Steven Collins
January 18, 2008
Regular readers of this blog know that I regard the strategic alliance of Russia, China and Iran as a clear fulfillment of Ezekiel 38’s prophecy about a “Gog-Magog” alliance that will emerge in the latter days of this age. That alliance is steadily growing stronger, and this inexorable process continues to confirm the accuracy of 38’s prophecy.
Three links below document that Ezekiel 38’s alliance is preparing its military forces for a future war. A link from Prophecy News Watch cites a Russian news source that Russia has deployed 50 new strategic ICBMs (the Topol-M system) which is “…said to be immune to any current and future US ABM defense” because its warheads can make “…elusive maneuvers to avoid a kill by…[using] countermeasures and decoys.” Russia claims that this new nuclear warhead can survive “…radiation, electromagnetic pulse nuclear blasts at distances more than 500 meters…and any form of laser technology.” This would be a noteworthy technological advance if even half of these Russian claims are true! The fact that Russia is building weaponry to survive electromagnetic blasts is worth noting. My writings have indicated that electromagnetic pulse weapons (EMP) would likely be used by the Russians at the opening of any future world war, and the fact that Russia is preparing to defend against such weapons confirms it regards EMP as a key weapon to be used in the next war. When (or if) EMP are detonated high over civilian populations in the next war, those civilian populations will have their electronics “fried” and they will be, effectively, put back into “the stone age” until the war is over. The western media scarcely mentions that Russia is deploying new strategic missiles with capabilities not imaginable in the old “Cold War” days.
The FOX News link below documents that Russia is selling even more sophisticated anti-missile weapon systems to Iran than it already has furnished to that nation. Russia announced that it will be selling its S-300 air defense system which is much more advanced than the TOR-1 systems sold to Iran earlier. Indeed, Russia claims the new system is better than “…the US-built Patriot missile systems currently deployed in Israel.” It is clear that Russia is upgrading Iran’s missile defenses against a possible Israeli strike against the Russian-built nuclear facilities in Iran. One of my earlier blogs discussed the successful Israeli raid on a Syrian nuclear facility defended by the Russian TOR-1 air defense systems. The Russians and Syrians thought that Russian system would be sufficient to counter any Israeli or American attack upon the Syrian facility. It wasn’t. The facility was wiped out in the Israeli attack; leaving the Russians to guess how the Western Air Forces were able to suppress and defeat the TOR-1 defense system. Having learned that this previous air defense system wasn’t sufficient to counter Western warplanes Russia is providing its top defense system to Iran. In providing a better air defense system to Iran, Russia is all but saying to the West: “We’ll bet you can’t defeat this air defense system. Come take this one on.” We will have to wait and see if any such attack occurs in the future.
The above links confirm that Russia is not only modernizing and upgrading its ICBM forces, it is drawing ever-closer to Iran as a military ally against the West.  Ezekiel 38 identifies Iran as “Persia” and “Gog, Magog, Meschech and Tubal” as Russia in its prophecy, and states that they (along with China and other nations) will be allies in an aggressive military alliance in the latter-days of this modern age. That a prophecy written in ancient times has so precisely come to pass confirms that a Divine Creator not only authored the ancient prophecy, but that he is also guiding world events to make sure his prophecies are fulfilled (just as he said he would do in Isaiah 41:22-26). I don’t know how ancient the oldest extant manuscript of the book of Ezekiel is, but no modern agnostic can assert that this prophecy was “written after the fact” like they allege about so many other biblical prophecies fulfilled in the past. This one is being fulfilled most graphically right in front of our eyes.
Another link below from Prophecy New Watch cites a Google article that the top admiral in the US Pacific Fleet has voiced his “concern”  about “China’s military build-up…[and] its increasingly sophisticated armed forces.” Admiral Timothy Keating especially warned about China’s development of “…long-range cruise and ballistic missiles..anti-satellite technology…and area denial weapons.”  The story also reported that China now has “more than 1,000 ballistic missiles” facing Taiwan. What the story did not report is that, no doubt, many of those ballistic missiles can just as easily be fired at US aircraft carriers trying to defend Taiwan as at Taiwan itself. These massed missiles are an “area denial” weapon system which is intended to deny US aircraft carriers the ability to get close enough to Taiwan to help it defend itself from a Chinese attack.  Of course, Admiral Keating said all the diplomatically-nice things one would expect him to say about the situation, and the Chinese also uttered some “happy talk” of their own, but the fact remains that the US Navy is now publicly-concerned about its ability to cope with the Chinese military build-up. Don’t expect any blunt talk from Washington, DC on the subject. China is serving as a key American banker right now, and the USA is the borrower. As Proverbs 22:7 wisely observed, “borrowers are servants to lenders,” not the other way around.  I doubt the Western leaders yet grasp that the military build-ups of Russia, China, Iran and their allies have a single, predetermined, coordinated goal: an attack upon the USA, NATO and their allies. Ezekiel 38 reveals this intention and it declares there is no hope of averting this attack via diplomacy, appeasement, denial, etc. God says that HE is the one who is putting that goal in the minds of the Russian, Chinese and Iranian leaders (Ezekiel 38:4 and 10), and HE will make them launch the attack at a time of his choosing. The USA and the West can prepare to meet the attack or they can stick their collective heads in the sand, but the attack will come at some point in our future. 
The final link below is an article by J.R. Nyquist posted at It examines the baffling inability of Western minds to comprehend the real malevolence of the dictators running Russia, China, Iran and the totalitarian states allied to them. I recommend it to you as a very good read.,3566,318452,00.html