This post is what I believe to be a timely and necessary reproduction of something which I wrote years ago and has been recalled from the archives of my blog (the archives of my past blogs can be accessed via the archives drop down and a search function is available so you can search for topics that interest you).

The “establishment” sector of the world’s media, educational and entertainment world would like everyone to think that God is dead or has been proven to not exist. From a scientific perspective, they couldn’t be further wrong! Indeed, this post demonstrates conclusively that there absolutely has to be a Divine Creator Being who made all the kinds of life forms that exist on the earth. I also point out that the Creation account in Genesis 1 of the Holy Bible is the only scientifically-rational explanation for how all earthly species came into being. This post, I believe, completely refutes the theory of evolution and shows it to be the secular world’s “emperor…which has no clothes.” The support for evolution is all an illusion. The actual science isn’t there at all.  This critical look at the realities of life on earth exposes evolutionary teachings to be a hoax.

My previous writing cited a scientific school of thought which, years ago, opined that the Universe might be 5 billion years old. Current scientific thinking seems to regard the Universe as perhaps being 13 billion years old. I think the establishment thinks that the older the Universe becomes in their reported assessment, the more impossible the biblical accounts are. As my post confirms, the reverse is true. The older the Universe is, the more impossible the theory of evolution becomes when viewed through the lens of a scientific statistical analysis. Also, I show that the Bible says nothing about the age of the universe and planet earth–it merely acknowledges that they are indefinitely old. The Bible also nowhere asserts that the universe and earth are a mere 6,000 years old or that life did not exist on the earth prior to Adam and Eve. True science affirms the Bible. Creationists should stop being apologists! The scientific facts are on our side.

Please enjoy the post and its content. It is just as relevant today as when it was first written. Indeed, since faith in the Bible has never been under such attack as is now occurring in our contemporary Western modern world, this post is even more necessary and relevant today. Feel free to send it to anyone who you think has an open mind on the subject.