There are indications that the USA, Israel and perhaps other nations have been doing what they can to slow down Iran’s nuclear weapons program without having to openly attack Iran. This blog is a follow-up to the one about a possible attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities that was posted yesterday. The first link below reports that a top Iranian nuclear scientist, Massoud Ali-Mohammadi, was assassinated when his motorcycle blew up due to a remote-controlled bomb. The reports do mention that there is a possibility that his death may be linked to internal Iranian political issues, but I tend to doubt that possibility myself. Iran doubts it too. The first link below notes that Iranian “state television blames ‘Zionists and American agents'” for the assassination.

At a time when the USA, Israel and many other nations are deeply worried about Iran obtaining nuclear weapons, the assassination of a top Iranian nuclear scientist seems to scream out that the timing of his death was not a random coincidence. Especially when we realize that he was not the first top-tier Iranian scientist or official to be “removed” from Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Both links below report that another top Iranian nuclear scientist was kidnapped while he was on a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia last year. There is a possibility he was seized by Saudi personnel and then handed over to Americans for interrogation, but no one is confirming this possibility. He just “disappeared.”  There is no question that Saudi Arabia has every right to feel threatened by Iran’s nuclear program, so the Saudis would have a strong motive to slow down Iran’s nuclear progress. But wait, there’s more!

The second link below reports that in 2007, a former Deputy Minister of Defense of the Iranian armed forces was “snatched” while visiting Istanbul, Turkey. Turkey, of course, is a NATO nation, and it also has every right to fear Iran’s nuclear program. Did the Iranian official secretly defect or was he kidnapped by western intelligence agencies to be interrogated about the Iranian nuclear program at that earlier time? Obviously, we are not likely to ever know.

The fact remains that while key Iranians with links to Iran’s nuclear programs used to “disappear” on overseas trips, they are now being killed near their own homes in Iran. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that someone is starting to play hardball with Iran, and sending a message that lethal actions will be taken if Iran doesn’t stop its nuclear weapons program. I don’t think Iran is listening to any such “messages.” Iran’s leaders want their anticipated “12th imam,” a Shiite “messiah,” to appear. However reports about this Shiite belief indicate he can only “appear” if a conflagration is occurring. Therefore, Iran needs to start a conflagration to “hasten” his return, and that is why their nuclear program will likely continue.

Matthew 24:24 prophesied that “false prophets” will appear in the world prior to his actual return. Jesus’ prophecy did not specifically state all those “false prophets” would be found within the Christian camp.  Indeed, one such “false prophet” is the “12th imam” expected as a messiah by Shiite Moslems. It should be pointed out that Sunni Moslems do not share in any expectation about this “12th imam” being a messiah-figure if I understand reports correctly. However, Iran’s leaders truly believe in him, and that belief may lead to the loss of many lives in a  future war.