This post is being sent to the readership of this blog as a public service to offer some assistance to the US FBI. The FBI is seeking any information it can glean from public input to help it identify an Islamic ISIL terrorist who is seen on camera orchestrating a massacre of Syrian army prisoners. The terrorist’s head is largely covered-up, but his voice is clearly speaking English in what appears to be his language of origin. Please watch the videos below and, if you can provide the FBI with any possible tip regarding who this likely American Jihadi is, please call the FBI tip-line with that information. Even a small piece of information may be crucial to helping the FBI identify this person and, hopefully, also take down any domestic Jihadi network that he may be representing.

A cable-news segment I watched earlier today featured an expert who added that the Islamic Jihadi speaker sounds like he is speaking North American English and he may have a Midwestern accent. During any given month, there are people visiting my website from 120-130 nations so I’m posting these links (below) in the chance that someone may be able to provide some assistance to the FBI. It may be that you know about a person with Islamic radical views who has disappeared from your region lately or you may know a person whose Facebook page may contain radical-Islamic rants which sounds like the speaker in the video. One former FBI official speaking on a cable-TV network also added that since ISIL is very sophisticated in electronic media propaganda, the person on the execution video may not be the actual speaker on the audio portion. So there may be two people to apprehend or identify. The person on-camera is one person, but the actual speaker doing the audio rant may be another person doing a “voice-over.” Since one report indicates the ISIL speaker has a Midwestern accent, a likely location for this terrorist’s origin is the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area as a number of Islamic radicals from there have migrated to the horn of Africa to fight for Al Shabab, another radical Islamic Jihadi group (fourth link). The final link reports a surprising number of Minnesotans from its Islamic community have emigrated to Syria to fight in the ranks of radical Islamic groups there [such as ISIL]. I’m sure the FBI is already pursuing this possibility of a Minnesotan connection. If you area reader from the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, please listen especially closely to the speaker on this terrorist video to see if you have any possible leads to give to the FBI.

The need to identify and apprehend Islamic Jihadis in America (or from America) is growing. The third link cites one US Congressman as saying his sources indicate that at least ten ISIL/ISIS terrorists have crossed the porous and unsecured US border with Mexico to enter the USA. Obviously, they are most likely entering to commit mass terrorist attacks at some point in the future vs. American citizens. If they do, the blood of any Americans killed or wounded in such attacks will be on Obama’s hands and on Congress’ hands as they have collectively refused to implement adequate border security measures.