In my books, I discuss extensively the Saka and Scythian peoples who were the descendants of the ten tribes of Israel who were exiled into Asia from the ancient biblical kingdom of Israel when it fell circa 721 BC during the final Assyrian invasion of the old Promised Land. The term “Saka” preserved the Israelite name of “Isaac” which Genesis 21:12 promised would follow the descendants of Abraham and Isaac throughout history. The New Testament affirms this promise in both Romans 9:7 and Hebrews 11:18. The Saka and Scythian peoples were located in southern Asia and were fellow Israelite tribes to the Parthians who reigned in South-Central Asia for almost a half-millennium. These Israelite Scythians were generally called the Sacae by the Greeks and the Saka by the Persians.
This Saka tomb dates to approximately the 4th or 3rd century BC which would be during the time when the Scythian/Saka kingdoms were still very powerful. This link connects the burial of this Saka princess to the famous Scythian warrior-queen Tomiris (often spelled Tomyris) whose Scythian army destroyed the great army of the famous Persian king, Cyrus the Great. As I point out in my book, Israel’s Lost Empires, Queen Tomyris’ name is a Hellenized version of the distinctly and famously Israelite name of Tamar, who was an Israelite princess, the daughter of King David (II Samuel 13:1). One of King David’s granddaughters also was named Tamar (II Samuel 14:27). This fact strongly indicates that the Scythians were being ruled by a descendant of the royal house of King David. This fulfilled God’s promise to David that his descendants would rule in the future over the nations of the ten tribes of Israel (Jeremiah 33:17).
The Greeks recorded a great deal of information about the titanic war between the empires of the Scythian Queen Tomyris and the Persian King Cyrus the Great, and that information is contained in my aforementioned book. It is noteworthy that although the Scythians crushed the Persian army and killed Cyrus the Great, the history books record a great deal of information about the losers in this war (the Persians) and little or nothing about the winners (the Scythians)—who were descended from the ten tribes of Israel and bore Israelite/Semitic names. You can learn more about his fascinating war from ancient history by purchasing my e-book, The “Lost” Ten Tribes of Israel…Found!, for $12.99 on-line or the aforementioned printed book for $25 (shipping included) at either the books page on my website or by sending a check or money order for $25 to Steven M. Collins, PO Box 88735, Sioux Falls, 57109-8735. Either book contains vital information about ancient history which was once widely taught but has since been all but censored out of the history texts so the powerful Israelite kingdoms and empires are not known to modern mankind.