There have been many programs recently about the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination. I have watched a few of them, and, perhaps so have you. The ones I’ve seen were regurgitations of the establishment and media dogma that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in killing President Kennedy. Not one of them that I watched showed the critically-important frames of the Zapruder film and none mentioned the outlandishly silly “single bullet” theory that was a part of the “Oswald acted alone” dogma.
I will state up-front that I believe the evidence is overwhelming that the shot which killed JFK obviously came from the front of the car in which Kennedy was riding. The Zapruder film clearly shows Kennedy’s head being hurled backward suddenly when the force of the bullet hit him. This confirms conclusively that the killing shot was fired by someone in front of the presidential limousine. The Zapruder film also shows frames with a macabre scene where Mrs. Kennedy climbs on to the trunk of the car to retrieve the back portion of JFK’s head which was blown off from the back of JFK’s head as part of the gaping exit wound that was in the back of JFK’s head. Anyone who knows anything about guns, hunting or ballistics knows that when a target is hit, the force of a high-power bullet pushes the target struck in the direction the bullet is traveling. If Lee Harvey Oswald had fired the killing shot, JFK’s head would have been propelled violently forward and there would have been a gaping exit wound in the front of his face.
Also, with the ubiquitous number of CSI- and NCIS-type programs on TV which feature federal and police ballistics labs, all watchers of these programs know that bullets deform and can even fragment when traveling through human tissue. The “single bullet” theory foisted on the public by early official explanations of the assassination assert that the bullet traveled through Kennedy’s skull/head twice, through Governor John Connally, impacted into the front of the car and remained in pristine, undeformed condition. Nonsense!…as any ballistics or forensics expert on the TV police programs would tell you. While Oswald may have been part of the group that arranged JFK’s assassination, I cannot believe he was anything but a “fall guy” who was quickly executed before he could say anything under oath in a court room about what he knew regarding any plot to kill Kennedy or who was involved in it.
The American people have, by strong majorities, always doubted the Warren Commission’s theories and conclusions about JFK’s assassination (first link). They have good reasons to have those doubts. Oliver Stone is prominent among those who have offered reasons to disbelieve the Warren Commission’s conclusions. The USA Today, on November 21, 2013, ran a column by Oliver Stone which debunks the Warren Commission’s findings (second link) . His column accurately flays the “single bullet” theory and mentions that Kennedy’s head should have snapped forward if the killing shot was fired from behind him. Stone’s column also mentions that “more than 50 witnesses testified…to the Warren Commission that they heard or saw a shot coming from…the front of the president,” and that “over 40 witnesses in two locations saw a large avulsive (i.e.penetrating outward) wound in the rear of JFK’s skull.”  These witnesses include medical personnel in two hospitals and FBI agents. His column also cites former Governor John Connally of Texas (who was riding in the car with Kennedy and was wounded in the shots fired at the limo) as saying “I do not for one second believe the conclusions of the Warren Commission.”
At the time of the 40th anniversary of the assassination of JFK in November, 2003, the History Channel aired a series of broadcasts which, in my judgment, presented copious evidence that JFK was assassinated in a conspiracy and that Lee Harvey Oswald was a “fall guy.” Their segments presented evidence, including eye-witness accounts from LBJ’s mistress and insiders who were part of what happened after the assassination, a top forensic finger-print expert, etc., that Vice President Lyndon Johnson arranged the assassination of JFK as an insider “coup” which made Johnson president and free to pursue actions JFK was not going to pursue (such as greatly expand the Vietnam War). The documentaries aired by the History Channel presented extensive evidence that LBJ also had Kennedy assassinated because LBJ himself was in danger of receiving a prison sentence in federal investigations into corrupt dealings by Billy Sol Estes, Bobby Baker, LBJ and others. It is noteworthy, in my opinion, that even though LBJ was from Texas and was serving as JFK’s Vice-President, LBJ made sure he was nowhere near Kennedy the day of the assassination and was nowhere near the presidential motorcade (avoiding JFK in LBJ’s home state would have been an unusual political slight at the very least). One scene filmed just before JFK was shot shows the supervisor of the Secret Service detail (who was riding in the car behind Kennedy) wave two secret service agents away from JFK’s car just before the shots were fired. One secret serviceman who was waved off stretched his arms outward in surprise as if to say “Why are you waving the Secret Service’s protective detail away from JFK’s car?” The documentaries show how the autopsy reports and even the limo itself was altered in order to fudge what really occurred.
