The Israeli war against Hamas is continuing without let-up and Israel shows every intention of eliminating this terrorist entity near its border. Hopefully, there may be another “pause” in which Israeli hostages kidnapped by Hamas can be freed in exchange for Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails. Qatar and Egypt seem crucial in the efforts to make this happen. I hope such an effort succeeds for the sake of the Israelis held captive by Hamas. I wonder if Hamas is “dragging its feet” on this option because they don’t want the world to know how badly they have abused the kidnapped Israelis. Even the Red Cross has not been allowed to see them.

Israel is widening the range in which it attacks Hamas leaders. A senior Hamas leader was killed in a strike in the Beirut, Lebanon area (first link). Mindful that Iran is pulling all the strings of its proxies in the Mideast, Israel also struck inside Syria–killing 11 senior Iranian military commanders (second link). Israel is clearly conducting a low-level war against Iran. Those Iranian commanders no doubt were coordinating activities between Iran and Hezbollah. Iran is also continuing its low-level war against Israel. Iran executed four people it alleged were cooperating with the Israeli Mossad (third link). In a far more serious step, Iran has sent a warship to the Red Sea region (fourth link). This Iranian warship is doubtless tasked with supporting the missile and drone attacks of the Iranian-backed Houthis in Yemen. US and British warships have been shooting down the missiles and drones fired by the Houthis at commercial merchant ships traversing the Red Sea to pass through the Suez Canal to destinations in Europe or the Americas.  

This act by Iran is raising the stakes in the Mideast and it raises the likelihood of a major Mideast war breaking out if the Iranian warship exchanges salvos with NATO warships. I find it extremely odd that the Houthis are allowed to fire as many missiles and drones at commercial shipping or NATO warships without the USA or any Western nation taking any action to attack and eliminates the Houthi launching sites and weapons storage areas. Eliminating the Houthi’s launching sites and weapons storage dumps would effectively eliminate this crisis from escalating, so why hasn’t it been done? It reeks of double-mindedness or even cowardice on the part of the West that such an obviously necessary counter-measure has not yet been taken. If weakness on the part of the USA and NATO continues, I would not be surprised if Israel unilaterally acts to eliminate the Houthi launching sites. Saudi Arabia would also, no doubt, like these Houthi sites to be eliminated as the Houthis have also fired missiles at Saudi targets in the past. Keep in mind that the Houthis are a rag-tag, poor militia. They have no ability to develop the missiles and drones being fired from their territory. It is Iran which supplied the weaponry and I suspect it is Iranian officers who are directing the firing of these Iranian missiles and drones.

Lest we forget how this growing confrontation began, it is crucial to remember that Hamas/Iran started this war with incredible atrocities committed in the Palestinian invasion of Israel which destroyed several towns in Southern Israel, killed circa 1,300 Israelis, wounded thousands more and kidnapped hundreds. Recently, the New York Times released an article documenting how ghastly the cruelty of Hamas really was when they invaded Israel. An Israeli source ran an article which was either about or which reprinted the Times’ article (fifth link). When one understands the atrocities committed by Hamas and Palestinian invaders, it is easy to understand why Israel is in no mood to show any mercy to Palestinians and why Israel will wage war against them until Israel is satisfied they are no longer a threat. By then the Gaza Strip will likely be a wasteland, a permanent warning about what will happen to anyone who wishes to wage war against the Israeli nation. Who will pay to repair Gaza is anyone’s guess. Israel won’t; that is for sure. I haven’t heard of any Arab nation wanting to resettle Palestinians in their nations. In response to Hamas’ merciless invasion of Israel on October 7th, the Palestinians in Gaza may be living in UNESCO refugee tents for a generation.

The sixth link examines the escalating war tensions along Israel’s northern border with Hezbollah/Lebanon. A low-level, daily war is being fought there, but it could erupt into a major second front of battle for Israel soon. It mentions the evacuation of the Israeli city of Kiryat Shmona to get its citizens out of the path of an impending larger confrontation. I also heard in a TV segment that Israel was withdrawing several brigades of infantry from Gaza. I suspect it is not only for rest, but to re-deploy them to the dangerous northern border facing the Hezbollah forces. As an aside, the city of Kiryat Shmona is a personal matter with me. I was in that city in August, 2000 just before the Second Intifada broke out. That city is close to the Lebanese border and is very vulnerable to rocket and missile attack from Hezbollah. During that visit, I actually stood right on the northern border of Israel at the military border fence with Lebanon. It was Hezbollah territory on the other side of that fence, and we stayed overnight at an Israeli kibbutz called HaGosherim.

The seventh link discusses the dilemma faced by large maritime shipping firms: Do they risk sending ships via the Red Sea past the Houthi-controlled area or do they route their ships around the southern tip of Africa? That alternate route is safer, but far more costly as it prolongs shipping route times and costs. After the Palestinian invasion of Israel led to this crisis being started, the USA sent an aircraft carrier to the eastern Mediterranean off the coasts of Israel and Syria. Doubtless this was done to try to tamp down the chances of a wider war in that region. However, the Biden administration has decided to withdraw that carrier, leaving the Israeli maritime flank exposed (eighth link). This is an odd act by the Biden administration. It increases the chances of a wider war and does not bode well for Israel (ninth link). One gets the impression that the Biden administration doesn’t really want to support Israel, but is at least doing some pro-Israeli things because the American people have strong majority-support for Israel.

