As an American I hate to bring to the attention of readers information that documents America’s rapid rate of decline under President Joe Biden, but it is accelerating so fast that it needs to be discussed. Any American or person in the Free World needs to be aware of this very dangerous trend.

For context, all the developments discussed in this post are, I believe, happening due to the cowardly withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan by Joe Biden and his abandonment of tens of billions of dollars worth of US military equipment to the Taliban. I actually agree that the USA had been in Afghanistan far too long and a staged withdrawal needed to be done, but the way Biden did it could hardly have been worse. He made his administration a butt of jokes in the profoundly weak way he did it. As Biden’s first major foreign policy decision, it set the stage for other nations to lose respect for and trust of the USA for as long as he is president. Biden’s weakness has moved various important nations to move away from being aligned with the USA as a result of Biden’s incredibly weak policies.

To begin with, Biden has managed to alienate Saudi Arabia, long a US ally. Saudi Arabia leads the Sunni Muslim nations and Iran leads the world’s Shiite Muslim nations, and they have been at odds for many years. However, after seeing Biden’s unreliability as an ally, the Saudis “made peace” with Iran by normalizing diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Significantly, Saudi Arabia and Iran chose to announce their new rapprochement in Communist China (first link). This shows who is being respected more on the world scene and whose respect is waning. I’m sure that Saudi Arabia and Iran made the announcement about their warming relations in China so the USA (and Biden) would have no role in the process and could take no credit for it. This was a deliberate insult to the Biden administration, and a strong message that the USA does not matter any more in Mideast politics.

Another development that the US media went out of their way, I think, to ignore. Two Iranian warships sailed into the Western Hemisphere to make friendly port calls in Brazil and Central America (second link). This was another unprecedented slap in the face to America and the Biden administration. It gets worse. The third link reports that besides establishing warmer relations for Iran with Brazil, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Colombia, Iran’s warships sailed to Panama and entered the Panama Canal. Indeed, the link discusses an Iranian plan to permanently station Iranian warships in Panama, on the doorstep of the Panama Canal! This shows that Iran (and other nations) regard Biden and his administration with cold contempt. Previous US presidents would likely have sent US warships to intercept any Iranian warships and to escort them out of the hemisphere. The rest of the world noticed this abject weakness by the Biden administration and it reinforces global perspectives that the US need not be taken seriously as long as Biden is in the White House.

Brazil, which hosted Iranian warships, also drew close to Communist China in mutual policy goals. The fourth link, fifth link and sixth link describe the outcomes of a meeting between Brazil’s new Leftist President, Lula da Silva, and Chinese dictator, Xi Jinping. The links describe efforts within the BRICS trade bloc to “displace the U.S. dollar…as a global reserve currency.” In pursuit of that goal, Brazil announced it would shift its trade to be conducted in Chinese Yuan instead of US dollars. The BRICS nations include Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. These nations include two Communist nations and three democracies. India is also counted as a member of the Quad alliance in the Indo-Pacific region along with Japan, Australia and the USA to oppose China’s militarism in that part of the world. India has a foot in each camp and is likely waiting to see what happens on the global stage before deciding whether to ally with the USA and the West or not. The reports indicate the BRICS nations are trying to develop a new currency backed by all of them to supplant the US dollar on the world scene.

In a development not publicized to Americans, India has offered its currency, the rupee, as a currency for global trade to replace the US dollar. Eighteen nations have already agreed to use Indian rupees, including such nations as Israel, New Zealand, Singapore and the United Kingdom (seventh link). I can’t help but wonder if the fact that the United Kingdom now has an Indian-ancestry person as its latest Prime Minister had anything to do with the UK’s decision to use Indian rupees instead of the US dollar in international trade transactions. Staying with a BRICS focus, a Chinese naval surveillance warship recently docked in a South African port (eighth link). The ninth link reports on Russia’s efforts to spearhead the replacement of the US dollar as the global reserve currency.

There is more. China now is moving to increase its presence and influence in Central American nations (tenth link). Honduras and El Salvador are cited as prime targets for Chinese penetration. This parallels the earlier-cited fact that Iranian warships now can dock in Latin American ports and even possibly be based next to the strategic Panama Canal. Emboldened by Chinese backing no doubt, El Salvador’s president told the USA to give it no more lectures on how to conduct a democracy (eleventh link).

All of the above examples reveal how painfully obvious it is that the rest of the world regards Joe Biden as a doddering, senile leader that need not be respected or feared. Biden’s extreme weakness makes it more likely that China will choose to invade or blockade Taiwan while the USA has a cowardly administration in place. China would surely want to risk such an action while American has a weak leader. Indeed, the USA desperately needs a strong, pro-American leader. The above examples of weakness would not have happened if America currently had a patriotic president who would not hesitate to use a muscular foreign policy to forward and defend US interests.

There is another reason why Biden is seen as a weakling who need not be taken seriously on the world stage. Nations are almost always very protective of their borders–critically examining who gets in and who gets to leave. Biden has opened wide the US southern border to fentanyl and drug smugglers, illegal aliens by the millions, drug lord agents, human traffickers, etc. Nations all over the world see this and regard the USA as a nation in terminal decline because of Biden’s refusal to protect America’s own borders. Do you think Russia, China or Iran would allow millions of illegals, criminals, etc to pour into their nations unimpeded? Do you think NATO members Hungary, Turkey, Poland and others would allow unrestricted entry to anyone who wants to come illegally into their nations? The obvious answer is “no” in all cases. Nations that care about their security and reputation would have sealed their border long ago to the flood of illegals entering into the USA that Biden is allowing. Biden will never be respected on the world scene until he seals the US borders and makes them real national borders again.

The accelerating trend of American decline under Joe Biden reminds me of two prophetic biblical prophecies. Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28 prophesy that nations which abandon God’s laws and lose their fear of God will suffer an increasing series of national penalties. One is stated in Leviticus 26:19 that God would “break the pride of your power.” In other words, such disobedient nations would lose the ability to properly use or project their power or defend their own national interests. The second prophecy is in Deuteronomy 28:37, which says that God will make disobedient, rebellious nations and leaders “…an astonishment, a proverb and a byword among all nations…”  I would say that the fulfillment of these prophecies has been steadily occurring in recent decades, but under Biden, these prophecies about national decline as a Divine punishment are being fulfilled at a greatly accelerated pace.

Believers and patriotic Americans need to prayerfully intercede for their nation as never before.  Under Biden, America is heading rapidly toward the edge of a steep cliff.