Steven Collins
December 19, 2007
In his editorial in the December 17, 2007 issue of US News & World Report, Mortimer Zuckerman asks the question: “Has Russia Left the West?” This question’s wording confirms how deeply the West has been duped by Russia in recent years. The question assumes that Russia was ever “in the West” at some point. However, Russia has never been a part of the West at any point in its post-Cold War history.
After the disintegration of the Soviet Union and the fall of the Berlin Wall, the West had a celebration and thought that a “New World Order” of global commerce would peacefully emerge to dominate the globe. At first it looked like such a thing would happen. Under the buffoonish Boris Yeltsin, Russia seemed like no threat to anyone, and it appeared that powerful robber barons would exploit Russia’s immense energy resources in cooperation with the globalist corporations of the Western World. Even Communist China seemed compliant. It nodded and bowed obsequiously as it offered to become a low-cost production center for the many Western corporations which “outsourced” their factories to China so they could avoid paying living wages to American and European employees. China also seemed happy to become one of America’s main bankers as it compliantly recycled its surplus US dollars back into the USA via the purchase of endless US Treasury debt instruments. This financed the profligate spending of the US Government and held inflation down in the USA. The New World Order seemed a slam-dunk as the global plantation seemed content with its new masters.
Then something went wrong. Vladimir Putin, the former KGB boss, became Russia’s President and he wrested control of Russia’s energy resources out of Western hands and opposed American and Western policy goals all over the world. He moved to shut Western oil companies out of the Caspian Sea region, made Europe increasingly dependent on Russian energy, launched a cyber-war on Estonia as an example of what Russia could do to upstart nations in its “near abroad,” provided nuclear technology to Iran, reinstituted Cold War bomber flights right up to NATO’s borders, renounced a Cold War treaty so Russian nukes could again target Western cities and so Russian tanks could also roll up to NATO’s borders again. The Russian bear was back. China also shed its “happy coolie” image and began acting like a Chinese dragon again. It has launched a feverish military expansion, creating entire new lines of cruise missiles which can be fired at US carriers from air, sea and land from new war platforms. It shadowed US carriers on the open sea and shot down an old space satellite to prove its could do the same thing to America’s satellites. Russia’s and China’s post-Cold War policies now seem, in retrospect, to be a brilliant maneuver to dupe the NATO nations into downsizing their military strengths, to divest the West of much of its industrial capacity and to gain powerful leverage over the Western economies without having to fire a single shot. The West’s leaders fell for it…hook, line and sinker!
Mortimer Zuckerman’s question in his editorial personifies the globalists’ plaintive longing for Russia to “come back” to the happy serfdom which the Western governments and multi-national corporations had planned for it. It appears to this author that Russia and Communist China (which are now openly-declared strategic allies) have pulled off one of the most remarkable coups in history. They “feigned weakness” before the Western World in order to get the Western nations to let down their guard, disarm their militaries, and export their factories to China. Russia gained leverage over Europe via its energy policies and China gained leverage over the US via its monetary policies. China also took effective control of the Panama Canal via a civilian company controlled by the People’s Liberation Army. Sun Tzu, the Chinese author of The Art of War, would have been proud of this Russian-Chinese gambit! Now that NATO is at a distinct disadvantage to Russia and China, Russia and China are reverting to their anti-American and anti-Western stances. As readers of my books, articles and blogs know, Ezekiel 38 predicted this would happen, and it has happened because God controls the destinies of nations.
The globalist New World Order was also predicted in the Bible. Revelation 18 calls it “Babylon the Great,” a globalist alliance of the “kings of the earth” (national leaders and politicians) and the “merchants of the earth” (a very apropos name for the multi-national corporations of the modern world). The New World Order’s elites thought they were well on their way to establishing a globalist village in which they (the elites) controlled the planet’s wealth and resources while the masses served them as de-facto serfs. It is my view that the Globalist leaders of Babylon the Great still do not grasp the existential threat posed to them by Russia, China and their other allies such as Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, etc. The elites of Babylon the Great (whether they be government leaders or corporate CEOs) still seem to think that Russia and China are fighting them for dominance within the global village that Babylon the Great is establishing. They are wrong. Russia’s and China’s goal in the Cold War was world domination. That is still their goal. Ezekiel 38’s prophecy makes it very clear that they intend to conquer the elites of Babylon the Great and seize full control of the Western world’s wealth. The elites of the West intended to conquer the world economically, but Russia and China intend to conquer the world militarily. Their intentions are obvious, but the West is still in denial. 
Mortimer Zuckerman’s column in US News & World Report notes that Vladimir Putin has “escalat[ed] opposition to America…his rhetoric has gotten more inflammatory…[and that recently] he seemed to compare the United States to the Third Reich.” What is Mr. Zuckerman’s conclusion? In spite of his own observations, he concludes that “Russia is less of a threat to the United States and more of an opportunity,” and that for America and the West, “accommodation, not confrontation, is the name of the game” [Emphasis added.] History does seem to be repeating itself. The spirit of Neville Chamberlain is alive and well in the modern nations of the Western world.
Expect present trends to continue. While Putin will exit his role as President of Russia, he will still dominate its policies as the likely new Prime Minister. Putin’s hand-picked successor, Dmitry Medvedev, will do what he is told. As the USA Today  observed in its December 12, 2007 issue (p. 8A): “…Medvedev would essentially serve as a figurehead controlled by Putin.” China is so bellicose that they seem barely able to restrain their aggressive new stance toward the West. China will likely make some effort to “make nice” until the conclusion of the 2008 Beijing Olympics in which they intend to showcase their new superpower status to the world. After that, watch out!