeli strike against their nuclear facilities, and that they have increased their defenses around such facilities. Surely, their fears are due to what seems to be the imminent approval by the US Congress of the nuclear treaty negotiated by the Obama administration, which many decry as a capitulation to Iran which jeopardizes the security of Israel, Europe and the USA. I have no idea if such an attack is imminent, but wouldn’t it be ironic if President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry and Congressional Democrats end up causing a Mideast war due to their approval of the Iranian nuclear treaty (which no politician wants to call a “treaty” due to obvious US Constitutional constraints).

It is likely that the Iranians are suspicious that the Mossad or Saudi intelligence services are involved with this “coincidental” accident. However, I’d like to point out that the Mossad and Saudi intelligence services are not able to generate a sudden large wind gust at exactly the right time to fall on and kill a critically-important Iranian space/missile program scientist who happened to be walking under the crane’s downward path at exactly that moment. However, I know of one powerful source that could precisely arrange just such a “coincidence” which also acts to cripple Iran’s military plans and to protect Israeli security. The Creator Elohim Being we call “God” could easily arrange such a confluence of events. The Bible records many instances where God arranged to intervene in human events via weather phenomenon. There is even a prophecy indicating that God would have every reason at this time in human events to directly intervene to protect the Israelis. Zechariah 12 is a prophecy about the latter days (the expression “in that day” refers to the prophetic “latter days” or Day of the Lord), and verse 3 prophesies that in the latter days, God will intervene in human events to protect Jerusalem even if “all the people of the earth be gathered against it.” Watching from his Heavenly Judgment Seat, God can see that the USA (modern Manasseh of the ten tribes of Israel in God’s eyes) under President Obama is in the process of abandoning and betraying the Jews/Israelis (called “Judah” in Zechariah 12). Given his prophecy in Zechariah 12:3, perhaps the Creator God decided it was time for him to act to protect Judah and Jerusalem at this juncture…in a way no one else could possibly do.

Insurance companies often include clauses in their liability contracts for large construction projects like the one in Mecca that disasters caused by freakish weather and atmospheric conditions are not insured losses as they classified as “acts of God.” In this case, they might be more right than they realize.

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