The evidence I saw on those History Channel programs is overwhelming that the Warren Commission’s report was a whitewash, and a strong majority of Americans have always seen through the phoniness of that report. Those wishing to obtain copies of those documentaries aired on the History Channel can apparently still do so (see third link).
Someday, the entire truth will be known. Luke 8:17 states: “For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid that shall not be known…” During the ancient kingdoms of Israel and Judah, there were many assassinations, conspiracies, adulteries, crimes, etc. that were committed by and against the rulers of those kingdoms. Those ancient rulers and assassins had no idea that the Creator God would reveal to his servants all the misdeeds of the kings of Israel and Judah for us to read today. That same Creator God has been equally aware of all the assassinations, plots, sins, crimes, etc. done by and to the Presidents of the USA, the Prime Ministers of Great Britain and the leaders of all other nations. When Jesus Christ returns and all the secrets of the world’s leaders throughout history are revealed to everyone, I would not be surprised to see the world’s population reading such new biblical books as I and II Presidents (of the USA) and I and II Chronicles about the British Empire which will reveal everything that happened in the inner circles of power throughout each leader’s reign. When all secrets are revealed in the Millennium (or Messianic Age), we’ll know everyone who was involved in JFK’s killing and we’ll know the name of the shooter who fired the shot from the front of the presidential limo that tore off the back of JFK’s head.
God knows everything that everyone does in their lives. This applies to both the most powerful and the weakest among us. If God wants to do so, he could have an angel monitoring everyone’s entire life with an invisible video cam and microphone, but I doubt he needs any methodology so clumsy. Hypnotism sessions have demonstrated that the subconscious human mind records an amazingly-detailed account of our lives that the conscious mind does not recall. It is my view that God, when we all face the judgment seat of Jesus Christ (John 5:22), can simply give a “download” command to our subconscious mind and it will play a full holographic image of what happened at any and every point in our lives. However, when people repent, God can blot out transgressions and “remember them no more” (Jeremiah 31:34). God has the capacity to “remember no more” our sins when we repent and he forgives our sins (Isaiah 54:9). David asked God to “blot out” his transgressions (Psalm 51:1-9), and God himself has stated that he will “blot out” our sins when we repent and return to him, whether as nations or individuals (Isaiah 43:25, 44:22). In other words, God can “erase the tape” of the sinful parts of our past lives if we repent so they are not even considered at the time of our future judgment. Notice that all these expressions of Divine offers of generous mercy are from the Old Testament. This confounds the general impression that some have that the God of the Old Testament was harsh and the God of the New Testament was merciful. Indeed, the God of the Old and New Testaments is one and the same.
In conclusion, the books of the Bible record that the Creator Elohim watches the leaders and elites of all nations very closely, and will hold them under a much higher level of judgment because of their higher levels of responsibility. They will all be judged according to how well they obeyed God’s laws and how well they ruled their nations for the benefit and well-being of the people in their nations. It isn’t just the leaders of Israelite nations that God watches. He made Nebuchadnezzar, the Babylonian emperor, go insane and eat grass like an animal for seven years because of his self-glorification (Daniel 4:19-34), foretold the specific name of a Persian emperor, Cyrus, before he was born (Isaiah 44:28), and decided who would be the next king of the Aramaens (Syrians) at a certain point in time (I Kings 19:15). These were all gentile (non-Israelite) leaders.
All these examples are a warning to the leaders of all nations and all the elites who dominate the societies of all generations. God is watching you…closely. You will be judged for what you have done and what you do in the future. You need to repent and receive God’s mercy…just like everyone else.