Steven Collins
December 29, 2007
Recent articles in the Washington Times (National Weekly Edition) have highlighted the fact that different departments and agencies of the US government have very different policies and attitudes toward Communist China. Indeed, they are so different that one could characterize the “China policy” of the US Government as “schizophrenic.” I regard these two divergent policies to be the “realist” and the “dreamer” perspectives. First let’s examine the realist perspective.
In Bill Gertz’s “Inside the Ring” column in the 12-17-07 issue of Washington Times (National Weekly Edition), two subhead sections were entitled “Cyberwarfare” and “Navy v. China” (see links below). The former subhead discusses a Congressional Report which examined China’s increasing cyberwarfare efforts against the USA. A Congressional Report is cited which states that China’s military is developing “strategic military capabilities that could be used to support power projection and access denial operations beyond the Asia Pacific region.” [Emphasis added.] This benign language means that China is developing and deploying military power which is meant to wage war against the naval fleets and territories of other nations far away from Chinese and Pacific Ocean regions. This subhead also states that “US Intelligence officials said China’s military has a large-scale program to attack US computer systems, both military and civilian, as part of efforts to cripple war-fighting capabilities in a conflict.” This language shows that China has “large -scale programs” preparing for warfare against the USA. The large size of these programs confirm that China’s national policy is preparing to wage war against the USA. These actions are not being conducted by some rogue wing of the Chinese government.
The second subhead of this Bill Gertz column reported that the US Chief of Naval Operations informed Congress on December 13th that “the US Navy is building up its forces to be ready to challenge a future military threat from China.” In a Congressional Hearing, Admiral Gary Roughead addressed “China’s large-scale naval buildup.” He acknowledged that China’s military buildup has prompted planning for more submarines, more missiles and more aircraft.” The column also noted that China has developed three new classes of submarines “with cruise and ballistic missiles designed to attack US aircraft carriers.”  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that China is preparing for a war against the USA and the West with the same determination that Hitler’s Germany was preparing for war against the Allied powers before World War II.  Recognizing that American aircraft carriers are the key fulcrum of the West’s ability to fight wars, China is building the weaponry to launch scores (or hundreds) of missiles at each US carrier at the start of any future war. Unless the US can devise new defensive strategies far beyond the capabilities of current Aegis defense systems, American carriers may be as obsolete as battleships were during World War II.
Bill Gertz’s Inside the Ring column in the December 24, 2007 issue of Washington Times (National Weekly Edition) disclosed (in a subhead entitled “Cruise Missile sub”) some of the US Navy’s plans to counter the mass missile attack strategy of the Chinese. His column stated that four US nuclear ballistic missile subs have been converted to fire conventional cruise missiles instead of nuclear ballistic missiles.  Gertz writes: “Two of the submarines each equipped with 154 long-range cruise missiles, can provide the same firepower as all the Tomahawk-firing ships in the 2003…Iraq invasion.”  One can see the strategy involved here. Knowing that the Communist Chinese will launch swarms of missiles at every major US surface ship in any future war, the Pentagon has deployed huge submarines which can fire swarms of missiles at Chinese targets. The advantage of having the missiles based on subs is that an enemy will not be able to target the subs’ locations as easily as they can target all US surface ships.
The December 24, 2007 print issue of Washington Times (National Weekly Edition) also ran a front-page article entitled “China front tapped spy data” (which I could not find in a websearch of that newspaper’s archives) in which it disclosed that Communist China is actively seeking “to recruit Chinese-Americans as spies” for China. The Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) uncovered one such Chinese spy operation inside a sensitive US intelligence facility. The Chinese duped the Americans by “setting up a Chinese translation service in Hawaii that represented itself as a US origin company.” This trick allowed Chinese agents “to translate some of the hundreds of thousands of intercepted communications gathered by NSA’s network of listening posts, aircraft and ships.” This Chinese penetration of the US intelligence community “caused significant damage” to US interests.
