A recent post revealed that DARPA has developed a mechanical skeleton for a mechanical “cheetah” which can run almost 29 mph! In that post, I suggested that mechanical dogs might be quite useful in infiltrating enemy positions or planting bombs in enemy locations as stray “dogs” would not arouse suspicions.
A source who read my post and with access to information on this subject sent me a link to a video of what I assume is a related DARPA project, and I’m passing it on to readers of this blog. The video shows mechanical “dogs” or “mules” are already being developed which can carry a great deal of military supplies, bombs or anything else of military necessity. This video clip is very interesting. It shows how large this mechanical “dog” or “mule” is in one sequence where it accompanies a human being. It also shows that they are being developed to act in packs where the mechanical “animals” will follow a mechanical “alpha” pack leader to a destination. These mechanical “animals” could be used to resupply troops in isolated positions or simply be beasts of burden to accompany US soldiers into combat situations. These mechanical animals would not need food or water, which would make them even more valuable. They would also never tire. Obviously they could be used in both foreign and domestic situations. These mechanical animals could go just about anywhere with the appropriate software programming.
Please watch the short video and realize how the tactics of warfare, infiltration, etc. are being changed radically by new technologies! The video does show that they will have to do something about the noise levels generated by the models displayed in this video clip to make them realistic or silent enough to infiltrate a targeted position. However, the real level of development is likely to be far more advanced than what is being revealed in this publically-available video clip!