My previous blog discussed the growing military and strategic ties between India and the USA (the leading nation of the modern “house of Israel”). This blog is about the deepening strategic/military alliance between the Greeks and Israelis (the modern “house of Judah”). This alliance also offers an indication of a possible new direction for NATO.

The first link reports that as Turkey has abandoned its strategic/military ties to the Israelis, Greece is moving into the void created by Turkey’s departure. It reports that the Greek Prime Minister, George Papandreou, wants to transform Greek-Israeli ties into a “thriving strategic alliance.” The link reports that this will include not only military ties, but financial ties to the modern “house of Judah” as Greece struggles to climb out of its national fiscal crisis. The second link offers details about Turkey’s increasing tendency to look for allies amongst its Moslem neighbors to the east and turn away from its ties to Europe.

There is a piece of information in the first link which may be a harbinger of what NATO’s future may look like. If Turkey eventually abandons NATO (as now looks likely),  Europe’s entire southern region becomes very vulnerable. If NATO loses control of the Dardanelles and Bosporus (a strategic “gate” which Turkey controls between the Black and the Mediterranean Seas, it means that Russia will have vastly freer access to the Mediterranean Sea for its naval forces (very bad news for NATO but especially for Europe). The exit of Turkey from NATO will make Greece very strategically important to NATO and the defense of Europe. All Russian naval vessels passing through the Dardanelles and the Bosporus straits would still have to navigate the many Greek islands in the Aegean Sea before they could get into the open Mediterranean Sea. Greece controls Crete and many islands in the Aegean Sea. If Turkey joins Russia and Iran, NATO will have to place many anti-ship missile batteries on those Greek islands in order to protect Europe’s southern flank from the Russian attack which Ezekiel 38 prophesies is certain to occur in the latter days (many European nations are descended from the ancient ten tribes of “Israel”). If Turkey joins an alliance with Iran and Syria, it means that Turkey will also likely attack Europe because it will be allied to Iran (referred to as “Persia” in Ezekiel 38:5’s listing of the Gog-Magog nations).

Notice that the first link cites the Greek Prime Minister’s desire to obtain Israeli help to transform his nation’s military “into the Christian mainstay of NATO in the Balkans and southern Europe–in place of the Muslim Turkish army.” Are we seeing a reversion in European alliances and perceptions to the time when Moslem Turkey (previously called the Ottoman Empire) was a longstanding threat to Christian Europe?  Americans are clueless about European history (and increasingly to American history as well as our modern educational system “dumbs down” American youth). Europeans remember that Turkey once conquered and ruled many Balkan European nations and Moslem armies were twice stopped at the gates of Vienna as they invaded into Central Europe. A Russian-Turkish alliance would pose a severe existential threat to Europe and the Balkans. Germany has been balking at helping Greece with its financial crisis, but Germany may be more willing to help once it realizes that it is Greece’s strategic location which is essential to defending all of Europe from eastern threats.

The Moslems are zealous about their religion while “Christian Europe” has gone to sleep. Europe doesn’t realize it yet, but it needs a religious revival to unify it against future military threats from both Russia and a Moslem alliance including Turkey, Syria, Hezbollah and Iran. When it realizes the need for a “religious” revival to unify Europeans against mutual threats, it will be ready to embrace the “beast” and “antichrist” system. When the antichrist begins to do “miracles” (II Thessalonians 2:1-11, Revelation 13:11-18), Europe will get its “religious revival,” but it won’t be a Christian revival (but it may pretend to be one).

What does this mean to the Israelis? It means that the Europeans may finally see the Israelis as a critical ally in defending western civilization and Europe against eastern threats. Greece already has “seen the light” on this issue, and is drawing much closer to the Israelis. I would not be surprised to see the rest of Europe figure out that an Israeli-Greek alliance is critical to defending Southern and Central Europe from an attack from the east. The Israelis are the dominant regional nuclear power and the Israeli coast could become a strategic asset for the basing of NATO warships if Turkey joins Russia and Iran in the Gog-Magog alliance. If Turkey becomes a strategic threat to Europe, Europe no longer will need to placate Turkey on any EU admission issues and Turks now living in Europe will be perceived by Europeans as threats.