A top US army general, appointed by President Obama to be the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,  has issued a very stern warning about Russia and the threat it poses to the USA. Marine General John Dunford warned in Congressional testimony that Russia’s recent actions are “nothing short of alarming,” and that he would point to Russia as an “existential threat” to the USA (first link). This is a classic case of someone “speaking truth to power.” My compliments to General Dunford for “telling it like it is.” He further said that providing the Ukraine with lethal weapons to fight the Russians off would be reasonable.

One would think that if one of their own top military appointees is speaking these facts openly, it would cause a turn-about in the policy of the Obama administration to make it adopt a more reasonable policy toward military strength and preparedness by the USA. However, one would be wrong to assume anything so logical and reasonable. The second link and third link report that, in spite of obvious and growing threats from Russia, China, Iran, ISIL/ISIS, etc., Obama wants to cut another 40,000 troops from the US Army. As the links reveal, the cuts could go even deeper if certain sequestration requirements take effect. Truly, the USA is being put at risk by the blindness of the Obama administration to the real security threats faced by this nation. The administration simply refuses to look at the world in a realistic manner. The USA needs to build up its military strength, build new and more modern weapons platforms, etc. Hopefully, the nation can make it until we get (hopefully) a new president after the 2016 elections who actually has some geopolitical realism and military knowledge. Obama came into office as military novice and has it ever shown!

If cuts are needed, there is no need to cut any uniformed military personnel! The government’s own statistics make this fact very clear. The last link reports that the US Defense Department alone employs 801,000 civilian employees and 776,000 “special contractors.” Hmm. If the Defense Department alone has a total of 1,577,000 civilians and special contractors on its payrolls, why not make all defense department cuts by cutting these swollen totals and not cutting any uniformed military personnel? If the nation gets in a serious war (and it is only a matter of time till that happens), it will need uniformed military fighters, not a massive “army” of civilians and special contractors. It would be easy to cut enough civilian and special contractor positions in the DoD to make sure that no cuts in the uniformed services are needed at all. For all Americans reading this post, I urge you to contact your congressional delegation and urge them to make cuts in the number of civilians and special contractors in any DoD cuts, and not make any cuts in the uniformed personnel. No one doubts that some civilians and special contractors are needed in the DoD, but do we really need four times as many of them as soldiers in the regular US Army? Of course not!

This military cut, if it is made, will only embolden the warlike plans of Russia, China and Iran as they will see Obama hasn’t got the will or comprehensional skills to see how the threats to the US are increasing. As long-time readers already know, Ezekiel 38-39 prophesy that in the end of our latter day period of prophetic time, Russia, China and Iran will form a wider alliance of nations that will be allied vs. the USA, NATO and their allies around the world. The Russian-Chinese-Iranian alliance will launch a surprise attack on the USA, the NATO nations and their allies when they begin a global World War III, which will climax our age and result in the Divine intervention prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39. World events continue to confirm that the prophecy in Ezekiel 38-39 is steadily heading toward a complete fulfillment in the years ahead of us. While it is disturbing to see the USA and the western nations descended from the ancient ten tribes of Israel (see my free article, The USA in Bible Prophecy, for some of the main points of evidence on this identification and the books on sale at my website for very detailed evidence and documentation of these identifications), the steady drumbeat of world events is proving the Bible is the real, inspired Word of a Creator Being who is guiding world events today and that the end of our age is drawing nearer. The nations do not realize it, but they are acting out a geopolitical script for the end-time that God set in stone millennia ago. In Isaiah 41:21-26, God challenges everyone to see his ability to keep his prophecies and acknowledge that he (though invisible to our eyes) is both real and sovereign. World events keep proving that biblical prophecies are unfolding with remarkable accuracy.

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