A wider war in the Mideast could have major repercussions for Americans on our own homeland. The tenth link reports on a radical Muslim cleric in New Jersey who called for the wealth, possessions and (even) children to be taken from non-Muslims and given to Muslims! This cleric characterizes children of non-Muslims as potential “booty” for Muslim kidnappers. I hope law enforcement agencies are keeping careful watch on this potential instigator of domestic terrorism inside the USA. Calling for children of non-Muslim families to be kidnapped by Muslims should be a criminal act, right? This cleric sounds like an ideological twin to the Palestinians who kidnapped Israelis of all ages, including children, in their invasion of Israel on October 7th. There is also a growing terrorist danger to Americans approaching us via Mexico. Many Chinese men of military age are marching through Mexico toward the unguarded US southern border as you read this (eleventh link). These Chinese “invaders” could easily be coming into America to be members of terrorist “sleeper cells” to be activated in the event of a war between the USA and China over Taiwan independence. If these illegal Chinese (plus Iranian illegals and others) attack US citizens and disable critical infrastructures, Americans will be furious at the Biden administration for knowingly letting terrorists into the nation. If this happens, you will almost surely witness a groundswell of Americans angry at the incompetents and/or traitors in office who allowed such damage and death to occur. Since this danger is being discussed publicly on the internet and cable TV, the Biden administration knows about this threat. So far, it has apparently done nothing to stop these threats from entering the USA. Why not?

One last item. There have been media reports about Iran enriching uranium ores to nearly weapons-grade for atomic warheads. Israel has repeatedly stated it will not allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons. We may be approaching the point where Israel must act or Iran will have such weapons. Even if Iran takes some time yet to get to the point of having weapons-grade uranium, Iran’s atomic program is already a threat for terrorism anywhere in the world. The twelfth link discusses how Iran could use its currently enriched uranium to construct radioactive “dirty bombs” which could spread radiation over a wide area after conventional bomb explosions ignite with radioactive payloads inside them. Such an act carried out on US soil would put tremendous pressure on the Biden administration to retaliate by attacking Iran with a nuclear bomb of our own. His failure to do so would likely cause his impeachment. I think one of the easiest ways to explode such a dirty bomb on US soil would be to transport it to our shores in the cargo hold of a nondescript merchant vessel and detonate it at a pier in a US port. This could be done in European ports as well. I hope the CIA is working to prevent this from happening.

As you can see, a wider war in the Mideast could erupt very soon. I’m not specifically predicting it, but am pointing out the events and trends that are making it steadily more likely. The Apostle Paul prophesied in II Timothy 3:1 that “in the last days, perilous times shall come.” Was he ever right! I expect these perils will continue to increase as we enter deeper into the latter-day prophetic timetables. Iran is identified as “Persia” in Ezekiel 38’s prophecy about the evil Gog-Magog alliance in the latter days. The biblical prophecies about the latter days are examined in great detail in my research report entitled, What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveal about a Future World War III.

[Personal Note: It has been a long time since I included a personal update to readers in a blog post; however, now is a good time to do so. I have several issues which are making it progressively harder to write and do blog posts or any kind of computer work. The most pressing issue is that my right eye has been steadily worsening over the last few months. The acuity in my right eye has steadily lessened and I am developing small spots in my field of vision. A visit to the eye-doctor led to a referral to a specialist who thought I’d need retinal surgery but it turned out the situation had “self-corrected,” as he called it. Surgery was avoided for now, but I also have a pre-Glaucoma condition which needs more frequent checking as I was told that the condition could lead to blindness in my right eye if it worsened suddenly. My right eye can no longer be corrected enough to match the 20/20 vision in my left eye so my vision is always somewhat fuzzy. A friend recommended a blue-light filtering set of flip-down glasses to wear at my computer terminal, and I’ve been using them. They do reduce eye-strain, but their gold/yellow hue makes it hard to distinguish some colors on the monitor. Due to the eye problems, I am having to periodically re-post blogs from my website’s archives which are still relevant and which likely have never been seen by recent readers at my website.

Also, the chronic pain throughout my body due to previous injuries is steadily getting harder to deal with as I age. My two wrists also have carpal-tunnel syndrome and arthritic conditions due to so many decades of near-constant use at a keyboard. There is also a fairly large bone spur on my left wrist joint. I had a surgery on that hand years ago and steroid shots have not given much relief. I may have to try the steroid shots again soon to see if I can avoid hand/wrist surgery.

The above health issues are making it harder to write or work at a computer monitor/keyboard and take care of my house/yard. I’d very much appreciate your prayers for a complete recovery from these and other personal issues which are limiting my effectiveness. I want to be able to continue to blog as I have done for the last 16 years. Thankfully, I’m in much better circumstances than doctors predicted decades ago. I was told in my 30s that the injuries would put me in a wheelchair by the time I was 50 years old. I’m now 73 and I’m still ambulatory so thank God for that! Thank you very much for your prayers!]