As I’m sure readers realize, the world’s military forces have been pursuing ever-more powerful laser weapons for many years. This post is intended to provide an update on three types of laser weaponry that is either already being deployed or is under development by three nations: Japan, China and Germany.

The first link is about a Japanese laser which is reportedly the most powerful laser device ever deployed by any nation. Japanese scientists claim that the laser reached a “2 quadrillion watt” power level for a mere trillionth of a second. This reportedly doubles the previous top laser power previously reported by an American laser device. The Japanese laser’s power level was “equivalent to 1000 times the world’s total electricity consumption.” To achieve that level of power, if even for a mere instant, impresses me a great deal. The link claims no military significance for this powerful laser capacity, but I’m sure Japan’s scientists are tasked to maximize its military potential. I think this achievement was publicly announced so Japan’s enemies can extrapolate what kind of militarily weaponry Japan might be building in order to create some deterrence against any attack against Japan. A laser which could shoot quickly down or disable a cruise or ballistic missile would be a huge tactical achievement. Obviously, China is regarded as Japan’s most immediate threat.

Speaking of China, the second link reports that China has developed a laser cannon which can “shoot down small, low-flying drones” at a distance of 1.2 miles. It claims this new Chinese laser cannon can be placed in a fixed position or mounted on a mobile vehicle. The link also briefly refers to American laser efforts and mentions a prototype laser weapon will soon be deployed on a naval warship for testing.

The last link is about a German laser weapon that successfully shot down a mini-drone at a range of 1/3 mile, and that it disabled its target within three seconds. It mentions the laser weapon is designed to protect world leaders from drone attacks, and adds that an unknown drone deposited radioactive material on top of Japanese Prime Minister Abe’s own office not long ago as evidence that drones can already be used to approach world leaders (or any high-value target) in a threatening manner.

The above pieces of information confirm that laser weaponry is being developed at a hastening pace. I believe the rapid deployment of all kinds of unmanned drones is hastening the development of short-range laser weaponry to stop suspicious or attacking drones. A man-portable laser weapon is undoubtedly a goal of all laser weaponry programs. In reviewing the information about laser development in these links, keep in mind that we are only able to know what is publicly released by various governments about the status of their laser weapons development. I’m sure that the real state of laser weaponry development is far more advanced than what is being publicly released to the masses. When the real state of futuristic, “Star Wars” types of weapons are made known to the world, I think it will have a stunning effect. The Bible even has a prophecy about when in the end-time sequence of events such a revelation will occur.

In many posts, I’ve discussed the prophecy in Revelation 17-18 about the eventual collapse of the current global financial/monetary system. Revelation 17:9-16 reveals that an alliance of “seven heads and ten horns” will overthrow the current global system prophetically called “Babylon the Great,” and that they will install a new global system called the “beast” system–which will have political, financial and religious aspects. Revelation 13:1-5 reveals this beast system will have a mere 42 months in power. Revelation 19:11-20:4 relates that the beast system will be overthrown by the Second Coming of Jesus Christ at the head of a heavenly army. One verse is easily overlooked as one reads these prophecies. Revelation 13:4 prophesies that when the beast system is unveiled after the collapse of the current Babylon the Great system, the world’s population will be awed by the weaponry that it unveils. That verse prophesies: “…they worshiped the beast, saying, “Who is like unto the beast? Who is able to make war with him? (emphasis added). This phrase indicates that the beast system will create a deterrence against it being counter-attacked by anyone else by unveiling new weaponry which creates awe among the nations. Undoubtedly, some of those weapons will be lasers. However, keep in mind that when Jesus Christ returns at the head of a heavenly army of spirit beings that no weapon formed by the beast power or mankind will have the slightest effect against spirit beings. As the Son of the Most High God, Jesus will be wielding the power that can create galaxies merely by willing them into existence. Each passing day draws us a little closer to that future event.