This post is about the recent voyage of an Australian yachtsman who sailed his ship from Brisbane, Australia to Osaka, Japan. It is a shocking first-hand account, recently released in the Australian media, about what apparently is an ecological disaster in the Western Pacific Ocean (see first link). The yachtsman has sailed this route before and it was full of life. The same Western Pacific region he sailed through this time was now all but biologically dead.
He cites that the voyage was all but silent due to the lack of birds, who had deserted the region because there were no fish to consume. The fish had died. He also related an encounter with a massive factory fishing ship–the kind which kills all sealife in a region of the ocean where they drag their nets looking for certain species of fish–killing and throwing away everything else so many oceanic species cannot replenish themselves.
His account of the massive amounts of rubbish and large structures that are now awash in the Pacific Ocean after the earthquake that caused the Fukushima nuclear reactor explosions and meltdowns is nothing short of breath-taking. Given that the tsunami washed far inland in Japan and then pulled massive amounts of debris of all kinds and sizes back into the Pacific Ocean means that this hazardous debris will be present for many years. The second link indicates that it may be too massive a mess to even attempt to clean it up. The link also notes that the debris and waters pulled back into the Pacific Ocean after the tsunami washed back out into the ocean were highly radioactive. It includes a map of how the radiation is spreading throughout the Pacific Ocean. Obviously, I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the information in these accounts, but if it is true, there is massive, and likely unprecedented, environmental damage now going on in the Pacific region. I’ll comment that I’m marveling at the cavalier attitude of the Japanese authorities about having several damaged or destroyed nuclear reactors right at the ocean’s edge leaking large amounts of radiation into the Pacific Ocean and its food chain. When the Russian nuclear reactor at Chernobyl exploded and released massive amounts of radiation into the atmosphere, the Russians took prompt action to place that destroyed reactor in a massive concrete encasement to limit the environmental damage. The Japanese authorities do seem to be in denial about the damage being caused by the Fukushima radiation disaster. Why haven’t they encased their destroyed and radiation-leaking reactors in concrete encasements as did the Russians?
I urge you to read the full account of the eye-witness yachtsman who saw this ecological damage during his voyage. The third link is included to make it easy for readers to review many different media perspectives on this environmental disaster. So far, I haven’t seen a word about it in the mainstream media. Are they concealing this story? If these reports are true, you may want to check out your seafood with a Geiger counter before consuming it.
This disaster is so vast that it may have prophetic implications. In Revelation 8:8-9, it was prophesied that 1/3rd of life in the sea would die in the latter days. Based on the information in the links, it raises the possibility that this prophecy could be fulfilled without any meteorite, comet or heavenly object falling out of the sky and hitting the ocean. The fact that the “ten virgins” parable in Matthew 25:1-13 prophesies that believers in the latter days will be very surprised that Jesus Christ/Yahshua returns much earlier than they expected indicates that believers will have inaccurate expectations about how biblical prophecies will be fulfilled in the latter days. They will think that certain expected events “have to happen” before Christ returns, but will be unaware that the biblical prophecies have already been fulfilled in a manner to which they were blind.
My thanks to a friend who tipped me off to this story.