Steven Collins
July 1, 2007
This week the U.S. Senate killed the “comprehensive immigration bill” on a procedural vote due to very strong public opposition. The defeat of the immigration bill was critically important to preserving American sovereignty as the bill, if approved, would have “fast tracked” the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), a precursor to a North American Union (NAU). The media was almost universally silent re: this critical aspect of the bill. Only the Lou Dobbs program on CNN mentioned this fact, to my knowledge. Since the bill failed, the Bush Administration has no legal authority to pursue the SPP or NAU.
If the bill had passed, the SPP may not have been stoppable in the U.S. House of Representatives. Even if the House had defeated the bill, the Bush Administration might have argued that the Senate approval was all that was needed to “fast track” the SPP because that portion of the immigration bill could have been construed to be a “treaty” as it involved the three nations of the USA, Canada, and Mexico. House approval is not needed for approving treaties; so the White House might have argued that only the Senate need act on that provision in the bill.
If the NAU is ever enacted, the USA as we know it, is history. A supranational NAU government would dictate many rules and laws to the US government, and it would likely tax all US citizens. Who knows if the Bill of Rights would even be enforceable on American territory any longer. The NAU would not be bound by the US Constitution’s limitations. Neither would it be elected. The elites of what the Bible calls Babylon the Great would appoint the leaders of the NAU. If the Senate ever approves the SPP or NAU, it is enacting an autocratic government over the North American continent, whether it knows it or not. Revelation 18 prophesied a global entity called “Babylon the Great” would come to pass in the latter days just prior to the return of Jesus Christ. It was prophesied to be a global economic/political alliance of the “merchants of the earth” and the “kings of the earth.” In other words, the leaders of the global corporations and the political elites would create a system of corporate globalism (dealing in all kinds of products) in the latter days. This prophecy has literally been fulfilled before our eyes, and it is evidence that a Creator God is guiding the destinies of nations.
Although the leaders of the globalist system are prophesied to be very wealthy for a short time at the end of this age, they need not be envied. The entire global system of Babylon the Great is prophesied to be destroyed at the end of our age (for more information on Babylon the Great, see my article: “What Kind of Captivity?” at this website’s links).
Also, do not think the leaders of Babylon the Great’s system will give up their plans just because the immigration bill failed. As the link below from shows, they are going forward as if the immigration bill had passed! Govr. Perry of Texas is authorizing the construction of what is called the “Trans-Texas Corridor,” which is the first step in building the NAFTA Superhighway envisioned by the SPP and the NAU.  Babylon the Great does not want to take “no” (from the voters) as an answer so the Texas governor is trying to implement the NAFTA Superhighway from the Mexican border to the Oklahoma border via Texas. Unless the Texas Legislature does something to stop the governor, the state of Texas will be cut in half by this initial portion of the NAFTA Superhighway. It is noteworthy that the link below notes that a Spanish company which has contributed to Govr. Perry’s campaign will be given long-term rights to operate this transit corridor. The link also reports it will be “four football fields wide,” and adds that the law firm of GOP Presidential hopeful, Rudy Giuliani, represents the Spanish company which will operate this transit corridor.
It appears that Babylon the Great’s new strategy may be to bypass the US Congress and work directly with compliant state governors to implement the NAFTA Superhighway. I live in South Dakota. This Spring, I wrote the Governor of my state, Mike Rounds, to warn about the dangers of the NAU/NAFTA Superhighway as it is slated to include the I-29 interstate corridor passing through South Dakota. In a letter dated April 25, 2007, Govr. Rounds wrote to me:
    The NAU does not exist, and is not being supported or being pursued by any part of our government…
    President Bush has established several workgroups to help… [expand]… the Security and Prosperity
    Partnership of North America…The NAU is a myth.”
I suggest that readers do a quick web search of the “North American Union” and see how many “hits” you can find confirming the NAU is no myth. A prominent story in our state media is the “gorilla project,” which was finally revealed to be a new oil refinery planned for construction near the small city of Elk Point along the I-29 corridor. Our region produces no oil. Surely, a global corporation would not be buying land for an oil refinery in a non-oil producing region unless it had firm committments to bring oil from somewhere else to a South Dakota refinery. The NAFTA Superhighway is expected to be “four foorball fields wide” when built, and it will include truck and railroad right of ways. Perhaps an oil pipeline may also be a part of the NAFTA Superhighway transit corridor. Coincidentially, a Canadian oil firm is fighting to build a large new oil pipeline through South Dakota, and its expected pathway will go just west of the planned oil refinery in Elk Point (located where the NAFTA Superhighway is planned). I won’t be shocked if a “spur” is eventually built between the new oil pipeline and the new oil refinery. If readers notice major projects being built or planned along I-35 and I-29, it may be that such projects are being built because those companies know the NAFTA Superhighway is being built to serve their economic interests. Revelation 18’s prophecy is coming to pass. It prophesied the political and buisness interests in the global commerce system would cooperate to serve each other’s interests.
President Bush’s Cabinet Secretaries and 12 Senators met in secret to draft the immigration bill defeated this week in the Senate. They bypassed the entire Senate committee system and brought the bill (300 pages long by one account) directly to the Senate floor, saying, essentially, “trust us, approve this bill without reading it.” When one looks at the list of Senators who were part of the secret group which worked with the White House in drafting the bill, one can figure out which Republicans and Democrats in the Senate are supporting the agenda of the prophesied “Babylon the Great.”
Also, the link below notes that the Trans-Texas Corridor (the nascent NAFTA Superhighway) is being built to facilitate the shipment of Chinese goods into North America via new Mexican port routings. That would end many good-paying jobs for unionized workers in America’s West Coast ports. It is no wonder the AFL-CIO also opposed the immigration bill.
Believers do not need to sit back helplessly and “watch this all happen.” While Babylon the Great is prophesied to come into existence (and it already has!), it is not clear how much power God will allow it to gain before its global system is destroyed and replaced by new institutions when Christ returns. Your prayers can limit its power over your nation and your lives. If you want to preserve a maximum amount of freedoms for your nation and your family in the time remaining before the end of our age, pray that God will limit the power and authority of Babylon the Great to dominate the nations in the years ahead of us. God can easily limit or alter what the nations and elites plan to do (Psalm 2:1-12, Proverbs 21:1).