This remarkable link, sent to me by a friend, describes a very unusual set of ancient ruins that are being excavated in Turkey. These ruins predate the nations of the ten tribes of Israel, but it concerns ancient history so it is being placed in this blog.
The link opines that the ruins are 12,000 years old, but I do not think that there is any chance that such an age can be true. While the Bible teaches that the earth itself is far older than 6,000 years (see my article, Is the Earth 6,000 Years Old: When Lucifer Ruled the Earth), Genesis 1 teaches that mankind and the other species on earth today cannot be older than approximately 6,000 years when God then re-created life on earth after a great global extinction that annihilated the pre-Adamic world of the dinosaurs. Datings based on C14 measurements cannot, I believe, be trusted in any pre-Flood context as the rate of C14 would not have been constant due to the tectonic upheavals during the Flood (Genesis 7:11). God also caused mankind to “age” much more quickly after the Flood so the aging process of matter itself was changed by God after the Deluge.
The ancient ruins found relatively recently in Turkey include carved depictions of modern animal species (boars, birds, a lion, possible llama-like figures, lizards, etc.). These are modern animal and bird species that were not created until Genesis Week so these ancient ruins cannot possible be older than 6,000 years. If it was 12,000 years old, the ancient ruins would not be depicting species created during Creation Week. One very interesting fact is that these ancient ruins are found fairly close to the mountains of Ararat, where Noah’s Ark came to rest and all the animals on it were released onto a new earth. As you watch the video link, notice the animals which look like llamas. These animals were found native to South America in recent millennia, but their ancestors would have had to exit the Ark after the Deluge. That llamas (or a species much like them) are depicted on ancient ruins found not far from the Ark site strongly supports the Bible as it shows these animals’ ancestors were once anciently present near the Ark’s resting place, but were later isolated in South America. Some Christians believe that God rapidly divided the continents of  “Pangaea” into their modern locations during the lifetime of Peleg, an event hinted at in I Chronicles 1:19. That would have cut off certain animal species in the afterwards-distant continents.
The obvious question is what was the intended ancient use for these ruins? It could have been intended as some kind of a religious site, but other possibilities exist as it doesn’t look like a temple complex. Indeed, since there are carved animal depictions on the circular ruins, could this ancient ruin have been intended as a kind of zoo or breeding facility for rapid replication of the post-Flood animal species? Each species on the Ark had either seven breeding pairs or only one breeding pair (Genesis 7:2-3) so there was an urgent need to maximize the breeding numbers of each species after the Flood. The Gobeckli Tepe ruins (found rather close to the Ark’s location and depicting various animal species) may have been a post-Flood breeding facility. It was God’s will for each species to “multiply” their numbers after the Flood so mankind’s post-Flood generations may have had various breeding facilities to assist the multiplication of each animal species. Indeed, since all species began to reproduce after the Flood with only one or seven breeding pairs, mankind had a huge interest in animal breeding programs.
On the other hand, a more surprising alternative also exists. These ruins are so huge and complex that they would hardly have been needed for a mere captive animal breeding facility. Simple fences or walls would have been sufficient for such purposes. Since mankind had only limited manpower after the Flood for several generations, it makes no sense that they would have expended so much effort as this for a mere animal breeding facility.
Genesis 11 relates that post-Flood mankind, which still spoke and read the pre-Flood language, were apparently attempting to rebuild the pre-Flood technologies that had existed before the Deluge. That was not God’s will, and Genesis 11:4-6 states that post-Flood mankind had passed a technological “tipping point” where their reservoir of applied pre-Flood knowledge had already attained a level where nothing they imagined to do would be restrained from them! Since Matthew 24:37 later revealed that it was not God’s will for mankind to rebuild pre-Flood technologies until the latter days at the end of this age (our time!), God took radical action at Babel to stop all high-tech development projects right “in their tracks” by taking away mankind’s ability to speak or read the pre-Flood language and give them new languages that had no high-tech vocabulary. In my audio message, As It Was in the Days of Noah, I make the case that the “tower” being built at Babel, whose “top” was to “reach unto heaven” was not a ziggurat or tall building, but was actually a missile being prepared for launching a nose cone (its “top”) into the heavens.
