Steven Collins
June 29, 2007
The July-August issue of Biblical Archaeology Review has a very interesting article which indicates that the ancient tombs of the Israelite Kings Omri and Ahab have been identified at ancient Samaria. The article, “Lost Tombs of the Israelite Kings,” was written by Norma Franklin. Using a persuasive analysis,  Ms.Franklin argues that the tombs of Israelite kings were initially discovered during a Harvard University dig at Samaria in 1908-1910, but that they were not recognized at the time. Much of her analysis is based on a new examination of the documentation of the earlier expeditions at the site.
The article also has photographs of the site and illustrations documenting the findings of the earlier expeditions. She is convinced that one of the tombs was made for King Omri of the ancient kingdom of Israel. While she believes a second tomb was made for King Ahab, she allows for a possibility that the second tomb was made for the queen of King Omri.
I  recommend that readers examine this article at a local library if they do not subscribe to the publication.