The title of this blog is a warning that is included in a short video clip (first link) by well-known financial commentator, Richard Celente. Mr. Celente also derides President Obama’s financial policies and lays it on the line how our global financial system is in growing danger. His warning about a “financial war” starting is part of his discussion of the American-Chinese financial relationship. Specifically, he warns the Chinese are going to have to unwind their large position in U.S. dollars, which can only lead to an eventual crisis for all of us as this “financial war” spreads.

There are three other video clips entitled “hyperinflation nation” (second, third, fourth links) which I urge everyone to watch. It is critical for your future financial security that you be aware of the information in this video. It includes warnings about our worsening financial crisis by well-known financial analysts Jim Rogers, Peter Schiff, Marc Faber and others. It is worth watching simply for seeing with your own eyes the answer given by Fed Chairman Bernanke when a Senator asked him if he would tell the American people who received the trillions of bailout monies. His answer gives us an insight into the pride and arrogance of “Babylon the Great’s” current leaders. Consider Proverbs 16:18 after you hear Mr. Bernanke’s arrogant answer to Congress. Proverbs 16:18 states that “Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.” Revelation 17-18 prophecy that Babylon the Great’s global financial/monetary system will experience a terribly destructive “fall” in the latter days of our age (Revelation 17-18 but especially Revelation 17:16). The Divine sentence in Proverbs 16:18 is going to come down hard on “Babylon the Great” in our foreseeable future.

The video also includes comments by a Congressman on the floor of the House of Representatives that some members of Congress were threatened with “martial law” if they did not pass the bill which gave almost dictatorial powers to the U.S. Treasury Secretary over America’s financial affairs. Another Congressional leader rails against the idiocy of having Congress vote on 1100 page bills without even being allowed to read them! [Hitler and Stalin would have loved that kind of “democracy” in action.] Such actions confirm that our Congress is becoming a meaningless rubber-stamp for the powers that are destroying our nation. Unless we voters send a very new set of Congressmen and Congresswomen to Washington, DC in the November elections, our nation is heading toward a historic disaster. Personally, I hope God grants us the grace to have the time left to us to turn things around in the November elections. That is something we should all pray for!

Please send these video links to your friends. The establishment media will be slow to warn our nation about its growing danger.

Gerald Celente on ‘grim’ economic report

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