A few days ago, I did a blog that Greece was moving into the position of a strategic ally with the Israelis, filling the void created by Turkey’s abandoning its recent ties to the Israelis. The first link below confirms these ties are becoming steadily stronger as Greece’s Prime Minister visited Israel personally as these two nations pursue a “major upgrade of [their] relations.” There is more good news for the Israelis!

The second link documents that the Finnish people are very pro-Israeli. My book, Israel’s Tribes Today, identify the Finns as the modern Israelite tribes of Issachar. The third link also has some very encouraging news for the Israelis and their future military security. In spite of the well-publicized strains between the Israelis and the Obama administration, the Israelis are expected to become the first nation to be approved for ordering the new F-35 fighter warplane to be built by the USA in concert with several NATO allies. The Israelis were approved to buy this new American warplane in 2008 so that approval occurred during the previous Bush administration. However, it is good news that the Obama administration appears to be honoring that agreement to share this new strategic warplane with the Israelis. The fourth link also confirms that the USA and the Israelis are maintaining many strategic and military cooperation efforts. Many may be surprised to know that  under the Obama administration, the US just authorized the “largest security assistance request for Israel in US history.” So readers should comfort themselves that there is still a lot of strength in the American-Israeli alliance.

The fifth link (albeit from late in 2009) reports that military/strategic ties between India and the Israelis is also growing much stronger. It notes that the Israelis have now become the primary supplier of military weaponry to India, displacing Russia, which had previously been the prime supplier of weaponry to India. There are a number of previous blogs at my website documenting a variety of military cooperation efforts between India and the Israelis, and this growing alliance unites the power of two strong regional nuclear powers. A number of recent blogs have cited various media sources which reported increasing cooperation behind the scenes between the Israelis on one hand and the Sunni Arab nations on the other due to their jointly being threatened by the rising militarism of Iran.

Amidst the media reports about the Israelis being “isolated” in international politics due to the ongoing tensions over the Gaza/Hamas maritime blockade and the longstanding Palestinian-Israeli stresses, I thought it would be useful to remind readers that the Israelis have strong allies as well. While Zechariah 12:2-3 does prophecy that God will defend the Israelis (consistently called “Judah” in biblical narratives and prophecies) even if “all the people of the earth be gathered against it,” we are nowhere near a situation where all nations are opposed to the Israeli nation. If Turkey continues to forsake the West (and NATO and the EU) by its bizarre embrace of Iran and Syria, Greece may not be the only European nation to develop stronger ties with the Israelis. Many nations in Europe could eventually follow Greece’s example as well. Previous blogs have also noted that Germany is a prime supplier of very strategic weaponry to the Israelis: the Dolphin-class submarines widely believed to be equipped with nuclear-armed cruise missiles. So take heart all you supporters of the Israelis! The Israelis are not as isolated in the world as the mass media sometimes indicate.