Hi Steven,
I would really appreciate to hear your opinion on a view of Revelation that I was introduced to for the first time. I viewed a video regarding the Preterist view of Revelation by Gary Demar of American Vision. As I’m sure you already know, this view teaches that all the end-times prophecies of the New Testament were fulfilled in A.D. 70 when the Romans attacked and destroyed Jerusalem and Israel.  What is your opinion of this viewpoint of Revelation?
Thank you for your time, and all the great article you have written.  I am looking to purchase all you books shortly.  



Dear Steve,
Yes, I’ve heard the preterist theory proposed over the years. I think it is a complete scriptural error for many reasons. So many Old Testament prophecies focus on the “latter days” or “time of the end” which will be climaxed by the arrival of a Messiah who sets up a global, utopian Messianic Age/Millennium (we Christians see in these prophecies the return of Jesus Christ and the setting up of his Kingdom on earth). In 70 AD, no Messiah came and did these things. No Messianic Age occurred after 70 AD.  Therefore, none of these Old Testament prophecies were fulfilled in 70 AD so they have to be fulfilled at a later date. Some New Testament biblical prophecies (such as the book of Revelation) hadn’t even been written when the events of 70 AD occurred!. The consensus of biblical scholars is that the book of Revelation wasn’t written till the mid-90s AD so its prophecies about future events can’t possibly apply to events in 70 AD.
It is my view that the preterist heresy was developed by people who do not want to see any real return of Christ or his millennial rule, so they deceive themselves with a theory which has no biblical support.