After selling out four printings in hard copy, my book, The “Lost” Ten Tribes of Israel…Found!, has only been available in the English language in an E-book electronic format for some time. In can still be purchased in hard copy via the Dutch language at a separate link at my home page. This E-book can still be obtained in English via an online purchase for $12.99; however, I realize that there is a significant segment of the population which is not willing to use credit cards to order items on-line. This is understandable given the regular reports of identify theft risk, data hacking into major financial and credit card corporations, etc. Such reports tend to increase, rather than decrease, concerns about ordering things online.

For this reason, a way has now been made possible for readers of this blog to order the E-book version of my original book, The “Lost” Ten Tribes of Israel…Found!, without having to use any online credit card or financial payment service.  Beginning immediately, anyone who wants to order the above E-book can do so by sending a personal check or money order for $12.99 (the same price as an online purchase) to: Steven Collins, PO Box 88735, Sioux Falls, SD 57109-8735. Be sure to include your email address on a note accompanying your check or money order. After receiving your order in the US mail service, the active link from which you can download this E-book will be emailed to you to complete your order. I hope that this method will enable those people who wanted to order this book without an online transaction to be able to do so.

This E-book utilizes both secular and biblical evidence to document that the so-called “lost” ten tribes never died out or were ever “lost.” Hosea 1:10 prophesied that God would vastly increase their populations after they went into exile and Isaiah 14:2 prophesied they would become so powerful after their exile that they would eventually rule over all the empires that took or held them captive. This E-book documents from secular historians that these prophesies were fulfilled. Furthermore, this E-book explains why the ten commandments in ancient Paleo-Hebrew are written on a stone slab in New Mexico, just how large the Israelite/Phoenician empire of Kings David and Solomon really became, the true history of the Israelite colony that later became an empire that almost eradicated the Roman Empire (this Israelite colony’s founders called it Kirjath-Hadeschath, but the Romans called it Carthage in the Latin language. The E-book also documents the history of the powerful Asian Scythian Empire which was named after the Hebrew progenitor, Isaac. The Scythian Empire twice crushed the Persian Empire and was part of the alliance that conquered the Assyrian Empire. The Parthian Empire in Asia rose to power to fulfill the prophecy of Isaiah 14:2 and was regarded by the Roman writers as an empire equal to Rome in power. Rome and Parthia fought many wars, and Roman armies were often crushed in these wars. The Parthians are mentioned in the Bible, and it was their nobility which sent the “Wise Men/Magi” to visit the small Christ-child in Matthew 2. Once you realize how powerful the Parthian Empire was, you will comprehend why King Herod and all of Jerusalem were very scared when the Parthian delegation showed up in Jerusalem unannounced (Matthew 2:3).

This E-book also examines the “missing 18 years” of Jesus Christ’s life between ages 12-30 about which the Bible contains only a few hints. Finally, this E-book carefully examines the massive migrations of the Scythians and Parthians into Europe via the Caucasus Mountain/Black Sea region which began in the 3rd century AD when their Asian empires collapsed. This E-book closes with a tribe-by-tribe identification of where each Israelite tribe is located in the modern world, based on the clues in Genesis 48-49 concerning how to locate them in the “latter days” of our human age.

To order your copy of The “Lost” Ten Tribes of Israel…Found!,  you may order it online via credit card or send a check or money order (along with your email address) to Steven Collins, PO Box 88735, Sioux Falls, SD, 57109-8735. The price is $12.99 either way. After reading this book, world history and modern geopolitics will come alive to you as never before and you will find biblical narratives to be much more interesting and informative.