These two links [1, 2] describe the announcement by the USA that it is bolstering its missile defenses to guard against a North Korean missile attack. There is a danger that North Korea has now developed the ability to launch maybe one or two missiles that could reach the USA. However, is the USA building another 14 missile defense interceptor bases to guard against one or two missiles from North Korea? The additional interceptor bases will give the USA a total of 44 missile interceptor bases along the western USA by 2017.
Do we need 44 interceptor bases to guard against an attack by North Korea of just one or two missiles? Of course not. A preemptive strike against North Korea’s nuclear/missile complexes would end any danger of a North Korean attack and that would be far cheaper. The real reason for a major expansion of the US western missile defenses is as unstated as it is obvious, in my opinion. I believe the US government has finally realized the growing danger of a mass ballistic missile attack against the USA by China and/or Russia. It is obvious that the locations of the US interceptor bases will down Chinese or Russian missiles as well as North Korean missiles. The USA wants to downplay that the real perceived danger is China and Russia due to China’s being the USA’s largest creditor and to avoid the risk of waking up the American people to the growing danger their nation actually faces from China and Russia. Indeed, the second link specifically states the large number of interceptor bases is not being built due to the growing Chinese military threat. All I have to respond to that is the truth of the old adage: “never believe anything until it is officially denied.” It has just been officially denied.
Given the defense cuts triggered by the sequestration process initiated by the total failure of Congress and the White House to address the federal debt crisis, it is especially notable that the Obama administration is increasing defense spending in the category of missile defenses. That action indicates the severity of the Chinese threat is now dawning on this administration.
It is also worth pointing out all the new interceptor bases are being built in Alaska as any ballistic missile attack will come from the northern “over-the-pole” route. That is exactly the direction Ezekiel 38-39 prophesied the nations of the modern house of Israel would be attacked from in the latter days. This is another affirmation of the accuracy of biblical prophecy and especially the applicability of Ezekiel 38-39 to our modern world’s geopolitics. If any reader doubts the USA is the leading nation of the modern house of Israel (the ten tribes of Israel that were never Jewish), please read my article entitled, The United States of America in Biblical Prophecy, listen to my free audio messages on the subject of the ten tribes of Israel or order any of my books on the subject. Once you see how accurate biblical prophecy really is, you’ll understand where world events are inevitably headed toward.