No doubt, all readers of this blog are as mystified as I am by the very mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Flight 370 en route from Malaysia to Beijing, China. Many theories (terrorism, an in-flight explosion and a crash at sea where the transponder signals ended) have been proposed and eliminated so there is no need to waste your time reviewing what you already know. Current reports today indicate that a consensus is growing that the airliner turned off its transponder, dramatically reduced its altitude and reversed course, flying back across Malaysia and heading in a generally southwest direction toward the Indian Ocean. It has been reported by many sources that Malaysian military radars detected what likely was the missing airliner flying into the Strait of Malacca and heading toward the Indian Ocean across Indonesia. I also heard on the Sean Hannity radio program (not today) that an Indonesian website ( I think) had reported that a ship at sea had spotted the airliner flying very low overhead. This post will propose another possible theory which, so far, has not been discussed at all in any media report that I have seen or heard. The Obama administration is apparently convinced that the airliner did not explode in the air or crash in the Gulf of Thailand as White House spokesman Jay Carney stated that US naval assets were being deployed to the southwest of Malaysia to continue the search. The Strait of Malacca is very narrow and heavily traversed by merchant ships, none of which has spotted any debris consistent with a crashed airliner.

Another piece of evidence has been revealed that further corroborates the view that the plane did not blow up or crash at sea, but was redirected by unknown parties on the plane and flown for hours after it went missing. The media reported that the plane’s engines continued to “ping” messages to satellites indicating the engines’ performance while in flight, and that these “pinging” messages were transmitted to satellites for approximately four hours after the plane “disappeared.” If so, this is conclusive evidence that the plane was flying toward an unknown destination for approximately four hours after its transponder quit transmitting. Given its last known course heading, it means the airliner flew toward the Indian Ocean. This bizarre episode is beginning to sound like the opening plot of a James Bond movie or some international spy novel.

Also, a program I watched on either the CNN or FoxNews cable-TV networks had some important information. In a discussion about the black box aboard the airliner, one expert indicated that there is a small electronics compartment under the plane’s cockpit that is accessible via a small stairway. Is it possible that a stowaway or two could have been hidden in that small electronics compartment when the plane took off and that they suddenly emerged into the cockpit via that small stairway and took over the airplane? If so, at least one of the stowaways had to know how to fly a Boeing 777. If there were no stowaways, could someone from the passenger compartment have forced their way into the pilot’s compartment and commandeered the plane? If that happened, one would think that some distress signal would have been sent to ground controllers. The other possibility is that the Malaysian airliner’s own flight crew shut off the transponder and flew the plane to an unknown, prearranged destination. It is possible that they could have been coerced by blackmail, bribery or threats against their families if they did not comply with directions given them by an unknown party who wanted to commandeer the plane and direct it to an unknown destination.

I will now offer another theory which could explain the airliner’s disappearance, but it has grave ramifications. Keep in mind this is only one more theory, and it is based on current, known evidence. Now that evidence points to a hijacking or misdirection of the airliner, one needs to consider the motive for such an action. The motive had to be very compelling to induce someone to hijack an airliner with over 200 people on board and fly it toward an unknown destination. One fact that has not been stated on any media outlet that I know of is that it is apparent that someone wanted very, very much to make sure that particular airliner did not ever arrive in Beijing, China. We have been told that approximately 2/3rds of the passengers were Chinese. Was there a particular person or persons who were of such high value to some nation that it was decided to take over control of the airliner and redirect it to another location where the person or persons could be taken into custody? Or was there some particular cargo of such high value that it was deemed necessary by some nation to take over the plane and have a pilot fly it to an undisclosed location? Think about the Edward Snowden episode. The hidden “cargo” deemed so valuable that the entire airliner had to be seized could have been as small as portable memory devices in a briefcase or suitcase.

