The entire recent action of the USA/NATO conducting intense aerial bombings of Libya’s regular military forces to allow a ragtag band of rebels to take over that nation has been odd from the start. It wasn’t that many years ago when the West welcomed Gaddafi and Libya back into its fold. Gaddafi sold the West oil at market prices and has made no military threat to the USA or West of any kind. Indeed, Gaddafi’s intelligence agency had been cooperating with the USA’s CIA and the UK’s MI-5 in suppressing Al Queda in Libya, as recent media reports confirmed. Oddly, NATO acknowledged the rebels had ties to Al Queda, and it was reported the rebels had given captured chemical warheads to Hezbollah (as cited in my April 3, 2011 post at this blog site). Based on these facts, it would seem the USA/NATO should have been bombing the rebels if they had to take any action in Libya.

However, the USA/NATO did the exact opposite. Indeed, as soon as the “no fly zone” over Libya was approved at the UN, the USA/NATO quickly went way beyond its mandate. A “no fly zone” would have meant that the USA/NATO would attack Libyan jets if they took to the skies to bomb the rebels, but the massive subsequent NATO air-to-ground missions were not authorized by any “no fly zone” vote. Most westerners have no idea how extensive the USA/NATO air war against Libya really was. The first link, an official NATO site, states over 23,000 air sorties (!) were flown by USA/NATO aircraft and about 9,000 of these sorties struck Libyan military and infrastructure targets. This expended a huge volume of NATO munitions that will be hard to replace given the budgetary squeezes in the USA and Eurozone nations. Why did the USA and NATO suddenly see Gaddafi as such an existential threat that they went to war (aiding very dubious “allies”) in order to topple Gaddafi?

The truth, perhaps, was revealed in the Russian media a few months ago. In the second link and third link, Russian media reported that Gaddafi was about to issue a gold-backed dinar and was urging Moslem and African nations to require payments for oil and commodities to be made in gold or gold-backed dinars. By any standard of international law, Libya had the right to take such action, if this report is true. However, if it had done so, the fiat currencies of the USA (the US dollar) and the Eurozone nations (the EURO) may have been pressured to the point of collapse. Indeed, the first Russian media report states the intended Libyan action was a “deep threat to the power elites who control the central banks.” The second Russian media link reports that Vladmimir Putin hinself was “very angry” at the extensive bombing operation of Libya by the USA and NATO.

If any nation ever opts for a gold-backed currency, its currency will suddenly become the “hardest” currency in the world, and the world’s fiat currencies like the US dollar and Euro would be exposed as intrinsically “worthless” by comparison. If gold-backed currencies existed, the US Federal Reserve Board and other Central Banks would likely be unable to continue their policies of profligate monetary expansion/inflation. If the Russian media reports are true, the financial/banking leaders of the USA and Europe saw a dire threat to their global power in Gaddafi’s intention to implement a gold-backed dinar, and they urged their counterparts in the political offices of these nations to bomb the hell out of Gaddafi’s forces to stop it and to send a message to other nations that a similar fate awaits them if they try to issue a gold-backed currency. I want to stress I can’t verify if the Russian media reports are true, but they are plausible in their assertions. Nothing else makes sense to me as a reason why the USA/NATO suddenly opted for a “total war” strategy against an Islamic nation’s government that had been previously cooperating with western nations.

If this is the true reason for the West’s air war against Gaddafi, there are two major flaws in the western strategy. The NATO nations used up so much ordnance in their war vs. Libya that they have little ordnance left for another such operation against anyone else. The other major flaw is that the West’s nations just gave an important lesson to all the nations of the world who want to (A) issue gold-backed currencies, (B) create an alternative to the US dollar as the world’s global reserve currency, or (C) both of the above. What the NATO bombing campaign demonstrated is that no single small nation can issue a gold-backed currency, especially when it is in striking distance of NATO home airfields. The rest of the world’s nations now realize that they must act in concert to issue gold-backed currencies (or one single such currency) to avoid Libya’s fate.

Previous media reports have indicated that nations such as Russia, China, Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf States, Germany and other European nations, etc. are all considering gold-backed (or partially gold-backed) currencies. These nations now know that they must all act in a coordinated fashion to introduce their gold-backed currencies, and that they must back each other up militarily if necessary to supplant the fiat US dollar and Euro with their new gold-backed currencies in oil and commodity trades and world commerce. Most interestingly, Revelation 17-18 prophesies that a group of nations will act in concert to overthrow the current world financial order that the Bible calls “Babylon the Great.” The Bible calls them “the seven heads and ten horns,” and if further prophesies that these same nations will institute a new global financial, commercial system to replace the current one. When this action takes place in the future (I make no predictions about dates), Revelation 17-18 make it clear that God himself will bless the actions of the seven heads and ten horns to succesfully overthrow the current global financial/monetary order. The Revelation 17-18 prophecy does not name the nations who will be the “seven heads and ten horns,” but I think some of the aforementioned nations will be in that grouping.

Clearly, the USA/NATO felt so threatened by Gaddafi and Libya that they had to militarily topple a previously-friendly government. The report from the Russian media offers the only reasonable motive as to why the West suddenly felt so threatened by Gaddafi that they allied themselves with Al Queda-associated rebels to topple him. This argues that the global system of Babylon the Great is getting very desperate and feeling very threatened. If Russia, China, the Gulf States and a group of European nations led by Germany issue regional, gold-backed currencies, there is no way the US military can attack them if they act in concert. The era of global dominance of the fiat US dollar issued by the Federal Reserve Board would be over. The USA would be forced to issue a gold-backed currency as well whcih would likely require a very large devaluation of the dollar’s value. Other likely actions would be a Congressionally-ordered forsensic audit of the entire Federal Reserve Board and an audit of the gold at Ft. Knox to see how much unencumbered gold the USA still actually owns. I think it is logical that the global elites would be terrified of either of these actions coming to pass.

One final note. Ezekiel 38:5 reveals that Libya will eventually be allied to Russia, China, Iran and the other nations of the anti-western Gog-Magog alliance at the end of this age. This argues that the USA and NATO have dethroned Gaddafi only to lay the groundwork for a very anti-western government to eventually emerge in Libya.