Ancient Vedic historical records record that ancient mankind once possessed aerial vehicles which could travel not only in the earth’s atmosphere but even “globe to globe” so this “tower” at Babel could have been intended to launch a nose cone into earth orbit or even to travel to another planet. We do not know how far the pre-Flood world’s technologies had advanced, but I believe that they were more advanced than our modern technologies. A space program in the immediate post-Flood world would have threatened God’s entire planned timetable for mankind so God’s suddenly cutting off mankind from the pre-Flood language was necessary to halt all high-tech projects then underway. If mankind was preparing a space launch missile at Babel, there were, no doubt, other very high-tech facilities being built by post-Flood mankind in other locations as well. One such facility may have been the one at Gobeckli Tepe. The huge standing (and shaped) stones found there may have once been the skeleton of a facility which included (or was intended to include) metal alloys when the entire facility was finished. As the video link documents, no stone-cutting tools have been found at the site even though the huge stones were carved and cut with great precision. Were they cut with laser-cutting devices?
Were the ancient ruins at Gobeckli Tepe another ancient “launch site” for missiles? The circular stones would have been able to withstand very high temperatures for any kind of rocket-launching housing to be built over them. It is also possible that mankind was building something which pre-Flood mankind developed, but which we can not yet comprehend. They very likely had propulsion devices that did not depend on fossil fuels. The video link hints that ancient mankind deliberately buried the Gobeckli Tepe facility at a time in the far-distant past. It may be that after mankind was cut off from speaking or reading the pre-Flood language and had to “make do” with a variety of proto-languages (from which all modern languages have descended) the people who lived near the Ark’s landing site may have deliberately buried the Gobeckli Tepe ruins as they realized that their intended high-tech purpose was a provocation to God. Burying such a facility would have been an act to pacify God’s anger at post-Flood mankind for attempting to rebuild the very same advanced technologies that had provoked God into annihilating the pre-Flood world.
The apocryphal book of Jasher states in 4:18 that pre-Flood mankind had “learned the secrets of mixing the species together” so pre-Flood mankind was “creating” chimera species or even breeding human-animal hybrids. Genesis 7:9 and 15 indicate that God selected the specific animals that came to Noah for boarding into the Ark. If there was widespread forbidden genetic mixing, only God would know which specific animals were genetically pure samples of the species he created in Genesis Week. Only those species got on the Ark. Genesis 6:11-12 states that “all flesh” had been corrupted before Noah and his family entered the Ark. The phrase “all flesh” would include all animals as well as mankind. Combined with Jasher 4:18’s record that the pre-Flood world was practicing genetic mixing of species indicates that “all flesh” was being genetically corrupted at the time God decided to wipe the chimera species out of existence all over the earth via a Flood. Genesis 6:9 states Noah was “perfect in his generations (emphasis added).” Given that mankind had a pre-Flood species-mixing program, this statement may mean that Noah’s family was the only one left which had not yet been contaminated by the presence of DNA mixing programs. Matthew 24:37 recorded the statement of Jesus/Yahshua that the latter days of our age will mirror the pre-Flood world of Noah. Some of the creatures carved into the stone structures at Gobeckli Tepe actually look like chimera species, causing me to wonder if this ancient facility could have been a post-Flood facility dedicated to creating chimera species. That is just one more alternative. That ancient mankind apparently deliberately covered this ancient facility with 20 feet of sand to bury it out of sight indicates post-Babel mankind thought it was a facility best covered up and forgotten as a location where “forbidden” things were being done that angered the Creator. Indeed, it was forgotten for millennia, and its existence was only recently discovered in our modern times which were prophesied to mirror the pre-Flood world.
I recall a column by Dr. Bernadine Healy in US News and World Report, written perhaps 15 years ago (which I could not find in a websearch), that NASA was even then considering creating human-animal “hybrid” astronauts who would have implanted DNA from animals that hibernate so deep-space travelers would not need to bring so much food and water. Modern mankind is now doing the same thing that Jasher 4:18 records was being done in pre-Flood times. The second link contains an article from the Washington Post in 2004 detailing the development of chimera species eight years ago (are you ready for mice with human brain cells?). Who knows how many more chimera species now exist in secret facilities around the world?
My personal opinion was that Gobeckli Tepe was not a temple, zoo or animal breeding facility, but something intended to reproduce and house forbidden pre-Flood technologies which God decisively stopped when he changed the language of all mankind everywhere on earth so no one could access any pre-Flood technologies written in the pre-Flood language. However, that’s just my opinion. The excavation of the ruins at Gobeckli Tepe has only begun, so the intended purpose of these ruins may become more evident in the future as more evidence emerges.