June 19, 2009
Steve Collins
A very important and mysterious event has occurred in Europe. However, the establishment American press has all but “blacked-out” any coverage of this extremely sensitive issue. Two men in business suits, reported to be Japanese, were caught by Italian police as they tried to smuggle $134,000,000,000 in US bonds into Switzerland. This amount boggles the mind! As the first link notes, these two persons were carrying in a briefcase the “gross domestic product of New Zealand or enough for three Beijing Olympics.” This event should have been the lead story on all TV news coverage everywhere in the world. As the links below document, only a handful of nations even have that amount of US Treasury bonds in their entire national reserves.
The immediate question is “Are these seized bonds real or counterfeit?” The consequences are very ominous regardless of the answer. If they are real bonds, then it means that some nations are so desperate to get rid of their US bonds before they lose their worth that they are resorting to extraordinary measures to dump them on the world markets. If these were real bonds, the fact that they were being smuggled into Switzerland would be an important factor. Swiss banking secrecy is legendary, and someone might have wanted to either (A) dump them anonymously into the world market as gradually as they could or (B) they were to be suddenly dumped on the world financial markets in an attempt to destroy the US bond or dollar markets. If these bonds were real, this event would confirm that there is an underlying panic in the US Treasury bond market that is being “hushed up” by both governments and media. It would indicate that major holders of US Treasury bonds have lost so much confidence in US financial instruments that they are resorting to any means, legal or illegal, to dump US dollars.
However, if the bonds are real, the manner of their transportation into Switzerland is bizarre in the extreme. If a national government or Sovereign Wealth Fund was dumping so immense a size of US bonds, would they not have transported them into Switzerland via a secure diplomatic pouch which was not subject to inspection? As some of the links below note, two Japanese businessmen in suits on a train carrying Italian manual laborers into Switzerland would have made themselves very conspicuous indeed. It is as if they wanted to get caught (an option considered in the second link below). The fact that the two smugglers were sent in a manner certain to draw attention to themselves argues that this could even be a “false flag” operation.
If the bonds are counterfeit, it also offers only sinister explanations. Who would want to smuggle so vast an amount of counterfeit bonds into Switzerland? Surely, the Swiss banking authorities would be able to recognize counterfeit bonds. North Korea would be a prime suspect as they have reportedly been counterfeiting US $100 bills of such high quality that US authorities can scarcely distinguish them from real US currency. Given North Korea’s diplomatic and military tensions with the USA, South Korea and Japan, one could sense a motive for revenge on the part of North Korea. However, something doesn’t make sense with this explanation either. Because North Korea’s expertise is reportedly extremely sophisticated and skilled when it comes to counterfeiting US currency, it makes no sense that their counterfeiters would suddenly become sloppy in counterfeiting US bonds. On the other hand, the North Koreans would surely have considered using Japanese-looking agents to do this deed to deflect suspicion from themselves. But other nations who are angry at the USA, Wall Street and the US Central Bank (these are too numerous to list) could also want to make it look like the “Japanese did it” to hide the identity of the actual nation, central bank or financial entity that originated this bizarre plot. What is apparently the initial media report about this strange incident, from the Asia News, is also included for reader’s consideration.
The final link is from the only major US media outlet I’ve seen so far which has covered this major story. The Glenn Beck program, on FOX News, featured a discussion about this story with a financial analyst, and it showed a chart that only the Chinese, Japanese, British, Russians or Brazilians have this kind of money invested in US Bonds. Their discussion comments on the bizarre silence about this huge story from the US Government and the other US media, and that their can only be a bad explanation for this event regardless as to whether the bonds were real or fake.
The fact that the US Government and the establishment American media aren’t talking about this historic attempt to smuggle vast sums of real or counterfeit US bonds speaks volumes. There are no benign explanations for this attempt to either destroy the US T-Bond market and/or the US dollar or to push global financial markets into chaos if these bonds had been suddenly sold into the world market by a Swiss bank.
Previous blogs have noted that a global financial war of some kind will eventually topple the modern financial system known as “Babylon the Great” in Revelation 17-18. This bizarre story confirms that major forces are now at work to destroy or roil key global financial markets. The prophesied global financial war may already be occurring and this story is one symptom of that behind-the-scenes warfare.