In a stunning development, a reputable media source has reported that one of Hezbollah’s top officials has defected to Israel, bringing with him millions of dollars as well as “classified documents and maps” (see first link). It is hard to overestimate what an intelligence coup this is for the Israelis and the West. Defecting was Hussein Fahes, reported to be Hezbollah’s “communications manager” and “CFO [Chief Financial Officer].” Amazingly, he was arrested by Lebanese officials but was still able to escape to Israel. Hmmm. Might this “escape” have been facilitated by the Mossad, perhaps?
As one of Hezbollah’s most well-placed, high officials, his “maps” likely show the exact location of each of the tens of thousands of missiles and rockets located in southern Lebanon which are aimed at Israel. This will make them all easy targets for Israeli warplanes and rockets in the event of a Mideast war that includes Israel and Hezbollah. He must also have had a list of the names of Hezbollah agents in Israel, all over the Mideast and the world. I wonder if he had a list of names of Hezbollah-placed individuals heading “sleeper cells” in North America and Europe? If so, the USA and all western nations will now have a very good reason to ingratiate themselves to Israel to be allowed to see this information. I’m sure the Israelis will be able to obtain all kinds of useful concessions from other nations which want a peek at this treasure trove of Hezbollah’s secret information.
This defection also signals a massive defeat for Iranian interests. Hezbollah is funded and armed by Iran, so this defecting “CFO” would know the secret means via which Iran funneled money to Hezbollah. He likely has a list of the world’s banks (and bankers) who secretly laundered and handled money for Iran, Hezbollah, Syria and their allies. I wonder how many names he brought with him of not only Hezbollah, but clandestine Iranian and Syrian agents in many nations.
Fahes’ defection does beg the question: Was he a 29 year-old Moslem who suddenly developed a deep affection for all things Jewish or was he a very deep-cover Mossad agent who had advanced within the Hezbollah organization for years? The latter option makes more sense to me. Given that this is the most likely explanation of these two options, I’ll bet many top Hezbollah officials are now warily eyeing each other, wondering who else could be an Israeli mole in their midst? However, there is a third option. The second link, from a prominent Arabic Islamic media source, explains his defection as an embezzler of Hezbollah funds who fled to Israel. Perhaps. It is possible that this may be the case (the Arabic media source identifies the internal Israeli security organization, Shin Bet, as the agency which facilitated Fahes’ defection). However, I thought Shin Bet handled internal Israeli security and the Mossad handled matters outside Israeli borders. Since Fahes’ defection was arranged outside Israel, it would seem to be Mossad’s territory of operation. Whichever agency facilitated this, you can be sure the entire Israeli intelligence community is jubilant!
Zephaniah 2 prophesies that in the latter days, the Jewish people (“the remnant of Judah”) will establish a homeland of their own in the old Promised Land (see my article, Four Reasons the Jews are Judah [PDF], for much more information on this topic) . Zechariah 12 and 14 prophesy that God will Divinely intervene in the latter days to assist and rescue the Jews/Israelis in their new Jewish state. It would appear that God just favored the Israelis with a little “down payment” on a much larger prophesied deliverance that will occur in a future year.