In this post, I’m going to discuss what I think is a very interesting tidbit from ancient history that involves the history of the migrating tribes of Israel after they went into exile. As biblical students realize, the ten tribes were mostly relocated into Asian locations although my books document some Israelites escaped to the British Isles and others to their African colony of Kirjath Hadeshath—which the Roman later called Carthage.
In a little-noticed prophecy, Isaiah 14:2 contains a prophecy that the exiled Israelites would eventually rule over the empires and kingdoms that took them or held them as captives. That happened when the Parthians (a large section of the ten tribes of Israel) conquered and ruled over the Assyrians, the Babylonians and the Medo-Persians, three empires that II Kings 15:27-29, 17:6, and the books of  Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther describe as holding the Israelite tribes in captivity.  
After the Persian Empire fell, the Israelite tribes came under the dominance of the Seleucid Greek Empire. In the 3rd century BC, the Israelite tribes revolted against the Seleucids and began to establish the Parthian Empire, which ruled over much of Mesopotamia and south-central Asia for almost a half-millennium. During the Parthian period, the Parthians had time to develop a scientific knowledge of their own. Their priestly tribe, the Magi, held many secrets that were known only to them. The Magi and Wise Men of Parthia were the nobility of Parthia that brought gold, frankincense and myrrh to the Christ-child (Matthew 2). Now lets skip forward in time a bit. After the vast Parthian Empire fell, its refugees fled through the Caucasus Mountains into Europe in a human tidal wave, eventually inundating the Roman Empire. These migrating descendants of the Parthians became known as Goths, Saxons, Franks, Germans, etc. (see my book, Israel’s Tribes Today). In the Middle Ages, the scholars of Europe developed the pursuit of alchemy, an effort to turn base metals into gold. It was in their ancestral memory that such a thing had once been done, but they were never able to duplicate the ancient skill. Now let’s go back to the Parthians.
The Parthians (are you ready for this?) mass-produced DC electrical batteries during their reign in Asia (about 16 centuries ahead of Thomas Edison). Many of them were found centuries later in the city of Seleucia, a city within the Parthian empire. Asian scholars were well-aware of these Parthian batteries, and articles from the Journal of Near Eastern Studies and Nexus magazine were devoted to an analysis of these Parthian batteries (they are cited in my books). American viewers of some cable-TV shows have seen these batteries discussed on programs about ancient aliens, but no aliens produced these batteries. They were produced right here on planet earth by precocious ancient Israelite inventors in the Parthian empire. As discussed in my book, Parthia: The Forgotten Ancient Superpower, it is my view that the Parthian Magi connected these DC batteries in series to boost the current and then gold-plated base metal objects to look like gold objects via the use of electrolysis. This would have astounded ancient kings and nobilities alike, and it would have made the Magi famous throughout the Parthian Empire (and all Asia). The Magi would have never revealed that the secret to the entire process was their invention of electricity. Everyone thought it was “magic,” and our modern English word, “magic,” is derived from the ancient Persian/Parthian word for the “Magi.”
When the Parthian Empire collapsed and their descendants centuries later settled into the medieval European nations in their new homelands, their scholars retained the knowledge that their ancestors had once been able “to turn base metals into gold objects.” However, Europe’s alchemists were never able to duplicate the process as they were never able to understand or re-invent the critical catalyst of electricity.
Of course, the ancient Parthian Magi were never actually able to magically turn base metals into gold. They gave the impression they had done so by uniformly gold-plating base metals with a thin gold exterior coating via electrolysis by placing the base metal objects in a gold solution bath infused with electricity. So now the truth can be known about why the European alchemists’ efforts were always futile. If you wish to see what an ancient Parthian DC battery looked like, look at the front cover of my book on Parthia as a cutaway rendition of an ancient Parthian battery appears on the exterior cover of the book.
This informational vignette is but one of the many ancient secrets revealed and explained in my series of books on the history of the migrating ten tribes of Israel after their exile from the ancient Promised Land in the 8th century BC. By the 3rd and 2nd centuries BC, the ten tribes of Israel were ruling over all their former captors and were mass-producing electric batteries! I invite you to read my printed 4-book set or my e-book, The “Lost” Ten Tribes of Israel…Found!, for many more interesting facts about the ancient world that you never were allowed to know when you read your heavily-censored history texts in High School and College.