Good article.  Have you ever considered the possibility that the two witnesses represent Christians and Jews, a large group of witnesses. And that they were slain by the great city… Babylon, the World, Anti Christ system?   There are at least 6 or 7 references to “the great city” in the book of revelation that refer to the World System, not necessarily Jerusalem.  So, the two witnesses who’s deaths are witnessed all over the world.  My opinion is the two witnesses are large groups of Christians and Jews … why would the Anti Christ system “make war” with two prophets?  Perhaps the Anti Christ world system, mystery Babylon, went to war with two large groups of very powerful prophetic, people with God’s miracle power of divine signs and wonders.  I tend to think that there is more to this than the traditional view.  Thanks for all your great research. 


Thanks for your questions about the topic of the Two Witnesses and for your positive comments about the content at my website. I’ll endeavor to keep providing readers with stimulating material!
Concerning the Two Witnesses, I have considered the possibility which you suggested (that they are Christians and Jews) as well as other possibilities that have been suggested over the years (i.e. that they are the Old Testament and New Testament scriptures). However, I think such possibilities are a generalized approach to a prophecy which calls for a literal application of this prophecy. I’ll offer several comments to further support his viewpoint.
Remember that the “beast”or “man of sin”  which kills them will be a literal person who rules over a literal global system that is in rebellion against  God at the end of our age (II Thessalonians 2:3-11). The book of Revelation refers to two individuals who will be called the beast and false prophet (a political leader and a religious leader) who will be slain by Jesus Christ when he returns (Revelation 20:20). If the top two evil rulers of the earth are real persons, why should not God’s end-time prophets also be real persons as well? Revelation 11:4 indicates the Two Witnesses are likened to “the two olive trees” which were also personified by two real historical people in Zechariah 3-4.  Also, at key junctures in time when God directly intervenes in world affairs, he has used two literal persons as a “team” to oppose the evil powers of their time. Moses and Aaron were such a twosome as were Elijah and Elisha and also Ezra and Nehemiah. Even John the Baptist and Jesus Christ (in his human form) were two literal persons at a key time of God’s involvement with mankind. The return of Jesus Christ will be the most epic event in the history of the earth since Christ’s resurrection! Biblical precedents would lead us to expect two of the most powerful prophets in all history to appear on the scene, and that is what Revelation 11 foretells.
I Corinthians 10:1-12 cites the events of the Exodus at the time of Moses and Aaron as a precursor for those of us “upon whom the ends of the age are come.” This tells Believers that the time of Moses and Aaron and the Exodus will be an example to believers re: what they should expect to see at the end of our age. Jannes and Jambres were two miracle-working priests of Egypt who opposed Moses and Aaron (II Timothy 3:8). The time of the Exodus featured an evil human twosome versus God’s two prophets. Each twosome consisted of two, real persons. The end of our age will feature two evil leaders who work miracles (II Thessalonians 2:9, Revelation 13:14), but they will be opposed by God’s two prophets, the Two Witnesses, who will perform far greater miracles that the evil twosome (as did Moses and Aaron). In the time of the Exodus, God plagued Egypt with many miraculous plagues via Moses and Aaron, even as the latter days will see incredible plagues administered against the beast’s kingdom by the Two Witnesses (Revelation 11:6). A much more in-depth explanation of my research about the Two Witnesses can be found in my article, “The Two Witnesses,” available at the articles link at this website, but this reply, will, hopefully, strengthen the case I made in that article.