It has been reported that the secret NSA information taken by Edward Snowden to Russia did unparalleled damage to the NSA and US intelligence operations. If the USA had found out about Edward Snowden’s intent and knew what airliner he was on, do you think the USA would have found a way to intercept or redirect that airliner so he and his treasure trove of secret NSA information could have been taken into custody? I think the majority of us would answer “yes” to that question. Having been alerted to Edward Snowden’s ability to penetrate the NSA’s most secret data storage areas, the NSA and all western intelligence agencies surely have been looking intensely for other moles or spies within US or western intelligence agencies besides Edward Snowden. When Edward Snowden fled to Russia, he did not fly there directly. He first flew to Chinese territory (Hong Kong) where it is highly likely his portable memory devices were all copied by the Chinese intelligence service before Snowden continued on to Russia. Malaysian Flight 370 was heading to China. Was there a mole or spy on that aircraft that American or some other nation’s intelligence services did not want to reach China with his/her information? I think the plane’s flight manifest ought to be examined carefully to see if anyone on it ever worked for any western nation’s intelligence services or at a high level in the realm of global finance and banking. Since the plane was headed to China, it seems evident that no nation in the Gog-Magog alliance (Russia, Iran, China, etc.) would have stolen the airplane as it was already headed into their domain. That leaves only major western nations that could have done this–if the stealing of this airliner was done by a nation. Some international agencies or large global corporations may have the ability to mount such a hijacking operation. We do not know yet who perpetrated this very bizarre incident.

The first link, from FoxNews, reports that the missing airliner could have flown for 4-5 hours and that it had “enough fuel to fly deep into the Indian Ocean (emphasis added).” The second link, from CBS News, has much interesting information in it and includes a map showing the estimated maximum distance the missing airliner could have flown before running out of fuel. It is possible that the airliner could have zigzagged and flown in a new direction other than the direction last reported (heading southwest from Malaysia across the Strait of Malacca, but if it flew in a straight line in a generally southwest direction from Malaysia for 4-5 hours, there are not a lot of places that such a large aircraft could have landed. The Indian Ocean is so devoid of large islands with large enough airports on which to land a Boeing 777 that there seems to be only three locations to investigate if it flew “deep into the Indian Ocean” for 4-5 hours. The three possibilities that I see on my globe are the Maldive islands, the remote British Chagos Archipelago which includes the very secretive US airbase and “classified’ complexes at Diego Garcia and the Cocos or Keeling Islands (which belong to Australia). I doubt the latter islands have an airport large enough to land a Boeing 777. If it was redirected to the Maldives there should have been plenty of witnesses to any landing there. That leaves only the US airbase at Diego Garcia as a possible option for a landing location on that course heading. If the airliner landed somewhere in India or Southeast Asia, it would almost certainly have been seen on radar, visually or both.  Cable TV documentaries and internet links have shown the layout of the Diego Garcia airbase and complex and it can handle very large aircraft as it periodically has based the USAF B-1 bombers for missions to Afghanistan or Iraq. Again, I am only using information reported in the mass media but if you get out your globes and draw a straight line from the location where the transponder went dark and you follow it southwest across Malaysia, the Strait of Malacca, across Indonesia and “deep into the Pacific ocean”(as these links indicate happened) the line will take you almost directly to Diego Garcia. Another factor is that any stolen low-flying airliner would have wanted to avoid known shipping lanes as much as possible to avoid being seen visually by a merchant or naval ship. I have no access to such information, but the intelligence services of all major nations no doubt have that information and could determine what routes a low-flying large airliner would take to avoid being seen from a vessel sailing the Indian Ocean.

There is a huge question if the missing airliner actually landed somewhere. What has been done with the kidnapped passengers? They all have lives that have been interrupted and loved ones who are yearning for them to return to them. Is there a rendition camp somewhere in the Indian Ocean or Southeast Asia where they could be held incognito? The media reports that the airliner continued to fly 4-5 hours after its transponder went “dark.” It is utterly illogical that a stolen airliner would fly in circles or randomly near Indonesia, Sri Lanka or India for 4-5 hours as that would risk almost certain detection. The pilot of a stolen Boeing 777 would want to land the airplane at its destination as quickly as possible to avoid detection. Since these media links inform us that the airliner’s engines continued to transmit data for 4-5 hours and that it apparently headed “deep into the Pacific Ocean,” the huge air base at Diego Garcia would seem to be the only possible landing site if the airliner landed safely at all and didn’t ditch at sea. This conclusion is obvious to anyone who simply draws a straight line into the Pacific Ocean from the airliner’s last assumed course heading. It is also possible someone hijacked the airliner and flew in a direction which would point an obvious finger at Diego Garcia, but that the airliner turned to a new course heading after it was last seen and that it initially flew southwest toward the Pacific Ocean only to create a false trail. Also, new information may come to light that renders the above possible speculation re: this missing airliner to be incorrect. We simply do not know what has happened yet and we need to consider all possible alternatives. What I have suggested above is just one possible alternative which is logical based on current information reported in the mass media.

Where is the late-Tom Clancy when we need him? This missing airliner has all the elements of a major spy novel.