So much for the realist perspective on the obviously-hostile intentions of Communist China. Now let’s examine the perspective of the “dreamers.” Based on past evidence, media articles and blogs at this website, this camp dominates the US Departments of
State, Commerce and Treasury as well as the vast majority of Corporate America. Blind to all the evidence that Communist China is preparing to fight and win a war against the USA, these departments have relocated in recent years a huge percentage of the USA’s manufacturing capacity to…Communist China. They did so seeking to cut production costs for globalist corporations, export inflation, etc. However, their doing so has placed the USA at a tremendous disadvantage to China in any future warfare. The USA has little or no “surge” capacity to arm, cloth or protect its military forces. If a war broke out, how many US factories could quickly produce uniforms, overcoats, shoes, etc. for a greatly-expanded US military within a few months? Answer: Such factories don’t exist. If war with China broke out, how would US leaders quickly build the weaponry needed to equip new US military forces when so much of America’s industrial capacity is now located in China? Answer: Those US factories would now equip weapons, uniforms, etc. for China’s military, not for our own armed forces.
Relocating much of America’s industrial plants to Communist China makes about as much sense as it would have made to relocate much of America’s industrial capacity to Nazi Germany in the 1930s. This bizarre modern action by US governmental and corporate leaders is an excellent policy to implement if you want the USA to lose the next world war. However, I doubt that outright treason is the reason for such stupid decisions. I think it is explainable as short-sighted strategies designed to serve the boundless greed now characterizing US multinationals and their quislings in the US government.  Under Presidents Clinton and Bush, the USA has disarmed itself before its enemies and transferred its industrial capacity to the soil of its enemies. How did such a brain-dead policy develop? Revelation 18 gives us the answer.
Revelation 18 prophesies that at the very end of this age just prior to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, a global entity called “Babylon the Great” will emerge on the world scene. It would be an alliance of the “kings of the earth” and the “merchants of the earth” which would have dominion over “all nations.” In other words, the governmental and corporate leaders and elites of the world will join forces in a global system designed to enrich themselves at the expense of the general population (Rev. 18:3, 11-15). This prophesied entity is modern “globalism” and it now already dominates the governments and corporations of  “all nations” This prophecy, like all other biblical latter-day prophecies, has come to pass in our modern times. The globalists thought they had set up a comfortable “New World Order” for themselves after the fall of the Soviet Union, but Russia and China outsmarted them at their own game. It now seems apparent that the “fall” of the Soviet Union was orchestrated by the KGB to dupe the West into thinking there would be no more threats to their power in the future. The West fell for it, hook, line and sinker. The West disarmed their militaries and transferred their factories to the initially-cooperative Chinese. Now that China has seized much of the USA’s industrial capacity and Russia has made Europe dependent on its energy resources,  Russia and China are now turning openly- bellicose toward the USA. The “dreamers” in the US government and corporations are having trouble facing the reality that Russia and China have beat them at their own game.
Revelation 18 shows that this age will conclude as Babylon the Great’s global system is utterly destroyed. It is my view that this destruction will come in the climactic World War III prophesied in Ezekiel 38, Zechariah 14, Revelation 16 and 19, etc. The Bible’s prophecies are coming to pass…perfectly. They will continue to be fulfilled in the future because a Creator God is in charge of overall world events. One can pay attention to the Bible and be wise concerning the future, or one can ignore and reject the Bible and be a fool. In Isaiah 41:21-26, God challenged everyone to know he is real and sovereign because he can implement ALL his prophecies during the millennia to come. God has been implementing his prophecies perfectly, and he can be trusted to do so in the future. All the efforts of the “dreamers” of Babylon the Great to salvage their plans for a permanent New World Order will fail. However, the efforts of the “dreamers” are still apparent in the ever-gullible actions of the US State, Commerce and Treasury Departments as well as many globalist corporations. The links below confirm that there are still “realists” in the Defense Department and Intelligence communities who see that China is brazenly preparing to wage war against the USA. This leads to schizophrenic actions by the US government where one branch warns about China’s preparations to fight the USA while other branches of the government send our factories to China. The “dreamers” seem to be in charge of overall US and European policies. They are trying to placate and persuade Russia and China to join their globalist New World Order, but Russia and China “smell blood in the water.” It is their intention to make the Western world’s globalist leaders to either submit to Russian-Chinese domination or have it imposed upon them via warfare.
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