Several events have occurred which indicate that the gradual drift toward a wider war in the Mideast is accelerating, and this post is intended to update readers of this blog on these developments.

The first link and second link offer details about a major attack which struck the natural gas pipelines within Iran, causing “widespread” gas cut-offs in 5 provinces of Iran. The first link estimates that 15% of Iran’s total natural gas flow was cut off by this attack. The attack is described as large in its “complexity and size,” and that it was an “escalation in the shadow war between  Israel and Iran.” The obvious likely cause of this attack is Israel’s intelligence service, but Israel has remained silent about any involvement on its part. If Israel was responsible, it could be seen as a warning from Israel to Iran that Iran will suffer major attacks within Iran if it continues to supply weaponry to Iranian proxies bent on destroying Israel. The photos of the blasts confirm they were very large in scope, and more such photos can be seen on website news services.

The USA also launched a cyberattack on an Iranian spy ship that was helping the Houthis target and track international merchant ships (third link). The USA also intercepted a ship carrying Iranian weaponry to the Houthis (fourth link). The naval war is expanding in the Red Sea/Gulf of Aden area. The fifth link relates that the Houthis targeted a Belize-flagged merchant ship and damaged it so badly the crew had to abandon ship. There are conflicting reports whether the ship has also sunk. Houthis also twice attacked a US-owned, Greek-flagged merchant ship sailing from the UAE to Bulgaria. It is unclear if it was damaged in those attacks. The link also discusses a new Iranian threat to merchant shipping and US warships. The Houthis now have Unmanned Surface vessels (USV) with which they can target any surface ship, and the USS Eisenhower task force is reportedly having to deal with them. It also reports there have been 95 intercepts of Houthi missiles and drones and 240 attacks by the US on Houthi targets on land. It wasn’t clear if those totals included just strikes from that US carrier task force or from all allied forces. If the US has made that many attacks vs. Houthi missile storage and launching sites, I am taken aback at how little effect these strikes have had on the Houthi’s ability to attack merchant shipping. Is the US dropping bombs on real targets or just hitting sand-dunes with the carrier airstrikes. Either the US strikes are accomplishing very little or the Houthis had far more missiles and drones than anyone realized. Obviously, they all have been supplied by Iran.

Russia and China have supported the Iranian-backed Houthis, using an odd argument. They assert the USA can’t attack the Houthi terrorists without UN approval (sixth link). Russia and China are making an absurd charge since the US never needs UN approval to use its military forces in defense of its own interests. Indeed, all nations have that right. Russia also dragged Israel into the matter, asserting that Israel’s offensive in Gaza is the reason for the Houthis attacks on international shipping. That charge by Russia is a weak excuse– not a reason. It was Iranian-backed Hamas terrorists who staged a mass terrorist attack into Israel last October 7th, killing approximately 1,200 peaceful Israelis and kidnapping circa 230 more. It is exercising its right to defend its nation and its people by trying to eliminate Hamas in Gaza. If Hamas is allowed to remain in control of Gaza, it “locks in” future Israeli-Hamas wars. That cannot be allowed. Indeed, if you wonder why so many media stories are anti-Israel when they should be anti-terrorist/anti-Hamas, consider the information in the seventh link. It reports that one international journalist was later found out to be a Hamas member!  

We should also realize that the death toll released by the Palestinian side in the Gaza war is never independently confirmed or seriously examined. It also does not differentiate between the deaths of Hamas fighters and actual civilian Palestinians. I’ve seen estimates in media sources that perhaps 10,000 Palestinian deaths were deaths suffered by the Hamas terrorists fighting Israeli forces. The suffering of the civilians in Gaza is very real and most unfortunate; however, none of their suffering would be happening if Hamas had not attacked Israeli towns and committed unspeakable, violent atrocities against Israeli citizens. As I see it, all the blood being spilled in Gaza and all the suffering of the Palestinians should be placed squarely where it belongs: On the  Hamas terrorist organization. If Hamas had not launched that ghastly October 7th attack vs. peaceful Israelis, the current war in Gaza would not be happening.

The eighth link reports that while President Biden publicly supports the Israelis, he is trying very hard behind the scenes to reward Hamas with the formation of a Palestinian state. It does not matter what Biden wants or what other nations negotiating with him want. Unless Israel agrees to any such settlement, there will be no Palestinian state. Why should Israel allow any Palestinian state? The Palestinian leadership all want to destroy the Jewish state; therefore, Israel cannot negotiate with them. The UN brokered a two-state solution in 1948 which Israel accepted. The Palestinians and their supporters in neighboring nations refused to accept that two-state solution. They are still paying the price for refusing to do so.

There is another new development which all should be made aware of. Israel is offering a pause in the fighting to give Hamas a chance to release the hostages by March 10th (ninth link). If the hostages are not released, Israel will invade the southern-most Gaza city–Rafah. The date of March 10 is significant as that is the beginning of Ramadan, an Islamic Holy observance. It does seem that if Hamas refuses to release the kidnapped Israeli hostages by that date, the war will resume with increased ferocity. This may also result in a much wider war in which Israel and Hezbollah engage in full-scale fighting. An analysis of the forces and weaponry that might be unleashed in such a war is found in the tenth link. Hezbollah and Israel are already engaged in a low-level war, and Israel has already evacuated many of its northern cities to get civilians out of harm’s way. I think that it is possible that Israel gave a blunt warning to Iran in the aforementioned natural gas pipeline bombings inside Iran that many targets will be hit inside Iran if Hezbollah engages in a full-scale war against Israel.

My previous posts on the war between Hamas and Israel discuss in detail the biblical prophecies in Zephaniah 2 and Zechariah 12 and 14 which indicate that the Creator God has guaranteed the survival of the Israeli nation in our latter-day period of time so I will not duplicate that analysis here. Readers may scroll back in the Prophecy-related links to find those analyses. I’d like to close with one further observation. The fact that Russia and China have come to the defense of the Houthi and Hamas terrorists backed by Iran further confirms what I have warned about since the 1980s.: that in the latter days, Russia, China and Iran will head an anti-American, anti-Western alliance that will eventually launch an attack of conquest against NATO and all its global allies. In 2005 I wrote an in-depth analysis detailing these biblically-prophesied alliances and how the Bible says World War III will start and end. That analysis is still applicable and you may read it in my article entitled: What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveal about a Future World War III. If you read this analysis, I predict you will marvel at how accurately prophecies written down millennia ago are coming to pass in today’s events. This confirms the biblical prophecies were written by a Supreme Being who knew the future and who can mold world events to fulfill his prophecies. Indeed, the future has already been scripted. You can read about this “script” in my article if you wish. You can also confirm that we are living in the latter days by reviewing my article: Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?