Steven Collins
December 18, 2007
The world’s diplomats are always pursuing endless “peace processes” throughout the world, even though increased warfare tends to be the norm. The USA is being militarily weakened by two ongoing wars in Asia. A crisis between Iran and Israel is building due to Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons combined with its threat to “wipe Israel off the map.”  Pakistan’s nukes are increasingly insecure as President Musharaff’s hold on power grows more tenuous. Russia is increasingly bellicose toward the West in both word and deed. So is Russia’s ally, Communist China. [It is not “P-C” to use the term “Communist China” any more in the establishment media, but I call things as they are in this blog, so I will call Communist China what it is.] The world is growing steadily more dangerous. Paul predicted this would occur in the latter days in II Timothy 3:1. Jesus Christ also prophesied in Matthew 24:6 that “wars and rumors of wars” would be an ever-present aspect of the latter days before his return.
There are many important things happening in the world that do not get reported in the media. No one person can possibly stay on top of (much less report on) all that is occurring. However, many nations are jockeying for military advantage in modern geopolitics. Below are links documenting some of the military preparations being made by modern nations. Previous blogs have documented many other military preparations being made by both the “Gog Magog” alliance led by Russia, China and Iran as well as the alliance of the western nations (NATO, the EU, the Israelis, Japan, etc.). Do not expect to see these things generally reported in the Western media. It would be “bad for business” if the citizen shoppers understood what was really happening in the world, and the corporations do not want the world economy to be affected by bad news!
The first link below (from Newsmax) documents that Communist China’s shipbuilding program now dwarfs that of the USA. China is “turning out 5,000 commercial ships a year, against 300 by the United States.” In military shipbuilding, China’s submarine production is already triple that of the USA. Previous blogs have documented that China is also producing surface combatant ships much faster than the USA. Indeed, the USA’s war fleet is about half of what it was in the Reagan years.
The second link below (from reports that a US warplane successfully intercepted a ballistic missile during its launch phase. In the experimental test, an F-16 was able to launch a missile which destroyed a ballistic missile shortly after its launch. This capability would require a US warplane to be within 100 miles of a ballistic missile’s launch site, but this range will no doubt be expanded as the system is improved. Also, the USA has RPVs (remotely-piloted vehicles) which can linger for many hours in a search pattern; these RPVs could carry such interceptor missiles close to the territory of a hostile power. US aircraft carriers could also move US fighters to within targeting range of some ballistic missiles on short notice if an attack was deemed to be imminent.
The third link below (from the Asia Times) reports that Communist China conducted large-scale naval wargames for a week which coincided with an obvious snub given by China to the USA when it cancelled port privileges for the USS Kitty Hawk task force in Hong Kong (even after family members of the Kitty Hawk’s crew had flown to Hong Kong for the event). The Chinese war game extended from east of Taiwan to north of the Philippines. Hundreds of commercial aircraft flights were cancelled due to the extensive use of airspace by Chinese warplanes. China tested new “stealth missiles” and “Russian-made…anti-ship missiles.” Obviously these cruise missiles are being built to target US aircraft carriers. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the snub of the USS Kitty Hawk was pre-planned as this action enabled Chinese missile batteries and warplanes to practice acquiring the USS Kitty Hawk as a target as the US carrier traveled near the Chinese wargame region as it returned from Hong Kong to Japan. If I recall correctly, it was the USS Kitty Hawk which was being shadowed by a Chinese attack submarine in the Pacific Ocean months ago. The article noted that China’s exercise not only targeted the USA and Taiwan, but it also angered Vietnam which issued a statement that the Chinese wargames were a “violation of Vietnam’s sovereignty.” This article also mentioned a new class of Chinese subs which could fire long-range, nuclear-tipped cruise missiles at not only US aircraft carriers in any war, but also at the territory of the USA itself. The fourth, fifth and sixth links below detail more about this new Chinese strategic submarine and show photos of it as well.  Obviously, China is preparing to destroy US aircraft carriers in the opening round of a new World War via waves of many kinds of cruise missiles. The US Navy better have a crash program underway to shoot down hundreds of cruise missiles simultaneously in the future when they are fired at US carriers. Without such a defensive system, the US aircraft carriers will be sitting ducks.
Has your news media told you Communist China is actively building strategic weapon systems to enable it to launch a surprise attack on the US fleet and nation in the future? Of course not. If the American public knew about such things, it would be “bad for business” so you will not be told. This is the same Communist China which has gained the ability to collapse the US dollar and our economy by selling its mountainous billions of US dollars and bonds on the market in the future. This is the same Communist China which has duped US corporations to relocating their factories to Communist China, enabling China to “steal” US production facilities before the future war erupts. As readers of this blog know, Ezekiel 38 guarantees Russia, China, Iran and their allies will attack the nations of the western world at the end of this age. Their ability to attack us is rapidly taking shape right before our eyes. The leaders of Communist China have utterly outsmarted the political and corporate leaders of the USA and the western world. China pretended to be friendly in order to entice the USA to move its factories to Chinese soil. Now that China has our factories and dollar reserves, it no longer has to pretend to be friendly.
The seventh link below details that Japan is “secretly” building aircraft carriers to prepare to counter the growing threat from China. Japan is building large naval vessels which will initially be used as helicopter carriers, but they will be large enough to carry V/STOL jet fighters at a later date (ones like the Harrier jump-jets on British aircraft carriers). Japan can’t openly call them “aircraft carriers” due to its pacifist Constitution, so it has to do a semantic dance re: its war preparations.
I could go on with more information, but this blog is already long enough. Hopefully, this blog will confirm to you that the militaries of the world are in serious preparations for World War III. If you wish to learn what Bible prophecy reveals about the course and conclusion of World War III before it occurs, please check out my free article (“What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveals about a Future World War III”) available at this website.