In previous posts, I have noted that in Matthew 24:37, Jesus Christ stated that the latter days of our age would mirror the pre-Flood world of Noah. Such posts have focused on the fact that since Daniel 12:4 prophesies the latter days of our age would be a time when mankind’s level of knowledge would be exponentially increased, Matthew 24:37 actually affirms that the pre-Flood world of Noah was also a world where knowledge levels had also been exponentially increased. How technologically advanced was pre-Flood mankind? Jasher 4:18, a non-canonized book that is cited as a valid reference source in the books of Joshua and II Samuel, records that pre-Flood mankind was able to mix the animals of different species together. In other words, pre-Flood mankind was doing DNA/lab experiments, mapping genomes, and doing a variety of DNA transplants to create “chimera” creatures that could not normally exist in God’s creation. This means pre-Flood mankind had, at the very least, the same kinds of technology that we have today. Indeed, it is my view that mankind today has not yet reached the technological levels of pre-Flood mankind. Pre-Flood mankind had no language barriers (Genesis 11:1) and could live almost 1,000 years in a single lifespan (Genesis 5) so they could share and pool knowledge vertically (through many generations) and horizontally (among all contemporaries). Modern mankind has neither advantage. Notice that Deuteronomy 30:4 and Nehemiah 1:9 cite God himself raising the issue that some humans could die in deep space and still be resurrected (“gathered”) in the future. There is no way humans could die in outer space without having an advanced space program. [My audio message, As it Was in the Days of Noah, is applicable to this subject even though I wrote it in 1989).

Perhaps readers have seen episodes of the “Ancient Aliens” or “History’s  Mysteries” genres on cable-TV which document and attempt to analyze ancient megaliths and artifacts which are evidence that very high technological societies were on earth millennia ago. The “Ancient Aliens” programs routinely propose outer space aliens as being the originators of these ancient megaliths and other advanced technologies. However, when one realizes that the ancient pre-Flood society was very advanced technologically, the massive ancient megalithic structures may be all that remains of mankind’s own pre-Flood society. All else would have been obliterated in the Deluge. More evidence of the pre-Flood society’s advanced technologies is found in the Bible’s accounts of what happened after the Flood. Genesis 11:1-9 relates that post-Flood mankind, as soon as it had birthed sufficient manpower, was attempting to build a “tower” whose “top” (but only the “top” portion) would reach “unto heaven.” They were feverishly rebuilding the pre-Flood technologies, and God saw that unless he radically intervened to stop it, mankind would quickly repeat what provoked and grieved him in the pre-Flood world. God observed in Genesis 11:6 that post-Flood mankind had quickly reached such a tipping point of technological advancement that they were about to implement anything they imagined to do. God withdrew the ability of mankind to understand the pre-Flood language, either phonetically or in written form, and he divided them into many new language groups whose speakers were unintelligible to each other (Genesis 11:7-9). This ended the nascent knowledge explosion as mankind was all suddenly made illiterate! What was the “tower” whose “top” portion would reach “unto heaven?” We have many such “towers” today whose nose-cones (or “tops”) are hurled into the heavens. Think Cape Kennedy, Saturn rockets, etc. That kind of technology represents the technology that God wanted to stop in its tracks, and it also reveals how advanced pre-Flood mankind truly was since post-Flood mankind was quickly rebuilding a space program.

There is one aspect of our modern times being comparable to the pre-Flood times of Noah that few seem to notice or want to discuss. It is found in Genesis 6. After that chapter comments on the pre-Flood population explosion and the extreme wickedness and character degeneration of mankind at that time, verse 6 in the RSV states “…the Lord was sorry that he had made man on the earth…” God actually regretted that he had ever created mankind– beings who are sentient and have Elohim-level life experiences (Genesis 1:26) in temporary bodies of flesh that can make decisions that make their lives and the planet a mess. Verse 7 records that God decided to “blot out man whom I have created from the face of the ground.” In other words, God decided to cause an “extinction level event” to occur on our planet. God did this very thing and brought a global deluge that exterminated “everything” that breathed on the face of the earth. The biblical account allows for no air-breathing survivors outside the Ark. This verse specifically includes all mankind, animals, birds and creeping things outside the Ark as being exterminated. Thankfully, because of a man named Noah and his family, God decided to “start over” on our planet with just this one family and a limited number of animal species that were placed on the Ark so they could survive the deluge.

Now let’s consider a sobering possibility. God says that he “does not change” (Malachi 3:6), so his reaction to extreme global degeneracy and sinfulness is predictably still the same today as it was in the pre-Flood world. Given that Matthew 24:37 states conditions in the latter days will be the same as in the pre-Flood world that God exterminated, could God again be considering the elimination of mankind today…on a planetary scale? The Bible states this will be the case. In Malachi 4:4-6 (the very last verses in the Old Testament/Tanach), God addresses the latter-day societies of mankind and states that unless there is a repentance on mankind’s part, he will “smite the earth with a curse” (an RSV Bible I have includes a marginal reference that renders “curse” as “utter destruction”). “Utter destruction” sounds like another extinction level event. Pre-Flood mankind had forgotten God and was embarking on such an idolatrous high-tech hedonism that they were making chimera species as they learned how to tear apart and recombine DNA, build a space program. etc. Modern mankind is doing all these same things. Why should God’s anger be any different today than it was when he eliminated the pre-Flood world?

Malachi 4:4-6 warns latter-day mankind to “remember the law…of Moses” (the Torah), pay attention to an “Elijah” ministry he will send and to repent and reform their ways or risk the same utter destruction that pre-Flood mankind experienced. Thankfully, Jesus Christ has already been offered and accepted by God as an atonement for mankind (Hebrews 2:9-18), and Jesus Christ will return in time to stop mankind’s rebellions and self-destructiveness from again destroying all life on earth (Matthew 24:22). It is sobering to consider the possibility that maybe Jesus Christ will return earlier than planned (Matthew 24:22, 25:1-11) not just to save “all flesh” from itself but also to save mankind from an extinction level event about to be sent by the Most High God (God the Father in the New Testament) who is just as angered by the degeneracy and rampant sins and abominations on latter-day planet earth as he was as Noah’s pre-Flood society drew near to its point of no return.

When Jesus Christ returns, he will put things in order very quickly. He conquers the earth speedily as his heavenly army slaughters all human armies and leaders who resist him (Revelation 19:11-21). This same event is prophesied in Isaiah 66:15-16 which states succinctly: “The slain of the Lord will be many.” In Luke 19:27, Jesus stated that when he comes into his kingdom, only those willing to live under his rule and laws will be allowed to live. That verse states that he will watch as his remaining enemies are executed by his servants (angels or resurrected saints).

When Jesus Christ’s heavenly army invades and conquers planet earth, the leader of the rebellious spirit beings, Satan–who was once known as Lucifer, will be captured and imprisoned for 1,000 years (Revelation 20:1-3). All of Satan’s angels assumedly will share that long imprisonment. With a greatly-reduced population, mankind will be led into a truly utopian society ruled by Jesus Christ which will have the ten commandments and God’s laws as a permanent foundation. That utopian millennial society will feature peace and security, an absence of wars and crime, health and healing for all, etc. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that this future utopia may not be a high-tech one. By the end of our age, mankind will have proven beyond all shadow of a doubt that it cannot responsibly handle or apply advanced technologies. Given that fact, why would a divine government on earth allow technological “idols” to again permeate society? Mankind may literally be heading “for the good old days” which featured a much lower level of technology.