This post is about the US Navy’s latest warship: the Zumwalt-class destroyer (see first link). Due to its astronomical cost, only three ships of this class are currently planned. It has impressive capabilities, and I’m sure that it has both defensive and offensive weaponry that are not being made known publicly. This description of the Zumwalt-class warship opines that it will be able to use a new rail-gun technology.

My own guess is that it has been designed to operate very closely with the USAF’s new X-37B, an unmanned space-based weapons system that has already demonstrated that it can stay aloft for well over a year during a single mission (see second link).

It is reported that this new warship has been designed to operate near the coastlines of target nations. Ezekiel 38-39 warn that the already-existing alliance of Russia, China, Iran. etc. will eventually attack the USA and its allies in a surprise action at some unknown future time, as readers of my articles already know. If the Zumwalt-class warship ever operates near China’s borders during a war, it needs to be able to defeat salvos of perhaps hundreds of supersonic missiles that might be fired at it simultaneously. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Zumwalt-class warships have a direct interface with the X-37B’s space-borne weapons systems to intercept any ballistic missiles fired at any American warship, military base, etc. Whatever weaponry the X-37B carries, we can be sure it is classified and very likely so advanced it may make science fiction weaponry seem real.

One closing thought. This new warship’s capabilities are impressive to be sure. However, unless it has been built so all its systems are absolutely EMP-proof, it has a fatal flaw. You can be sure any enemy will try to explode an EMP warhead as close to the ship as possible in any future war.