Shalom brother Steven,

Could you give us a detailed accounting of the tribe of Dan? I am 100% Irish and have been told that I am from Tuatha De Danaan, Tribe of Dan. My genealogy traces to Neill. Can you help me with this? Any help would be appreciated.

Be blessed
brother David
Shalom Brother David,
Thanks for your question. My books make the case that the tribe of Dan was split into more than one segment during the tribe’s migrations, and, therefore, took on different characteristics and languages over the millennia as they traveled to their current locations. I do maintain that a large body of the Danites migrated to Ireland circa the time of the fall of Samaria and that this group of Danites constituted the “Tuatha De Danaan.” The name of the tribe of Dan was also prominent among the Sea Peoples circa the 1400s BC when Judges 5:17 notes that the Danites had a maritime lifestyle. If you can document your ancestral lineage to the Tuatha De Danaan, I’d say the odds of your Danite origins are high. However, everyone’s personal ancestry is known only to our Creator. My books document which modern nations are primarily linked with specific tribes of Israel, but I cannot make a definitive statement about anyone’s personal tribal affiliation. Even the Tuatha De Danaan was reported to have migrated to the British Isles in concert with the Simonii (a part of the tribe of Simeon) so both Danites and Simeonites were part of the early Celtic population of the British Isles.
Another body of Danites migrated northward to the Black Sea region via an overland route and gave Danite names to the rivers emptying into the Black Sea during the Scythian period. These Israelite tribal names (Dan-ube, Don, Dn-ieper and Dn-iester) have continued into modern times. The nation of Denmark (Danmark) preserves the name of the tribe of Dan as well.
There is far too much about the history of the tribe of Dan to put it into one email. I have a section in my book, Israel’s Tribes Today, about each of the tribes of Israel. If you want a more thorough examination of this tribe’s migrations, the book can be ordered at
Hope this helps!